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  1. it is to be expected for software in development. i'm afraid if the most important thing to you is 'stat resets', then you might want to avoid software in development.
  2. the semantics of whether you can realistically only use one Character for the entire game aside - because it's difficult to prove either way conclusively: there's 3 Hero Slots for every Player. you can therefore have 3 Heroes as one Player. therefore you can Solo the game. guaranteed. if you choose to do so.
  3. you... can already Solo the game. you can play the game completely alone, if you really want to. which is nice to support, for whomever may want to play alone, or maybe someone that's in the mood to play alone - i know i get the urge to do it alone once in a while, without anyone else there to help me. Dungeon Defenders II is supporting 1-4 Players.
  4. mayhaps, but the game doesn't have anything like that currently. everything is just words until it actually exists. however i'll admit due to the methods of communication i haven't been as deeply involved with Dungeon Defenders II as i wish i could be - and therefore i won't rule out missing some information here and there, and then much of my hours get dumped into other well made games that are easier to give feedback to. anyways, skill trees are an option, and allow each Tower to hopefully have different Playstyles in them, but having more Towers multiplies that facet more than a Skill Tree does. should we have it? humans have 20/20 hindsight, but we're blind to the future, so we don't really know if something like that would be good, or not. it could be, it could not. that's why it's something to ponder over. and decide if enough agree that it's worth giving it a try to see how it ends up.
  5. i don't think those two things fill the same role. different Towers fill completely different playstyles, bringing completely new ideas to the field. most of the Specs currently are like stat boosts for your Towers. i mean, honestly, for say, the Electric Aura, what new feature to gameplay does it sometimes dealing a lot more Damage do? that doesn't add something new to the gameplay, it's a niche statboost for a Tower. some of them do add new facets to Towers, but just as many are stat boosts.
  6. Given the amount of feedback from players indicating they'd rather just DL the entirety of DDE, on top of the fact that DDE got a really bad reputation for abhorrent textures (when in reality they were just streaming), plus the fact that Steam can easily download and manage the updates for us, I don't expect (or even want) it to return. the best answer is always options. the Launcher doesn't have any settings yet, and we should change that. defaulting to full download so that (sorry, i need to be blunt about this) idiots that don't understand basic concepts (though the games could be more clear about that it's streaming) are protected. and allow those that would really want it to have it. because i'm sure there's going to be some users that will appreciate the streaming to minimize data as much as possible. remember, this is going to be playable on multiple platforms. on say, a Phone, Streaming is like, critical.
  7. I'm pretty sure that attempting to upgrade equipped items shows that odd behavior. Try dragging it into your inventory to unequip it, then drag it to the upgrade wheel. You should see the XP applied there and be able to upgrade any existing points invested into it. i tried that actually :< still confusing and didn't seem to update values unless i reloaded the Tavern or something like that.
  8. i'll.... add more assuming you guys don't version up on me again overnight :D thinking about having an extra Line Break between notes. it would certainly help readability but also makes organizing my notes locally a bit more difficult. so i'll think on that a while. alternatively, i could possibly use a different 'bullet' character and organize it the same way, but then make the 'bullet' character a bright red for easier separation of thoughts. i might just do that, because i can take the notes the same way but then use find/replace to add the color tags. [spoiler] Oct.7/2014 - such bloom. so bright. wow. || http://i.imgur.com/YcyBjon.png || http://i.imgur.com/5NpTCxz.png atleast it's only in some directions. but those some directions are way overkill. - oops. || http://i.imgur.com/hrtCPUW.png - i'm not certain, but i think the ground texturing on this path on Siphon Site isn't loading into full detail. just the ground on the path, everything else seems to look fine around it. || http://i.imgur.com/ZACRsgo.png - it would be great if we could change the size of the text in the Tower Descriptions. personally, i think it's just one or two pt too small to be able to quickly glance and go on. - could we possibly move the Forge a bit so that you can reach it from any side without having to jump up onto the median? QoL thing. || http://i.imgur.com/APeSIqg.jpg - the Decimal place is wrong on the Damage Bonus for Boost Auras. at the stats i looked at it says 1.19% but it's 19.134%. actually, more than just that Decimal Point is wrong. either remove the Decimal point all together (119% would be correct, but not the ideal number to show) or show it in a multiplicative value, like 1.19x. - the Blue Text on this item (same Text location on all items) is skewed horizontally. makes it look fuzzy. || http://i.imgur.com/hTR13v8.png - eh? || http://i.imgur.com/WgEwJni.png - i keep spending lots of gold on the upgrade station but 99% of the time it still just steals my Gold and i don't know what the hell went wrong. - uhhh... this Health Regen needs a serious buff. || http://i.imgur.com/zbWlrUo.png we could heal ourselves from dead to 100% before an item like that heals 2HP >.