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  1. You can also change it when you start the game up. Instead of hitting "Start Game", hit "Configure" and change your buttons that way. There used to be issues where that wasn't actually changing anything, especially if you used the alternate button, but I think they got most of those fixed. Give it a try if that helps. I have changed 9 and 0 to T and G because I don't like to try to reach that far over on the keyboard for those buttons, especially as barbarian.
  2. I don't even care if there's a new stage or anything like that. I just want them to turn on the egg drops again. Honestly, that was a lot of fun and made survival more tolerable... different enough to cut the monotony of farming. I didn't even like the costume or anything like that... I just want to hunt for the eggs again.
  3. Two more. The first one I call "Go home Goblin Mech, you're drunk."
  4. I think we're gonna do it again. Add me on Steam and we'll see if we can set up a time. It will cost you your cupid though.
  5. I regularly use spiders in a minion wall and do not have things walking over them. That could be because only ogres get there and they are aggroed to an archer in the wall (not something past, meaning they do not attempt to walk over the spiders regardless). *shrug*
  6. And lowering the total items in my shop has seemed to help. I received a lot more sales WHILE in the process of doing this. I don't know if just having a lower amount of items did the trick, or if I somehow refreshed the items that were there by deleting/renaming/moving folders and items.
  7. [QUOTE=OMNIpotus]This is simply not true and you should not say things that are untrue. Possessing a hacked item IS a bannable offense.Go read the first page of the item check thread. He is correct and knows what he is talking about. You are the uneducated one on this matter.[/QUOTE] Maybe, but this guy knows what he is talking about, and he is educated on the matter: If you are found in possession of hacked gear, you will either be given a warning, or you will be permanently banned depending on how obviously modified the gear is. Them's the rules. If you're unsure about the legitimacy of an item, you can make a post in the Item Check Thread.
  8. Finally; you are not expected to learn all the "arcane rules" about items. You will not be banned for unknowingly coming into posession of hacked items. This is simply not true and you should not say things that are untrue. Possessing a hacked item IS a bannable offense.
  9. That's a good idea. I guess I could do that. Frustrating though.
  10. Part of me is glad I'm not alone, but another part was hoping I was doing something blatantly wrong and could fix it on my own.
  11. The irony is that I posted this, then had a conversation about it. As soon as I moved the kobolds, they sold. Who knows how long I was sitting there with nobody seeing the items in that folder
  12. I searched the forums, but did not find anyone else having this issue. So, I sell kobolds quite a lot. I farm them, then add them to my shop from my item box, price them and then move them into a Kobolds folder. It happens every single time that I open my shop with the title "Kobolds in shop," someone will enter and ask where my kobolds are. They tell me they do not see the folder. So, I'll rename the folder and they say they see it, but it is empty to them. I have to move the kobolds out of the folder to the main window, then move them back into that kobold folder before they say they see them. Apparently, I have things in my shop that I have sorted and priced that users cannot see as I do, and I have no idea what items them are until either a friend comes in and I ask him or someone asks me where my featured item is. As you can imagine, this is frustrating and costly. Has anyone else noticed this error? Is there anything I can do? I can have my friend and I post screenshots or something if it will help.
  13. I'm mostly worried about not being able to create a nm survival game now.
  14. Oh yeah. I've played a bunch since then. Got the cheevo on the first. Not really interested in beating it again. Was a pain the first time, plus I got dropped mid-game (which is how this whole deal came about). I was able to rejoin, but this is what I was left with.
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