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  1. Have a good build for making it to him, zero crystal dmg, zero unsummons, just curious how I actually damage the damn thing Thanks.
  2. Try Mix Mode it will solve that problem. Like all games with random generation item quality varies per run. A friend of mine said Mix Mode Wave 30 gave him no trans however when I beat misty mix mode wave 30 I got more then 10 trans pieces some of which I am using now. A big shock was getting a piece of tranny armor on Servants Quarters with something like 340^ and 300 in a couple stats.
  3. I did mod the build a bit. I do not trust that gas trap to stop genies on the southwest crystal since I have had a genie float right over that gas trap numerous times and unsummon. Instead I put a Magic Missile tower there rotated slightly north. It starts ripping into djinns when they appear. Worked pretty well having another DPS tower there and never got close to having them unsummon. I spent the majority of my time on monk with monk boost/hunt guard at the SW crystal since everytime I have lost it has been in the SW area random flukes with ogres aside. A monk boosted hunt guarded MM tow
  4. Can you post a screenshot of that far east side? I can't see how a 4 DU beam can possibly fit according to how the planner has it, but maybe I'm just tired. I'm at work and won't be home for at least 7 more hours. There will be a small gap when you place the 4 DU wall east, but nothing will ever make it too the wall let alone thru it. This isn't Morag so don't stress about perfect placement its not a big deal. Just lay down a 4 DU wall and make sure it covers both exits. I am sure 2 2 DU walls would be ok just not sure how you would be able to buff both. Also like I said in the notes, put
  5. Iv only ever seen this happen when someone drags an ogre out of there with a DPS pet and doesn't know it. I'v done solo to 4 man and never experienced the issue otherwise. Yep that has to be it. he was using a DSP pet not a guardian. Again I am going to try and solo this but I just found out there is an open Diablo 3 weekend happening now so DD is gonna have to take a back seat for a few days.
  6. I just got out of a game. Was on wave 21. Perfect. Nothing bad at all. Duoing with a friend. All the sudden a crystal is getting attacked. Apparently an ogre went from a north spawn all the way to the SE crystal(yes the one with nothing built) and killed it in 2 hits. My partner covering north didnt even notice him. I think I am gonna try and solo this, everytime I have done it has been duo and something always goes wrong.
  7. I like this build better just by looking at it due to the south west crystal not being as susceptible to random unsummons. Was honestly going to skip playing Morag anymore period due to the new shard coming out and the fact that I just do not like playing Morag, its not the difficulty I just don't like the way it is laid out, but I think I will give this build a shot
  8. Also interesting to note, imagine my surprise when a piece of trans gear with over 300^ dropped on this level.
  9. Neat. and very different then mine. How were the ogre zerglings? Never once an issue. Wave 19 or so a friend joined and stayed on squire builder and rebuilt the harps but on round 25 the 3 harps had about 1,000 kills each(yes accounting for the swapping), while the prox bombs had over 10,000 each. I like Servants Quarters because it is such a strange level with the mini ogres and lack of wyvrens.
  10. http://ddplanner.com/?l=3056,servants-quarters-nm-hc-wave-25 Like many of you I am slowly making my way through all of the Campaign levels survival nm wave 25 for the new accomplishment. I had never even heard of anyone attempting this map Wave 25 survival in all the time I have been playing this game, I decided to go in blind and see what I came up with. Just finished this tonight with 3 friends but I have no doubt this could be soloed/duoed with the right gear as long as you repair the bombs. Notes: I have been playing this game for a while now so I have trans gear, I do not know
  11. Did your build last night, with all the harp patches this is practically AFK easy as long as you have good gear. I tried to do this on release day and we lost 3 times in a row to wyvrens flying straight into the crystal taking no dmg. Ridiculously easy now.
  12. My pure app build functions better for me than this one. but you can easily have both chars use good tower boost monks and it works much better than staying on active builder damage wise you can use a genie and keep ur tower boost up for a rediculous ammount of time (you can also use a cube or djinnlet) or you can just use a hunt guard/dps pet Do you have a link to this build? Would love to see it.
  13. im still up in the air about Cliffs loot. the amount of damage gained / lost is much less then it used to be for having a builder active. the difference on my harpoons is 30k. not that much. I can live without 30k damage. If Duo, then having a builder active with a monk is probably more ideal. For solo, an EV is the only way to go. 3 man i'd go with a builder, EV, Monk. manmonk, not female. Oh I was not aware that dmg difference was not as extreme. Tonight I am going to try and duo monks with DPS armor, I should be able to get between 1500-2000 tower boost if I juggle gear, thanks.
  14. Also Kandar I'll ask you again since I am going to be at work for 6 more hours and can't test it. It seems to me playing on EV would have a significant effect on survivability due to harps being nerfed from not being on builder. True proton beams would be stronger but proton beams are not at every lane the way harps are. I find it hard to believe that nerfing harp dmg does not cause issues and playing duo sort of eliminates the need for the portal gun since monk and countess have enough run speed to cover their respective sides of the map.
  15. i havne't been to moraggo in a bit due to cliffs release, any feedback you have is welcomed. Is high wave Cliffs gear even remotely comparable to Morag? I assumed no but I haven't been past wave 15 on Cliffs, got my djinn pet and quit.
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