> i'd say 50HP every 5 seconds? - hmm. i'd say just have the Tavern update items every 25 minutes without you needing to 'reload' the Tavern. || http://i.imgur.com/NtQ9wtG.png - Arcane Volley doesn't sound 'meaty' enough. the impacts should sound like some sort of Magic Artillery. that will get people really excited about using the Ability. the Damage is good but the sound as it is currently makes it sound underwhelming. it should sound super badass. - can we get a second circle around Explosive Traps so we can know the Trigger Range and the Explosion Range? please? - we need to do something about when this madness happens. extreme example, but still. some way to reduce the number of things currently being shown in Tower View, or reducing the need for it, or something. || http://i.imgur.com/0uxHKld.jpg hm. perhaps when we inspect a Tower, it'll show it's Range markers? then we can avoid having our screen completely covered by Cyan markings ;) - it's awesome that the menu shows us which slots an item is compatible with, but it still FORCES it to go into a specific slot. if i try to swap out an item with the worst of the items it can replace, if that's not it's designated slot, it'll replace a different one instead. if it's compatible with those items, why can't it go in that slot? we need to establish clearly to the player what items are compatible with what slots. and they should all follow those rules we set. no exceptions. anything else is just confusing and trolls the player even, when it does something other than what it's communicating. or whatever is causing 'Armor' to sometimes be forced into a specific slot. since all of them don't seem to do it. - the mark / mark consume system for the Apprentice is great. it's engaging and rewarding. it's also straight forward to understand. - oh! i see. Javelin Throwers have two Attacks! awesome. - there's plenty of room just to the left of the Avatars for the other players, where the Level number would have more contrast to be seen more easily. can we move it there? and also make it a brighter shade of gray. with a Black outline for maximum contrast. - the Hero Manager should have XP bars for our Heroes just like the Forge does :< infact, anywhere you are able to manage or Inspect your Heroes, it should show their XP to next level. more specifically even, anytime you can see the Level of your Hero, you should also be able to see the XP bar. [/spoiler] Edit: Josh, why is Texture Streaming disabled? it's not permanent, right? i'm guessing temporary because of some issue, and will be re-enabled once that's resolved. (just want to make sure removing it entirely isn't the plan, as for prospective customers - like most of the prospective American Customer base(we all know that America has one of the worst average Internet speeds) - have connections that are not the fastest and/or have Data limits to think about. Streaming data helps with that a lot.
  9. ah! you guys are versioning faster than i can create complete feedback. notes for the 24 hours that we were on this version :p [spoiler] Oct.6/2014 - i'm pretty sure i don't need two of these boxes. || http://i.imgur.com/83oqOVL.png - whenever you create a new bag, it should auto scroll to the bottom of the list so the create new bag button is still present. QoL improvement. - i feel that the first 5 Bags should be condensed into one. less HUD clutter then. - hmm. 'downlevelling'. i like it and i don't. if hosting a Private Match or something, i would like to be able to choose to not get Downlevelled. but for normal play, that's great. - i scuttled 5 items to put XP into a Weapon... and after i pressed Upgrade, it said 'great success, x2' which sounded cool, except the Weapon didn't seem to have it's bar filled at all. so i used the items and paid the Gold, but the Weapon was still 0/200 after i did it. it didn't go up a level from it, but it should save the XP... it did in the past. oh. hm. it seems the bar doesn't show correctly sometimes. after dumping a dozen items into another, i'm seeing the bar is actually showing not empty even though it has XP into it. i definitely seem to be unable to apply points to my Equipment though. clicking on the stats to upgrade doesn't do anything. - if... the Castle on the Map table could be 3D, that would be freaking awesome. with the mission points on the Castle being up on top of the raised parts. - where did the 'Drop All' versions of Dropping Hero and Tower Mana go? i don't want to press the button 30 times and have 50 crystals on the ground to drop all my Mana if i want to. - i don't usually give high-fives for networking, as it's usually not anything spectacular, but i've got some big props for this. the keepalive for matches seems to be 2KB/s down and 5KB/s