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  1. Uhm hi are you new here or am i just lost?
  2. Too all people who think we can't spare the tree fiddy! We can. The problem here is that we spend tree fiddy last week on a new hero. Before that we spend tree fiddy on another DLC. And another tree ****ing fiddy before that. And before that... My point is.. I need about tree fiddy!
  3. im sorry, but REALLY?! theres a freaking spell check on this forum people, red line means it's spelled wrong... off the thread derail now, love dlc, whiners going to whine, will pay for it, end of story. I'm pretty sure the spell check is a browser based app and not a forum feature?!?
  4. Holy crap, two dollars? Are you going to be able to afford your mortgage? Yes because my money is still worth more then your money. My country doesn't belong too china for that matter... :ogre: Now that the Ogres/Trolls are out the window let me explain myself. So you aren't okay with paying $2 USD to keep Trendy developing this game? Like it or not Dungeon Defenders is a product that supports a company. They have to make money to keep existing. $2 is a more than fair price in my opinion for what is offered in the pack. No that's not what i"m saying. I'm really pleased with the wa
  5. I am okay with paying $1.50 for a map and a costume to keep Trendy developing this awesome game. You pay $1.50? I pay 1.50. 1.00 EUR = 1.30777 USD Rounded up that is 2 USD I agree with this topic. I paid enough to get this content for free. Shame it has to be this way
  6. Get up, get out, you lazy lout Get into your working clothes Up to your knees in oil and grease And a grindstone to your nose [video=youtube_share;XsZDWNk_RIA]http://youtu.be/XsZDWNk_RIA[/video]
  7. Yes the lightning tower is there to kill the skeletons and to prevent blockage. I also tried mines but they need more maintenance. The reason i use 2 slow aura's and not one big aura (like in the back) is because i make them smaller. I press "Minus" 3 times. It makes the aura smaller but stronger and last longer. This mean less repair and more slow motion action. Also if one goes down you still have one on the other side. I also try to place them more to the middle so the hallways on the left and right are not effected by the slow. This will also help getting rid of any skeletons and stuff.
  8. How about no eggs? I haven't even seen one :S
  9. Let me know if you run into any problems. Me and a friend got to wave 19 with this built last night. Only reason we failed was because we where being careless. If we stayed alive and repaired (maintenance is minimal) the wall and aura's we could have gone much further. But leaf it to a squire and barb to go choppychopchop and get trapped and die with a almost perfect defense... Just add repair, batteries not included.
  10. Hero tower stats: Hp, Attack, Range, Rate Squire: 521 - 1222 - 509 - 658 (recommend a min of 700 Tower Attack) SEV: 615 - 637 - 193 - 331 (recommend a min of 600 Tower HP) Apprentice: 384 - 634 - 253 - 372 (More dmg is better) Monk: 436 - 400 - 687 - 572 ( I like trains! uuhm range here) As you can see most of my hero's use cheap myth from NM campaign runs. Only the squire has some decent tower gear. With 700 squire tower attack you should make it to wave 15. Setup http://ddplanner.czokalapik.com/?l=1441,alchemicel-laboratory-nm-hc-survival First wave Start with the squire and dro
  11. This is not a good idea as its going to be exploited. Max wave you should be able to start on is 15 in my view hence skipping the bonus pet. this.
  12. I would really like to play with people from all over the world. Also EU has a decent connection to the US so with a small ping icon this should be perfectly fine. You could even make an option in the filter for it. To me that doesn't sound to complicated?
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