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  1. The funny thing is most of the people ripping the OP have probably never found a piece of supreme armor or weapon. Anywho, he's right. Maybe because they added a bunch of weapons but didn't add any armor, but something is messed up. I've found 60+ supreme weapons and 3 supreme armors (1 from a chest). I never had this trouble with Trans loot, I actually used to find more armor then weapons. But this supreme ratio is extremely odd.
  2. What if your pet doesn't even attack? genie, fairy, guardian? Elemental based weapons just aren't as good. People still use them, they're not trash, but just not as good. The reason people are annoyed is because it was changed to physical, people dumped billions of mana upgrading them, then it's suddenly changed to electric. At least have the balls to put it in the patch notes. Woops it was suppose to be electric the whole time. It was fire which was wrong, we thought we switched it to electric but it got set to physical, sorry. Done. Simple. Trendy only puts stuff in the patch notes that are generally positive and well received by the players. Anything remotely negative generally doesn't get listed (this weapon change, changes to Moraggo Desert, mage buff, app nerf, etc..). Do they really think they're fooling anyone? Put all the changes in the patch notes, we're adults, we can handle it. Pretending the nerfs don't exist is just lame. Back to the weapon, still use it most of the time. Requires you pair it with a dps pet, which isn't a huge deal. It's the toughest boss monster, I sorta thought it was fitting it would be the best ranged weapon, not sure how a 15 minute challenge released 7 months ago should still be the best pure ranged weapon (best med/long ranged, I realize there are weapons that do more up close). Exactly. If you are at a wall, you normally will be killing stuff in darkness / str drain anyways. Who cares if it's elemental based. Now if you were trying to kill something stuck on a monster fest and running out of time and both you and your pet are both electric, then you are in trouble. Shoulda gotten your Seahorse for poison damage, lol.
  3. Yes people are unresonable. You're in a SERVICE industry. People might not think it is, but it is. People get more upset when it comes to their free time then people realize. The whole "we don't deal with idiots, hit the door". That catches up with you real quick. Always remain cool, remain professional and address the issues openly and honestly. People respect that. Snarky one liners? That costs you money. Sure you'd love to tell people off. This isn't the place and it's not their job. I find it appalling he'd come onto the forum acting like Commando Joe blowing people up, this stuff is on google forever. There are people at Trendy who need their job. It's not a joke, he shouldn't treat it like a frat house telling the whiners to GTFO. Since there was a thread created solely about him "messing people up" there's not much debate. Everything you say and do reflects your company, a little less brogrammer and a little more accountability for pretty reasonable complaints. I can't imagine Gabe hitting the forum "messing people up". We realize when people are acting a fool, we also realize when you respond accordingly. When people fire up the game wanting to play and have to wait 2 hours, they just might vent a little. Handle it with a little class and professionalism, it goes along way. I pretty much disagree with 90% of what Jer does, but it's pretty clear he's a very nice guy and has a lot of passion for DD. I can live with that. There are 2 different things of valid complaints and just plain being rude with complaining. Plus, it isn't like he banned them, just locked the threads and gave his opinion. But the NM mode is beta testing, it's basically a almost open beta, I say almost cause we have to buy it to get it :), so when there is a problem or something we like to see how it works, we're supposed to say something, but when you come on going YOU GUYS SUCK FIX THIS! WHO THE HELL WORKS FOR YOU CRAP? DO IT MY WAY OR I QUIT! It's understandable the way tsuda handled it and I still say he did it just fine. Thumbs up!
  4. Sorta comes off as a dbag. I'm not sure why he's so defensive, it's not like people are making this stuff up. It's pretty valid complaints. So now we have to pay for the DLC and beta test it? Are there really coders at Trendy who make a change, stand up and yell ship it? Based on how many hotfixes are needed almost every patch, I'm not sure where the confidence comes from. 1) the coders thinking they did it correctly 2) the coders thinking the beta test team will catch it. What kind of coder doesn't make the change, they fire up the client to test it? Seriously? People play from all over the world. Not everyone has highspeed internet. Some people pay for bandwidth. Asking why Trendy is releasing 2gig buggy patches seems like a pretty valid question. When a customer points out a problem, something they don't like, they're not wrong. Whether it's valid or not, doesn't matter. It's valid to them and they have a creditcard. There's also 50-100-250 more of them for each one posting here. The correct response is to say that you're trying to do your best at improving the buggy patches, there are limitations on reducing the size of the patches, and going forward Trendy is going to make sure anything with their name attached is nothing but the best quality, fun and value for your money. You've sold millions of copies, and your response to the bugs is "you guys come test it then". Are you trying to be the indie's version of EA or is that just happening naturally? ive been seeing people post and Tsuda going in and stomping them down. (cant help but laugh a little) but one post was about being a beta tester and a link (to email them) what is it we need to become a beta tester? i would LOVE to do that.
