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  1. With 85k and 70k steam saws and 2.7k atk and a propellor cat, my barb does 17m hawk strikes. I don't doubt with 120k steam saws he could hit 30m. Monk boost just makes it crazy. Of course I haven't tried the monk reward wep from sky city, I saw afran's palantir vid and saw him doing 30k per shot with like 2k atk unboosted with a genie. Nowhere near enough to equip a prop cat over a seahorse, but much better than completely relying on pet damage.

    Like sicarius I prefer barb for the tanky hp. If I had better hp on my monk (only 1.4k) I'd use it, but it's much better to help my towers take down ogres than to die from lucky copters.
  2. Since the last buff to apprentice there hasn't been much reason to stick with one over the other for me. Fireballs do roughly the same damage/du now, and lightning towers were always fun at lower levels. Only difference really is using magicades or spike blocks to wall.
  3. I'm sure this one has been suggested somewhere already; invert the camera for a while. Inverted, not rotated. Or into the q key perspective, and holding the q key returns them to an over-the-shoulder view.

    Sudden game of red light: green light. visible everywhere, signs rotate out from the walls/ceiling/floor and make a noise, then switch to red after 1 second, then green after a random time (3-7 seconds). If the player moves during the red light it gets sent to a penalty box in a cage above the map. Another player/(tavernkeeper if solo) has to hit/shoot a switch to release the player.

    Weapons change into foam versions that make squeaky noises for a while.

    Ranged DPS pets turn into woopie cushions for a while.

    The player 'takes a trip' and their movement is reversed for as long as the screen is a purple haze.

    Mages throw tomatoes with 2x the damage at players for a while.

    Have the message 'rock king used trick room!'; all characters equipped with rocks move at runspeed cap and capped players move at 0 (in between flips how fast they run).

    The players take control of an ogre on the map each and can swing/shoot snotballs as they want, dealing damage to the mobs. When time is up the ogre gets 2x the hp and 2x the attack.

    A player enters the crystalline dimension and cannot deal/take damage to/from or collide with mobs.

    That's it for now.
  4. Aura stack buffed can cover all the side paths with 2k range + one for the top. Add gas, walls and minions and get on something with enough DPS to take out the masses of ogres (Barb excels on this map. Hawk can hit every ogre on a wall :D)

    To be specific, put your auras on top of/next to the barrel debris next to the pillar between the middle/top lanes. You can then put a 5 du buff beam that will connect them on the middle walkway where there is no railing. For each lane, a 5 du buff beam with a couple archers and a mage will provide enough dps to catch the ogres' attention/kill djinn and copters. A reflect wall in front of them and a 3 du physical beam in front of that, right where the stairs start to incline, and a gas trap at that point will work fine. I put a fireball tower (pointing towards the north crystal and angled to hit both top lanes) and lightning tower on the buff beam connecting the two north auras. The middle lanes are hit more by sharken than ogres, so you don't really need the walls there, but it's nice if they don't move.

    For 4 players, you need at least 3 solid ogre-killers, barbs work better than monks because of how many copters there are.
  5. This, and their freaking insane damage (which is normally working in tandem with a tanking ogre which for some reason has more than normal ogre HP).

    That damage is the worst for me. I've had to put reflectors in front of all my minion walls and even some towers, and that's no guarantee they won't just fly up and shoot OVER the reflector. And forget running between cores on sky city - I get out from behind a reflector/far back in my defenses, and I have to gtfo or I get 1-2shotted by gold copters, that mass up since nothing will kill them until I try to get around to it or my defenses have been shelled to 1/10 their hp. Perhaps this apprentice buff isn't so ninja - it's a subtle hint to switch from harps to fireballs and put reflectors in front of everything and just wait for the siege to be over. In that case, PLEASE modify reflector walls so they curve back over defenses.
  6. Definitely moraggo, it's just a really bright map with cool music and quite a few options on where to build, versus sky city and aquanos where you have maybe 3 optional chokepoints in aq and 1 or 2 in sky (so far - working out something). Though it was pretty ridiculous finding out the copters can spawn where djinn do on that map.