up (solo). that's higher than it was before, but it's also almost like i'm playing on the server machine. <1ms delay on actions! if i sell a Tower, i can place it back as fast as i can click. fantastic. wave data is also transmitted in a few Megabytes at the start and then back to almost nothing for networking. this is absolutely amazing. - delays on input when Switching Characters and many other small things you do a lot of in the game, well, there are no delays. awesome! makes the game feel much cleaner to play. - er, i'm seeing some Goblins from time to time get to the Objective on Dragonfall Bazaar through the highlighted route. not intended right? because that's not a designated path. || http://i.imgur.com/oM4EEJ4.jpg - Tower Range markings that are in the air, those look beautiful. they look fantastic. the edges on them are very crisp. however, Tower Range markings on the ground, ones that display on the ground itself, don't compare. they look fuzzy and low quality. would love if the ones on the ground could be as crisp as the ones in the air. - didn't we have names on the player list before? i don't want to need to open the Pause menu to see who's in the match. their player names should be there. - a time penalty? i don't know what you mean. could explain a bit so people aren't confused. || http://i.imgur.com/l6O0gKe.png - :( we can't overlap Auras of the same type at all anymore? honestly, i'm pretty sure they didn't stack anyways, so why not let it happen? it would be annoying for 'builds' to need to be tweaked because an Aura is just clipping the edge of another one or something. and balance won't matter, since they don't stack. just a QoL thing. - STILL being drowned in Hero Mana. refilling on Combat Start and Combat End, and regen, AND Enemies dropping moderate amounts - is just way too much. please atleast remove fill on Combat end. and maybe reduce how much Enemmies drop by a bit. - every 4 shots, Monk Ranged attack skips a shot. - Monk Ranged impact Effects play at 30FPS, fixed. they don't look smooth compared to the rest of the game. Huntress Impact Effects are fine, however. - Melee Enemies attempting to attack this Objective seem to be unable to hit it. only hitting the air. || http://i.imgur.com/yT2lq91.png - just lol. space physics. || http://i.imgur.com/L9229eE.jpg - so i switched Characters at warp speed, and i queued up about 100 Hero Switch notifications at the top of the screen. it was funny for the first 5 seconds, then it was just silly. - with how much Items provide in XP when upgrading items, it's starting to incentivize players picking up l00t they don't want just to burn it into their items. i'd prefer if we didn't incentivize Players to do that. increase how much XP they provide by... probabaly 40-50%. - is that a new thowing Animation for the Javelin Thrower? that looks awesome. gives the unit even more personality and makes him stand out in the crowd then throwing. [/spoiler]
  10. There's at least one (non-functional) i meant first Ladder that's actually used by the players. looking like a ladder isn't quite the same as being a ladder.
  11. the Anniversary Blog Post mentioned that we've cycled through some Towers. thrown out some, and made some new ones. and, yes, we have. but since i don't like wasting things if i don't need to, what if we could 'fix up' past Towers, and create some new ones, so that every Hero had more Towers to choose from than they had Tower Slots? aside from the balancing nightmare of having a bunch more Towers, if we make all of the available Towers for a Hero useful, and none of them 'meh' - it should allow us to have more options so that people can customize their Heroes to have the exact types of Towers they'd rather have. making for more available combo's, and Et Cetera. (could also do the same with Hero Abilities i suppose). so, instead of say, just a Mage Wall, Fireball Tower, Frostbite Tower, and Earthshatter Tower, we could have... two, four, even 8 more Towers that the Apprentice could choose from. if they're all useful, then people should be happily confused and bewildered as to what they want to choose, which ones fit their playstyle best, which ones are most useful to how they play the game. idunno, it's an idea.
  12. Again, pretty sure the current "secret area" isn't going to be a secret when the game is finally out. well, that would be the first Ladder in Dungeon Defenders, ever. Ladders have a reputation in many Engines & Games to be wishy washy. and frankly, hopping across the chandeliers to that walkway is more interesting than climbing a ladder ;) Edit: d'oh, the Thread Title had a typo. :(
  13. ... There is a topic about this that surfaced about 10 days ago. You can also go to the platform the forge is on, at the top of the stairway go straight to the middle table, jump on it, then jump straight ahead at the barrels of beer and you'll clip through the wall and end up on the other side of where the secret you pointed out leads. my notes used that area for a bunch of clear screenshots ;) but those aren't really secrets, they look like bugs or unintended things when you're clipping through things. if we could jump across those objects and reach the walkway there, it would feel like it's intended. no clipping, or anything that looks 'bad'.