  5. They're different games. DD is (maybe was) tower defense at it's core. There's a lot of strategy to that. You use different characters, abilities, equipment to finish the goal. D3 is going to be a little more of the hack n slash side of DD and probably be better in that regard. Trendy should focus on the tower defense, keeping solo play, that's what a lot of these games don't have. I'll try D3, but if it keeps my interest more then a month or two I'll be surprised.
  6. I really hate those little rules to design and code. Just do it the right way. You try to get clever (using a for loop when that just make things 100x more complicated, seeing as the code was broken) you do dumb things. Whitespace is okay. It's okay to step through the problem and solution. There's so much more elegance in simplicity. Clever code is only clever to the person who wrote it. When you have to set boolean values before your loop, that's the first sign you're doing it wrong. The fix wasn't to add even more variables to track data through the loop, that just compounds the problem that existed in the first place. It's the simplest of checks done the most complicated way possible. =) Read this if interested: http://ozone.wordpress.com/2006/03/08/development-best-practices-coding-standards-and-the-20-lines-rule/ Anyway not trying to bash trendy's code or anything, god knows i've written way worse myself :)
  7. Fairly sure the myth/trans/sup mixing is intended. I really hate setting variables then using a loop that exits based on conditions based on whats current set/not set. All 3 versions of the code hurt my head. This can of course be optimized (if torso is empty, you exit before calling the other slots). I like to be able to read the code and understand what's going on. The above code you're checking whats this set to, lets keep looping to check something else not really related, which is why the code is buggy. It also looks like if you wear 3 godlys then mythic gloves you get the set bonus. I didn't bother checking. There's a set 255 check, didn't look at the code enough to know what that's about. function bool CalcHasCompleteArmorSet() { local torso, pants, boots, gloves; torso = GetEquipmentOfType(EQT_ARMOR_TORSO); pants = GetEquipmentOfType(EQT_ARMOR_PANTS); boots = GetEquipmentOfType(EQT_ARMOR_BOOTS); gloves = GetEquipmentOfType(EQT_ARMOR_GLOVES); // must be wearing armor to get the bonus if(torso == none || pants == none || boots == none || gloves == none) { return false; } // all mythic and above and all match if((torso.NameIndex_QualityDescriptor > 12 && pants.NameIndex_QualityDescriptor > 12 && boots.NameIndex_QualityDescriptor > 12 && gloves.NameIndex_QualityDescriptor > 12) && (torso.EquipmentSetID == pants.EquipmentSetID && torso.EquipmentSetID == boots.EquipmentSetID && torso.EquipmentSetID == gloves.EquipmentSetID)) { return true; } //Achievement unlocks if criteria matched if((torso.NameIndex_QualityDescriptor == 12 && pants.NameIndex_QualityDescriptor == 12 && boots.NameIndex_QualityDescriptor == 12 && gloves.NameIndex_QualityDescriptor == 12) && (torso.EquipmentSetID == pants.EquipmentSetID && torso.EquipmentSetID == boots.EquipmentSetID && torso.EquipmentSetID == gloves.EquipmentSetID)) { class'DunDefAchievementManager'.static.GetAchievementManager().DoUnlockAchivement(DunDefPlayerController(ActivePlayer.Actor), EA_GODLY_SET); return false; } }
  8. It's 36 lines of code dude, there's not much risk of "extremely bloated". There's different heroes, levels, item qualities, item types, you'll have a lot of if's in there. re-writing to make it easier to read and actually work as intended, sure. but it's not going to get bloated. even if they add 5 new levels above supreme, it's very minor. Nice find. Though I get the feeling this code could use a general cleanup as it is, there are way too many specific cases in there. Considering any number of extra item quality types could be added in the future, the code could get extremely bloated if there are special cases treated for each quality type.
  9. Monkey is better for this. 3x the range, they'll kill a spider before it's even on your screen, you'll just see falling mana. They can also heal which helps top up your health. If you need to kill a stray ogre on the monsterfest, the seahorse is elemental which can be a problem. I use the Seahorse or a serpent.. (a dps pet). Nothing is worse than losing your tower boost to a rogue spider when your wall is getting rushed by Sharks and Ogres. They have tremendous DPS with a medium to short range. That means when you are behind the lines they will eat any spiders that are close enough to think about Killing you. You get a shorter On Cycle with tower boosts, but that is manageable. A Spider putting you on Cooldown at the wrong time can sometimes lose the game.
