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  1. This is simply not possible. You can not modify items belong to other people unless you gain steam cloud/trendy server access right. It's true, you can only permanently change the values of your own items. Superficially though the change will take effect, but if anyone else was to pick up the item, it would retain it's original stats. After realizing this, I stopped, seeing as how nothing I altered would actually effect anyone, but this is the only hacking I've ever done outside of open so I imagine it's the reason for my ban. Can anyone answer my question though? Is it impossible now f
  2. It takes a few months for VAC bans to take effect, are you sure you're safe from one? Not at all. But if what I've found in my research is correct, a VAC ban would only restrict my access to Dungeon Defenders which I'm honestly not very concerned about presently since I can no longer play on ranked servers anyways.
  3. I may as well preface this with an obvious, DO NOT HACK. Anyway, I was banned from TrendyNet today for hacking PayPal shop items to zero stats. To any mods readying their ban-hammers, I want to explain that I'm not promoting hacking. Hacking isn't even what I'm here to discuss. I realize that my actions were unwarranted, wrong and wildly ineffective. However, I'm not ashamed of what I've done. Isn't exposition fun? So, I was spared from a VAC ban, and I'll be taking my antics over to Open Play. I want to know, is there any way to export my ranked character files now that I've be
  4. http://forums.trendyent.com/showthread.php?23119-How-to-emulate-a-controller-so-you-can-play-splitscreen-without-a-gamepad Hope this helps. I've looked at this, rest assured, but the default layout uses a numpad for several of the controls and I'm not exactly tech savvy enough to go into the INI or DLL or whichever to reconfigure the control mapping. Sadly, I'll just keep getting only one giraffe when I play survival.
  5. I'm hoping that in an upcoming patch this will be rebalanced, but items like this shouldn't exist in this game. http://steamcommunity.com/id/sandyd/screenshot/487751203994092072?tab=public If the issue is not fixed and these continue to drop, I should hope that the bug that causes stats over 374 to show as 117 and when traded, permanently become 117, will be fixed so that gear like this doesn't just fill up my item box without any purpose. I can't wear it, or I'm branded a hacker. I can't trade it, or it devalues.
  6. The fact that you did it solo already places you below people doing it with 4 that reached wave 28 or something like that.. Well, once I can figure out how to emulate and Xinput controller without a numpad or $200 dollars worth of controllers magically appear in my possession, I'll quickly amend that issue. Until then, I realise that playing solo doesn't offer the same sort of rewards, but I won't be having pubs mucking up my system, so solo is all I can do at the moment.
  7. ummm... what? its kind of hard for one to exist without the other. as long as there are non-legit players in this game, there will be non-legit scores on the leaderboards. That's unfortunate, because there will always be non-legit players in this game. At least until someone who can afford better servers buys out Trendy and stops localizing data. Hear that Valve? Dungeon Defenders has already sold over a million copies. Please take this game away from Trendy, they're very negligent parents.
  8. if you remove them, new hacked ones will just take their place. this is slowly turning into a stealth "get rid of the hackers" thread. I honestly don't care if people are hacking, I just think they should clean up the leaderboards. I shouldn't be ranked 7000+ for beating 30 waves of MMNMHC in 2 1/2 hours solo. It's absurd that known and banned hackers still have their names on the leaderboards.
  9. Golly gee, I'm sure glad to see the forums are censoring *****.... I guess no one can have *****es now. Thanks political correctness. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/***** EEK! Science!
  10. Pretty much everyone knows leaderboards are hacked. I just gave up on leaderboards, it's better to keep a track on your "friends" leaderboard! But yea, it's a shame that 2 billion point scores and absurd times like that still exist!!! Honestly I probably wouldn't take much issue with it if not for the fact that people use it as a sort of practical joke in order to display their ridiculous names on everyone's forges. The first couple of times I saw top score by "*****" the level 74 apprentice I quietly chuckled to myself, but it was a one-and-done sort of joke and it's starting to get annoyi
  11. Trendy has a beta team who tests their patches. Also, I'm sure Trendy is releasing most of these smaller balancing patches as soon as they code them, which would explain how they managed to release, what was it, two unsuccessful fixes for harpoon tower aiming in a row? Anyway, this would just end up becoming a mana farm and would flood the game with extra mana devaluing everything and generally making the game less enjoyable and we all know there's already enough of that with the rampant hackers in the game.
  12. I'm not great at this game but I try, and on a ranked server I would like to see that effort reflected in an accurate placing on the servers leaderboards. Unfortunately this is currently impossible, as any idiot with cheatengine can change their score and wave number with ease. I was shocked, after completing 30 waves of mixed mode hardcore survival, to find that the top two scores, in the range of 2 billion points each, were listed next to completed waves 0 and 50 respectively with both under 20 minutes of completion time. Also, the fifth placed player, steamid _Exoteric!, I've played
  13. Well there are people on this forum who seem to be stating range exlusivly if oyu go by the used pet sales^^ You realy should just stat it to the value your comfortable with, im personaly using 50 like Chaos. He already explained the reasoning behind this, in nm survivals you will probably have a lane assigned to you and just sit there and repair since you cant get out at the later waves to dps because if you get webed once even your 200k hp, 80/70/70/70 resists squire will be ninjabreakfast within a matter of seconds. Now for speculations: from what i've observed towers and pets use the s
  14. I never thought about using gas traps to stall the mobs. Impressive strategy, will try this out later (only have es nm gear so I'll only be doing it on insane, ha). Should work for all difficulties. You also should be able to sell the DTs and put down a few more traps on easy-insane, potentially making pairing mobs a lot faster.
  15. ...(on a sidenote, you can troll afk defenders this way too *cough*)... Seems mean spirited. Also you risk crystal damage portaling mobs onto afk defenders. If it's an issue, you can always kick. Though the host is often the builder. With good enough defenses, it shouldn't really be a problem as long as they come back before the boss arrives.
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