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  1. Alex i'll be on in like 20 mins I'll show you a build. >.> I'll be waiting for my Gunslinger.
  2. Can an Eu defender message kazudastealth, and invite this account to your tavern. The reason I am asking is because I have a Japanese Psn account and I can play a private lobby with NA lobbies.
  3. I should have chose the mystery host. I'm dying to know who it is Q.Q
  4. its cool but it is also the weakest of all the event pets. But on the other hand I love the DBZ reference xD. He is going to gaurd my tavern keeper and make sure he never leaves >.>
  5. UlitimateJorts I'll help you on the Psn side: Kazu_da_Stealth. P.s can you send me a message as to the requirements to hosting: Average upgrades on prize based on level for 1-3 place. also preferred hosting times. and last but not least are they all going to be on the one map or dlc maps included too for the pvp event. I look forward to your message
  6. Lol I'll give it a try. Psn- Kazu_da_Stealth. I suck at pvp so I'm in it for the consolation prize xD.
  7. :O I hope I get in this sounds awesome. Low Gravity all day :D.
  8. some fanboy u dont even know that the wiiU is been aimed at core gamers wit online gaming in mind so as that the likes of call of duty will b avail on nintendo systems again SPECULATION, let me help you before the Wii U turns into Halo 3 hype all over again. At this moment in time we still do not know the capabilites of Ninentdo's next platform. So before you believe it can play CoD seemlessly or and other shooter online for that matter read this. http://wiiugo.com/peter-moore-wii-us-online-capabilities-are-really-extensive/ or: http://wiiugo.com/reggie-wii-us-online-capabilities-to-be-revea
  9. Note that WiiU is not the same as Wii. Pure speculation my man. Nintendo isn't exactly known for its internet capabilities, on the other hand its short range gameplay is awesome. But I am always one to hope and dream. I have been a Nintendo Fan Boy for the last 15 years.
  10. or you can just go play diablo 3. it's what I've done. except for events and whatnot, is when I play DD. my name is FooBear408 and i approve this message. Haha I'm with you on that I just upgraded my rig so I can play the game. My name is Animejunky5 and I approve FooBear408's message. xD
  11. I have to say no. Even if the Wii implements the Unreal Engine you still have to deal with nintendo connectivity issues. Does anybody remember Super Smash Bros. Brawl, I do I thought it was the greatest thing ever until 5 Yoshis ganked me on Corneria. Don't get me wrong it is a fun idea but it defeats the purpose of Dungeon Defenders if you can't get a stable online lobby. P.s only one person was playing as Yoshi >.>
  12. http://forums.trendyent.com/showthread.php?63817-PSN-SUPER-EVENTS-Tag-Team-Sign-Up-1st-3rd-June there you go mate. :)
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