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  1. I'm interested in joining. I will be on a lot this summer. I'm EST SID: f3ster624
  2. hero health and hero damage
  3. i am strongly considering buying dungeon defenders for the pc. i have it for the ps3 but want to be able to get mythical gear. i was wondering what you need to run the game on your computer. i have windows 7 if that is a help. i was also wondering if you need a graphics card or if it optional. f3ster624 EDIT: Thanks for your responses. My computer is a desktop, Dell Inspiron 580, Intel Core i3 CPU, 550 @ 3.20 GHz. I have 6 gig of RAM and a 64 bit operating system. Not sure what all of this means, but hope its helpful. Also, under the Performance Information screen the Windows Exp
  4. i had this mobile moxie for my tower squire that i traded for a giraffe. it had +22 twr hlth +7 twr att rate and +6 twr dmg with 22^. i have been looking for one since that has similar stats but i can only find ones with twr hlth and twr att rate i cant find any with twr dmg. was it just my imagination or do they exist? if you have one i will be willing to buy it f3ster624
  5. I got this mailficar's rapier and was wondering if it is perfect or close to: 33 base/240 poison/2 health/6 speed/5 dmg/6 casting rate/5 twr hlth/4 twr att rate/29 upgrades Please reply if it is worth upgrading. Also if you know/have a better one post the stats so i can try to get one like it. f3ster624
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