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  1. I see three problems; your mid is going to be ripped to shreds by kobolds, and is generally under-powered with only two harps (yeah the one down the stairs can hit an ogre but is more likely to be occupied with spiders), and your east crystal has nothing to shoot at djinn in the building. They MIGHT just ignore everything and head toward the ensnare, but I've never tried to see just what they do there. Another problem is how spread out everything is - you'll want to be buffing and repairing everywhere, and if two chokes get ogres and kobolds? Say goodbye to your towers. Something that might al
  2. Have you made a thp squire? That 700 thp is respectable for campaign, but isn't going to stop late-wave survival ogre rushes. You should go for at least 1k thp on your thp squire. Consider putting down some gas traps if djinn are giving you trouble. Two proximity traps for the two entrances near the forge are great for stopping kobolds if your blockades are going down fast. In another thread someone did the calculations for some basic gear and found that the 30% builder bonus with physical resist to 90 and others to 30 (per armor with boost) in each other resist equals or is surpassed by p
  3. It repairs traps when they're about 1/3-1/2 out of charges. Not too sure on auras.
  4. I agree with your critique at the end of your first post regarding progression, except one point - removing easy and medium difficulties. You say they are not necessary, but you start on easy deeper wells and do medium. If you have to get to level 8 to start on hard, that's necessary. No one really thinks about easy or medium except for the pure strategy achieve and other mind-destroying tedious achieves, but that first game is always going to be on deeper wells medium or easy.
  5. The post is a work in progress. Just finished Endless Spires so going to Summit now. Edit: The list is now complete Awesome, thanks a lot. And goddamn that's a lot of spider spawns.
  6. No summit? That one is a pain in the *** to find the spider spawns with the top two crystals. Tempted to try putting bouncers where wyverns fly over the walls and put all the defenses lower down.
  7. My solo layout, I can afk after wave 2 and get through fine. The T-rate might be a bit high for someone starting out and trying to get T-atk. http://html5.cubicleninja.com/dd/index.htm?layout=24532
  8. [c3;368875']but you still have it on sale for 50 mill in your shop o_0 I have a collection of about 20 200^+ "daggers" that I have lying around on one of my tavern tables. People also collect frost swords with crap stats because they look cool. Maybe someone with tons of mana will make a hideously crappy pet collection? I can hope I'll make 50m off such an oddly crappy pet. The only thing it's taking up is a spot in my shop that I have open maybe 5 hours a week anyway.
  9. Not a guardian, but it's pretty bad ... http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561197992824321/screenshot/468611959416450332?tab=all
  10. What maps are you doing? If you're trying misty NMHC, you're going to need an app with over 800 thp, perhaps even 1k. Your tatk looks like plenty to get on a dps char and buff/survive until at least wave 11, maybe 12. I haven't tried misty with my app for a while now, and probably won't until the next patch where the damage ramp for MM and LTs are back up. Oh and about your other thread, you NEED a lot of hero atk to get any damage out - apparently squire is the only one buffed a little in NM and even that's about a 1:1 wep atk to damage at around 500 hero atk. Also speed cap is 100, anything
  11. Your hero atk is too low to do any actual worthwhile damage. I'd say at least 200 is needed to do any decent damage in nm. Upgrade the tower stats on your staff in the meantime, and try to find a piece of gear that'll bump you to that 200 hero atk without nerfing your tower atk/rate too much. Find a new staff too, shouldn't be nearly as hard as finding the right piece of gear.
  12. Welp guess monk elec auras are going to be going from underused to unused again. I agree with [vanillaice] (do you ever type in your username more than twice on a site? How do you get used to that?) that the 160% buff on nm to squire towers is a huge edge for them vs. app towers. Hopefully the beta team will find a good buff percentage for them to equalize. And up app survivability in nm too, so we can possibly get some useful hybrid builds for 2+ players. It'd solve some problems with progression in groups. I don't see this happening for some time since trendy is away for GDC and then they ha
  13. Just accept that nightmare is still being tweaked to coincide with 3 more level cap increases, as well as new gear qualities per shard, and at least one new character. You will not be getting a soloable nightmare for a while - at the rate the next shard came out, I'd say another 6-8 months. You don't even get access to it if you don't buy the 4 part dlc, so it's not actually part of the original game, which is meant for solo and coop play. If you REALLY want to try going solo, get into eternal spires NM, then NM HC, then as many waves of misty NM HC you can do (NOT regular, drops crap loot), t
  14. If you're having problems with your crystal getting hit, try this. Traptress stats don't need to be too good, just be ready to repair your proxies a lot. You'll also need to be careful clearing out mages in the top/bottom lanes. http://html5.cubicleninja.com/dd/index.htm?layout=23889
  15. proximity traps in front help deal with random archers. Here's what a friend and I use now: http://html5.cubicleninja.com/dd/index.htm?layout=23889
  16. * Make them unable to summon skeletons from within the purple circle. That way at least a trap in front of the spawn can take care of them. Alternatively, give mobs that don't leave the purple circle a lower despawn timer, this would also help against other mobs getting stuck inside the spawns Love this idea. Would solve a lot of the problems with them. The third idea is also nice, especially in mix mode where ninjas gang up on you, so going outside the defences really hurts. I'm not sure the leash idea is that big a deal, especially with the spawn and charge ideas.
  17. Biggest difference for me is the countess is MUCH faster than the squire, making her useable for non-survival building on big maps like glitter. She has less hp than the squire though - in general, female characters will have less hp but more speed than their male counterparts. I don't think towers change. Also the ranger gets a jetpack skin. The abilities of each counterpart are slightly different but do basically the same function.
  18. So I'm by no means a vet, but I can do some basic excel calculating. Here is a graph of strikes to the max mana carry - with a cap of 78 we'll have 1580 max, so this might change somewhat. And here is a graph of damage to that same strikestomaxmanacarry. So, you can see that over 3100 is a nice atk to aim for - it puts you under 6 strikes to cap your mana carrying capacity. That's around 35 upgrades on Jaravak's 800 base atk genie. If you want to go down to 5 strikes, you have to go all the way to 6800 atk - a much higher investment, somewhere around 70ish upgrades on Jaravak's geni
  19. Depending on the time and day, I've seen 15-70 or so shops on. Browsing shops in the upper end is a serious chore of randomly choosing a shop, checking its inventory, then trying to remember that one and the last 10 you've been at that had maybe 1 or two pieces you want but want to compare prices on. Now this is somewhat alleviated by the dundef store, but not everyone will update, or remember to update, their shop with the site, and I haven't found a way to filter by region either so most of the hits would require me to look into what region they're playing and switch to it. I'd rather not do
  20. I found a frost blade with 250^ after only a few runs of misty NM HC up to the boss. I guess I got lucky. It has fairly meh stats, but a single negative I think. In turtle stance/tower atk rate =/
  21. 180 was the right number. Now it's around 164 because trendy upped the percentage of nm resists to 55% versus 50% previously. 90/.55 = 163.6xxxxx. So shoot for 41 on each of your pieces. I think it's around 8-9 '10th upgrade' ups to get there, so anything with 80-90 upgrades will land you physical resist cap. IF you can get an armor set with 160-180^ each you could reach 90 in two stats, but I've only heard and have 200+^ weapons, not armor. I've seen a few 120+^ armors though so I don't doubt someone has them, if the game allows.
  22. This, so much. I have to guide myself based on terrain features to line some towers up right. Partly why I'm focusing on my squire instead of my apprentice - deadly striker towers' range is impossible to see. At least with monk auras you get to see how far they reach after you place them. Perhaps a visual mode that allows seeing the cones in-game would also help?
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