  14. alright, i saw the Tavern Thread, and i saw Gigazelle talk about hard to get to places. that reminded me. there's this string of objects that you can currently almost jump along to reach a platform that is currently not reachable. but as a secret area, god this would be perfect. [spoiler][/spoiler] in Red are the Jumps that you'd use to get to there(i tried to do it like 30 times, we can't currently). in Green is the walkway that's already there. there's a door at each end, and a room behind a door on the right side end of that walkway that could have great secrets. plus going left looks like it could be connected with the Balcony outside, so it could be like a secret balcony view as well! it's so perfect! (ugh, that image compression, but i can't be bothered to fix it right now, sorry).
  15. my notes from this weeklong Playtest. luckily, since it was an entire week, i could play it whenever i had the time or urge to, meaning i could nitpick the game to pieces much more effectively :D [spoiler] Aug.18/2014 - the Crosshair turns red even if we're pointing at a Dummy through several walls. shouldn't it require LOS? - there's currently a delay to the Forge closing after you tell it to close. i often press Escape twice because of this and end up opening the Pause Menu. please remove this delay. - hm. i still hear the little guy munching on carrots, but he's invisible. also no collisions with where he should be. || http://i.imgur.com/m1TEMGD.png was like that from the start of the map. - those end of match stats, what the hell am i looking at @.@ i see lots of colors and bars, and the game closes them before i can even understand what i'm looking at. - why can't i see the stats of Equipped items? there's no tooltip. - why is there Positive Mouse Acceleration? not as horrible as negative, but there should be NONE. - the frame jump to viewing the Crystal on a map Victory is very jarring and i think we just lost every time it happens. - why doesn't Dungeon Defenders II clear the map of Towers after it's completed, like Dungeon Defenders and Eternity does? it really helps clear things up to make it easier to find the loot or whatever. and you don't need them anymore, so it's a win-win. - i don't think i like the idea of bags as our Inventory, that means that as we collect items they go into multiple Inventories basically. like, why have 5 bags that are completely separate from each other, instead of one bag 5x as big? yeah, i see that there's the place for being able to sell inventory slots, which is great but... we can do it in a way that doesn't have so much freaking clicking :( - when switching Characters, the Inventory doesn't update the image of the Hero type just above the equipped item slots. it updates when you re-open it, but not while it's open. - WHY IS THERE SO MUCH HERO MANA || http://i.imgur.com/PicSoeL.jpg and to make matters worse, now we Regen it?!?!?! might as well just remove Hero Mana in the game entirely, if we're going to have so much that we can use Abiliites constantly as soon as the Cooldown wears off withot thinking twice. the availability of Hero Mana is just enormous. over the course of one match i can easily pool 2-3000 in a corner of the map, just from regenning and what the Enemies drop. my question is, if it's going to be that commmon where it doesn't really limit our use of it, do we really even need Hero Mana? currently all it seems to do is clutter the ground. OH DEAR GOD. when the match transitions from Build to Combat, it seems to fill your Hero Mana to full. that ain't helping the problem either. - this is really not that complicated. Melee should NOT change your Camera sensitivity. period. nothing should. EVER. just don't do it. fix it. don' do that. - when we're in NPC shops... why can't we see how much Gold we have. that makes no sense! - not showing the cost of a Geyser Trap. or the Poison Dart tower it seems. || http://i.imgur.com/NwJdsVV.png hm. sometimes it shows them, sometimes it doesn't. after noticing this i swapped to my other heroes, and Squire wasn't showing the costs of 2&3 either, but then Monk was, and when i swapped back to the other two they were showing 2&3 then as well.... just confusing. - since every Monitor ever has more Horizontal Pixels than it does Vertical Pixels, wouldn't it be better to have the Inventory UI and such take advantage of Horizontal more than Vertical? - the XP Bar up next to the Hero icon is very unobvious. the Pre-Alpha tag also covers it. it's nice that it's part of the UI and doesn't add extra clutter, but it's very hard to find. alternatively, or in addition, please let us set HUD margins. i always prefer having my HUD pulled slightly in from the edge of the screen than right up against it like it is now. Aug.19/2014 - please support more Resolutions, and/or allow people to set speicic Resolutions that they want. - there's a lot of Surfaces in the Tavern that don't show the Tower Range textures well, or at all. would be nice to fix that. - i'm a Monk currently... and can't equip this? || http://i.imgur.com/RE0emNw.png - wait, what? || http://i.imgur.com/sum9ZCx.png these items make no sense! some of my characters are wearing 3 Hats and a Glove, some 3 Boots and a Hat... isn't it supposed to be one of each slot, with two boots / gloves since there's 4 slots? like, these items don't make ANY sense to me. items seem to fit into random slots on your Characters. - the