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  1. Oh my.... how we have strayed from the topic. All I am seeing is a bunch of peeps ooohing and aaahing over the "Dredd" and requesting for op weapons. But the fact still remains the duping is a big prob. So yeah you get your all op weapons and pets with all perfect stats and then what??? Are you still going to farm for high upgraded items that nobody would be inrerested in, since everyone would be op as well. Or is it just to say that "yay" I have beaten all the insane plus maps with little to no work and I don't need any new items, so on to the next game until there is a new event? Everyo
  2. It looks like a sailor moon ref..... that symbol used to be on the cat... I think it was called luna.
  3. Was an awesome event in my mind :) My host was heer29 and he was really nice, because I had really some bad problems with my connection, and he totally understood. Even if I lost internet connexion on the last wave, I got back and he re-invited me twice (got disconnected twice after the beginning of first wave). Thank you really much for event hosts, you make a really great work and I enjoy the events :) I totally agree..... he's a real chill dude
  4. So I just completed the event hosted by gamerjunkeeee with Kofcancer and Akirely as teammates. There was a lot of excitement during the game especially when the ogres came. It was too funny to hear Kofcancer freaking out when we reached the last wave and a tower went down.....but we held together and beat it, only after gamerjunkeeee made sure kofcancer had a heart attack. He allowed half the towers to go down before finishing the boss. Thanks for the mid-day scare. To all the hosts keep up the good work.
  5. I have a question. ... Will this pet lag the game like the previous Shenron pet did?
  6. damn! thats a nasty crysknife and if i recall correctly you upgrade into damage and attack rate anyways so its perfect for you :D Yups Thanx everyone
  7. I just run different maps on varying difficulties .... this weapon is my eighth 200^ pull farmed off of regular insane with Knightofone
  8. Even I didn't think it would happen a second time like this and so soon but.....
  9. Put away your high lvl items..... I just found out that my entire tavern got duped. I joined this guy's lobby today and he had 2 of my display weapons which I never traded. He said that a low leveled guy traded it to him. When grim joined my lobby he said that the low leveled guy was trying to sell him all of the weaps I had on display. So I'm quitting DD since they refuse to fix their glitches and it only seems to be getting worse. A year and a half for this crap to happen.... not worth it. Good luck to everyone, Laters. Thanks a whole bunch Trendy.
  10. WOTD will give you just as good a Shai on Med as any other level, my last run netted me a 154 from med, a friend and his buddy got a 186 and a 130 something on med in the same run, no real need to do it on any higher level in my opinion. I agree...... there are three peeps that I know who pulled 200+ shais off of medium. I ran three times one day and pulled a 186. However on hard the highest I ever got was a 113.
  11. Wow all this controversy over resistance armor. Lol, now I remember why I hated posting on the forums. Everyone's style of play is different. Just because you can't finish a stage with a particular bulid or a certain set of armor doesn't mean that it can't be done. I used to have on resistance armor only for aqua on insane, but now I almost never use it on any insane+ map since I hit all 90s. I try to solo a lot, and what works for me on morrago+ is being able to have the boss go to the next lamp quickly and being able to kill ogres quickly. On aqua+ it's the same thing, killing ogres and sha
  12. Wow..... I remember that. It was annoying trying to connect to a friend. Glad that's over and long gone.
  13. no invite either from the same host...... I have xxbigbaboixx as a buddy on psn and it shows that he never got on today.
  14. This week I had TwinMethod as my host.... or rather "hostess" to my surprise when I joined. She was very professional ensuring that everyone knew the rules before starting. She also allowed my group some practice time while we waited for a third party member. When no third member turned up she was able to source one of her friends who assisted us to win the prize, even though he was told that he was not going to get one if we won. Also, during the game my wifi gave out and immediately an invite was sent when when I reconnected. Thanks for the assist Tulan8 and keep up the good
  15. PSN ID: xi-iax0rx I prefer bracket 5 for friday as I am still on work until 4pm I should be home at 5pm
  16. Check out this Guys. This is my friend's.....
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