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  1. it is to be expected for software in development. i'm afraid if the most important thing to you is 'stat resets', then you might want to avoid software in development.
  2. the semantics of whether you can realistically only use one Character for the entire game aside - because it's difficult to prove either way conclusively: there's 3 Hero Slots for every Player. you can therefore have 3 Heroes as one Player. therefore you can Solo the game. guaranteed. if you choose to do so.
  3. you... can already Solo the game. you can play the game completely alone, if you really want to. which is nice to support, for whomever may want to play alone, or maybe someone that's in the mood to play alone - i know i get the urge to do it alone once in a while, without anyone else there to help me. Dungeon Defenders II is supporting 1-4 Players.
  4. mayhaps, but the game doesn't have anything like that currently. everything is just words until it actually exists. however i'll admit due to the methods of communication i haven't been as deeply involved with Dungeon Defenders II as i wish i could be - and therefore i won't rule out missing some information here and there, and then much of my hours get dumped into other well made games that are easier to give feedback to. anyways, skill trees are an option, and allow each Tower to hopefully have different Playstyles in them, but having more Towers multiplies that facet more than a Skill Tree
  5. i don't think those two things fill the same role. different Towers fill completely different playstyles, bringing completely new ideas to the field. most of the Specs currently are like stat boosts for your Towers. i mean, honestly, for say, the Electric Aura, what new feature to gameplay does it sometimes dealing a lot more Damage do? that doesn't add something new to the gameplay, it's a niche statboost for a Tower. some of them do add new facets to Towers, but just as many are stat boosts.
  6. Given the amount of feedback from players indicating they'd rather just DL the entirety of DDE, on top of the fact that DDE got a really bad reputation for abhorrent textures (when in reality they were just streaming), plus the fact that Steam can easily download and manage the updates for us, I don't expect (or even want) it to return. the best answer is always options. the Launcher doesn't have any settings yet, and we should change that. defaulting to full download so that (sorry, i need to be blunt about this) idiots that don't understand basic concepts (though the games could be more
  7. I'm pretty sure that attempting to upgrade equipped items shows that odd behavior. Try dragging it into your inventory to unequip it, then drag it to the upgrade wheel. You should see the XP applied there and be able to upgrade any existing points invested into it. i tried that actually :< still confusing and didn't seem to update values unless i reloaded the Tavern or something like that.
  8. i'll.... add more assuming you guys don't version up on me again overnight :D thinking about having an extra Line Break between notes. it would certainly help readability but also makes organizing my notes locally a bit more difficult. so i'll think on that a while. alternatively, i could possibly use a different 'bullet' character and organize it the same way, but then make the 'bullet' character a bright red for easier separation of thoughts. i might just do that, because i can take the notes the same way but then use find/replace to add the color tags. [spoiler] Oct.7/2014 - such blo
  9. ah! you guys are versioning faster than i can create complete feedback. notes for the 24 hours that we were on this version :p [spoiler] Oct.6/2014 - i'm pretty sure i don't need two of these boxes. || http://i.imgur.com/83oqOVL.png - whenever you create a new bag, it should auto scroll to the bottom of the list so the create new bag button is still present. QoL improvement. - i feel that the first 5 Bags should be condensed into one. less HUD clutter then. - hmm. 'downlevelling'. i like it and i don't. if hosting a Private Match or something, i would like to be able to choose
  10. There's at least one (non-functional) i meant first Ladder that's actually used by the players. looking like a ladder isn't quite the same as being a ladder.
  11. the Anniversary Blog Post mentioned that we've cycled through some Towers. thrown out some, and made some new ones. and, yes, we have. but since i don't like wasting things if i don't need to, what if we could 'fix up' past Towers, and create some new ones, so that every Hero had more Towers to choose from than they had Tower Slots? aside from the balancing nightmare of having a bunch more Towers, if we make all of the available Towers for a Hero useful, and none of them 'meh' - it should allow us to have more options so that people can customize their Heroes to have the exact types o
  12. Again, pretty sure the current "secret area" isn't going to be a secret when the game is finally out. well, that would be the first Ladder in Dungeon Defenders, ever. Ladders have a reputation in many Engines & Games to be wishy washy. and frankly, hopping across the chandeliers to that walkway is more interesting than climbing a ladder ;) Edit: d'oh, the Thread Title had a typo. :(
  13. ... There is a topic about this that surfaced about 10 days ago. You can also go to the platform the forge is on, at the top of the stairway go straight to the middle table, jump on it, then jump straight ahead at the barrels of beer and you'll clip through the wall and end up on the other side of where the secret you pointed out leads. my notes used that area for a bunch of clear screenshots ;) but those aren't really secrets, they look like bugs or unintended things when you're clipping through things. if we could jump across those objects and reach the walkway there, it would feel
  14. alright, i saw the Tavern Thread, and i saw Gigazelle talk about hard to get to places. that reminded me. there's this string of objects that you can currently almost jump along to reach a platform that is currently not reachable. but as a secret area, god this would be perfect. [spoiler][/spoiler] in Red are the Jumps that you'd use to get to there(i tried to do it like 30 times, we can't currently). in Green is the walkway that's already there. there's a door at each end, and a room behind a door on the right side end of that walkway that could have great secrets. plus going left look
  15. my notes from this weeklong Playtest. luckily, since it was an entire week, i could play it whenever i had the time or urge to, meaning i could nitpick the game to pieces much more effectively :D [spoiler] Aug.18/2014 - the Crosshair turns red even if we're pointing at a Dummy through several walls. shouldn't it require LOS? - there's currently a delay to the Forge closing after you tell it to close. i often press Escape twice because of this and end up opening the Pause Menu. please remove this delay. - hm. i still hear the little guy munching on carrots, but he's invisible. also no c
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