time at the end of the map to look at l00t and the time to look at the end of match results isn't long enough. - the mission icons on the map selection menu are insanely sped up over what speed they are normally supposed to be. simulating at what looks like 2x normal speed. - it would be better if the list of Votes would instead have all people listed and simply what map they're voting for. having to click on each Map to see the total votes is not very intuitive. - Powered Chi seems to be reducing Damage instead of increasing it. when standing still, you will deal more Damage than if you run around a bit before attacking. ex. - standing still, deals 128 Damage. run around a bit, first hit deals 64 Damage, further shots deal 128 Damage. it's definitely making the Damage go lower. - when firing a Bow, the Arrow appears vertical on the screen for a few frames before rotating to forwards and flying. - really loving that Mana of both types is player, not Character dependant. not needing to drop Mana and whatnot is VERY good. Aug.20/2014 - the Boost Aura's Tooltip doesn't work. it says 0% for everything. - so... i tried using the Enhancement person. i scuttled like, 8 items into another item. what.... did this do? i have no idea what the hell this does. the 'XP bar' is over 100%, so i assume it can do something now, but nothing seems to be happening. i just don't get it. - a 'vote to clear map of loot' feature would be swell. if everyone agrees that there's no items on the ground that they currently want, everyone can vote to have them cleared out. either sell them on the spot and award the Coins, or if you want to incentivize completing the map, store them as a Coin tally award at the end. this reduces Serverload for each match a bit, and also unclutters the ground in matches, which is great. - the layering of the UI elements in the Enhancements menu isn't quite right. || http://i.imgur.com/8MYozYi.png - the Enhancement wheel's animation isn't quite smooth. it also could use a fancy sounding magic effect and some particle effects to make it seem fancy and important. would also be nice if there was a toggle to show or not show Equipped items so you don't need to unequip them. - i still feel like there should be another way to get more Range out of Towers other than just upgrading them in match. something persistent. even if it's a small increase with a fairly large investment, something to be able to increase it a little bit as you Level would probably be well received. - why is there a timer after people have voted to start voting for a map? that's absurd. we should be able to just vote, without a timer. what if someone takes a while deciding what map they feel like playing? 15 seconds isn't a very long time. Aug.21/2014 - why... does the Camera rotate whenever you switch Characters. can it just... not? - the Lightbeam for the Electric Aura can too easily be mistaken as one for an Epic Item. || http://i.imgur.com/XgAX8nc.png could we change that Lightbeam there and perhaps change it into another periodic Lightning bolt that goes from the base unit to the hovering object? this would actually look cooler and would be less confusing at the same time. - since Coins in Eternity were changed to be less spammy, could we do that with things in Dungeon Defenders II as well? Mana merging together or something like that, to clutter the ground less but represent in the same amount. - it might be a little OP... but despite that, i still would like Cannon Towers to have atleast a small AoE. like, only just enough so Enemies that are basically shoulder to shoulder with the targeted one would get hit too. because that would make them more satisfying to see in play. [/spoiler] Edit: don't remember if i talked about Mana in my notes specifically - if i didn't, Hero Mana is like water. i literally can't use it up faster than it's dropping & Regenning. the only time you can need that much Hero Mana is if all your Towers get simultaneously toasted. other than that, i can collect Hero Mana every single wave and dump almost a thousand in a collection pile in a corner. my own personal collection of Mana... >.> Tower Mana however. on the first wave it feels a bit thin, but the Enemies are also not that high in volume on the first wave, so not too bad. waves after, there's enough Mana to repair things, Upgrade the majority of Towers atleast once... a good metric. as long as you don't need to repair your Towers continuously without stopping, Tower Mana is tight, but there'e enough to get things done. Edit2: and if i didn't talk about Javelin Throwers in my notes either - their Range is a little extreme. on for example, Greystone Plaza, they can reach from about one body length outside the east spawn door, all the way to the paved area approaching the main objective. that's like, 1/3 of the freaking map! i therefore must memorize where the Javelin Throwers will Snipe from, and place Traps and Auras there to slowly kill them. but the fact that i can deal with it doesn't mean that they're Range isn't a little bit much. also, i hope their Damage decreases on every object they pierce, just like Harpoon Towers. otherwise.... OP. or they can just have it how it was in DD1 and have it sell automatically on the ground maybe when the map is over. preeeeeety sure it does that already. otherwise, i don't know where i got all of my Gold from.
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