  10. And the problem is that even if they drop they'll likely be fairly crappy. It's easy to farm spook for a 240-250^ NOS. Which means only really a trans/supreme would work and those spawn 150-250^ all the time. So unless one drops every 3rd wave, every 4th wave, getting a decent one will be like winning the lottery. I'd guess to get one better then a 250^ mythic nos you'd probably have to go through 200+ random drops. I get 8 sea spears a wave, there might be one good one a run (15+ waves). sorry to necro this thread but since 7.32 ive not seen ONE holiday drop (etherian holiday,halloween,or pres royal) PERIOD on any game ....wtf is up with that? also tavern rewards are garbage again... every pet is like 30 levels ...and the armor and weps are horrid
  11. I don't think the Halloween Items are dropping. There seemed to be a confirmation of it actually dropping on Spook, but that's really not that useful. Between myself and a few friends (and a few random people in games), we've probably done 20+ AQ/Cliffs runs over 300 waves and 0 drops. Also the notes said general loot, I hope they also added it to AQ as it probably has a different general loot table with all the themed sea items. I hope the devs realize that just because it can drop, doesn't mean it will be good. Generally it will be worse then the NOS you can farm from Spook since you keep going until you get 250^. So to get a trans/supreme NOS, you probably have to go through 200 drops on high end waves. At this rate, it's pointless even to try. I'll also mention we had 4 monks in about 50% of those waves to help our chances. When Jer said super-rare, he should have said it in terms we could understand. Like the chance of a halloween item dropping was the same chance as the beta team finding a bug before the patch goes live. Then we would have understood it's a 1 in 10,000,000 type deal and not bothering farming for it. :P
  12. NM crystal generally dies in one shot, I wish there was a little more room to recover/react. When you desummon towers, charge towers, and the crystal doesn't even have enough health for one hit? It should be increased 500% just so you can attempt to recover. That's still only 5 hits, which is what 8 seconds? Trendy, nerf the HP and damage of the fish-wyvern, please... They are horrible - one hit at the crystal (at Survival Insane!), game over. Shipwreck MF NM, Wave 11, everything works fine, until we were one shotted by a damn wyvern. They should have the same HP and damage as the normal wyvern, not the HP of an Ogre and the damage of 4 DEW.
  13. There's no point posting all the damages. Here's how it is, 1) SeaHorse 2) Monkey 3) MegaChicken SeaHorse vs Monkey is 50/50, some prefer Monkey some prefer SeaHorse. Both have advantages and disadvantages. The other option is Genie for those who want tons of mana. There's really no other highend pet in the discussion. I'll also add the megachicken is a distant 3rd, it's really between the Monkey vs SeaHorse. There's a thread with lots of info on both a few pages back. Djinnlet doesn't stack up, Laserrobot doesn't stack up, your niche guys will pump the cupid, ehh no. Until you dump 15-20b mana into a 300^ seahorse/monkey, you can't really add much value to the discussion. If you have a nice 250+^ monkey, enjoy it, upgrade it, it will kick ***. The damage will scale a little different between heros, but it's a great pet. how much DPS would say a 240-250 upraded monkey do on tavern dummy (with no monk boost or anything) and list your Hero's Attack Stat so we get a feel for Monkey DPS.
  14. Can anyone with a Mega chicken fully upgraded list your Hero Attack stat and tell me how much DPS the Mega chicken does on the Tavern Dummy. WITHOUT any Monk or other Boosts.. Just standard DPS it does by itself. Trying to decide if I should bother with it or not since I have 28 eggs. If it isn't worth it I am just going to sell my eggs instead of selling the cloths off my back to get the remaining eggs. It's not the best DPS pet. But if I was at 28, I'd still get it. Maybe Trendy makes the mega chicken worth the time and effort it took. But it's range sucks, and there's at least two pets that are clearly better options. Jer will jump in and mention it's hero damage scaling, it doesn't matter. I've tried 500, 2000, 3000 hero damage (and hero boost, CtA, bloodrage), it's still not better then the other options. It needs another projectile (if you've maxed one at 200 that would really suck to miss out), or better range or much faster rate of fire. I use it just for fun every now and then but it's just not that good.
  15. What are you going on about? Drop auras anytime you move? Are you still on hard mode? Yes it matters. Auras don't cover the map, on late nightmare survival it's not always easy to leave the comforts of the base. Sometimes with a ranged weapon you shoot at stuff FAR AWAY. So no you can't run out half way across the map, drop an aura, run back and start shooting. Sometimes you shoot at two different lanes. Does it really even matter anymore? It's a monk weapon. Monks have strength drain auras. Even if your tower stats are all at zero, you can still build one just to take away immunities, zap your foes away, sell aura, go somewhere else.
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