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  1. With the recent nerfs, I can't clear it. All my guys are roughly 720 ipwr and I'm just not doing enough damage to keep the waves going. What's everyone doing to clear it nowadays?
  2. Yes. Please allow us the option to turn this off. I can see how it might help console players but it really does hurt gameplay when you really need it. I remember trying to shoot down a flying kolbold in a pack of fliers. It was at the top but the auto aim kept picking different fliers. Wow. It is most certainly auto aim.
  3. I've only received one in the last 24 hours.
  4. Agreed. The entire system of running around all game just hitting switches is uninspired. You literally do that all game. From a enjoyment point of view, not much fun.
  5.  Despite being within the wide arc of the tower, targets are not fired upon. The tower only shoots at stuff when they are within the smaller arc. Fireball towers shoot at everything within the full arc. EDIT: Not fixed in 4/12 patch. Did some more testing. This applies to ballista tower as well. Also, it appears that the Squire towers arcs are much larger than they really are. Not sure if the represented arc is the intended size or if it's just drawn too wide.
  6. Completely agree. Sure, in the overall scheme of life, 15 might not be a lot but this isn't the only game out there. Factor in the "is it worth it factor" and you get a big ole question mark. Like you said, you can get season passes for this amount. And like I already stated, in DD1 your money got you a lot more. Going the F2P route, you've got to spend a lot of time not having fun to get this guy.
  7. I remember getting a ton of stuff for $15 dollars in DD1. I guess times have changed.
  8. Sorry man, any professional developer will tell you this game is not in alpha. They are simply using the term as a crutch at this point. At minimum this game is beta.
  9. They're not likely to listen. We went through in DD1. Suggestions WILL be ignored
  10. Could you elaborate on the lane resistances? I was lucky enough that the beast was the only unit left but both my DPS hero and towers were doing roughly 1/10 of their unmitigated damage. 1/10!!!! That definitely corresponds with the seemingly invincible witherbeasts i've encountered.
  11. I've noticed that sometimes they are easy to kill and sometimes they literally take 1/4 damage. I'm not sure what is going on but there is a serious inconsistency. I think that's what is making it frustrating.
  12. Mostly solo NM2 player and I'm finding that witherbeasts are far too gamebreaking, relative to every other creep. Not only are they pretty hard to kill before burrowing, but once they burrow you really only have 3-5 seconds before your barricades go down. Why is it that my defenses ONLY fall to witherbeasts and nothing else? What is everyone doing to handle these guys?
  13. Real surprised they havent' fix this issue either. A good solution would be to make the smaller mana coalesce into the bigger ones over time.
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