    Karathiki and crystalline dimensions come next. Kara I can't really play, but it's got such an awesome atmosphere. crystalline I can play, mostly, but has just as good of an atmosphere.
  7. That gas trap isn't for Sharken, it's for the Djinn who like to hang around the corner there and desummon bits of your build. (I've grown to truly hate that "desummoning" sound... :D )

    That never happened to me either ... perhaps you put your towers too far into the alcove.
  8. I'm not sure you'd need the gas trap top left, I got to 26 and the wall never got pushed. Same for that enrage in the middle, it's already covered by the gas trap, unless it works on copters I doubt it's helping much. And only 2 fireball towers north, is kinda weird but I guess your app/squire builders are probably closer together than mine so the aoe makes up for the lesser dps. I'll have to try the minion wall on mid, it'd be nice to detach the buff beam from the wall so ogres can't quite reach the harps/fb.

    I have yet to try mix since shards 4 hit, I wonder just how much gets switched up with the copters.
  9. I tried this yesterday and south wasn't too big of a deal, but I lost on wave 20 because I was using my barb and didn't have enough firepower north to deal with a horde of copter ogres. Mid was also lacking. I'll have to try the infernos out, as well as the 2wall approach to mid. Not sure if that southwest gas is needed either.

    Found this wave 18 though :) no idea what I'm going to put it on.
  10. It was pretty fun for me when I did it on hard, a friend of mine joined on the second to last hero and we got the boss down. I'll say the most annoying part was the portals disappearing, perhaps has to do with being on low graphics. Next most annoying was flying ai breaking - a goblin copter/ogre combo were flying in circles out of range in the top left of the monk map one wave. The boss was also pretty cheap - the shockwaves are just instakills, unless you get lucky and aren't moving too fast.

    I gotta agree that the maps seem very open now ... I didn't even bother with walls in most of the crystalline maps, I'm not sure I would've made it without minions or buff beams. You can't even have enough players to guard each crystal on the magus map. They do look awesome though. It's gotta be hard to make them look great and still have very obvious lanes, so I guess they went with look great.
  11. You hit the needle right on the head there.

    Threads like this are part rant, part trying to let Trendy know that somethings not right, that you have to grind for hours on end to get good gear. Don't get me wrong, I love this game, but the drop rates are absolutely absurd. And it's not like it's a challenge anyways. Most people I know who grind for Supreme don't do jack ****, they just build and watch as the mob count slowly goes down, as well as looking for purple and yellow dots - occasionally repairing the auras.

    This. There needs to be an endgame game mode that isn't survival to keep things interesting. MMOs have pvp, but the pvp in this game is really lacking because of the huge stat differences, and there's only 1 competitive tower building map (that's also the worst for framerate). I'm hoping the boss rush mode will drop high quality gear, but I doubt it. An ultimate armor + weapon on nmhc would be awesome. sup on nm and trans on insanehc could work.
  12. You've never had a wall touching a buff beam have you?

    Also, with wall-less setups, the extra resistance makes an important difference. All tower stats are good for buff beams (though range gives the smallest percentage benefit), not just attack rate and damage.

    I still use them for that, I just don't focus on thp. I agree it's amazing how much more resilient walls are when buffed, just it's not going to get you that extra wave 100 points of attack would. It's kinda funny that reflect walls' multipliers are based on thp though.
  13. Why seperate? more tower health is good for your buff beams too, not just your walls.

    How exactly? I've found if my towers are getting hit hard I'm pretty much done anyway. The extra bit of damage and rate is more useful to me.

    Lordofthebong I get that, it's just extremely annoying to finally 'beat' the current end-game and get **** all in gear. The few upgrades I got are nice but don't help my primary builders and I could've found them on nonmix just as well. I guess I have less tolerance for grinding in the endgame. I'm still happy that I reached that level though. Right before the next release heheh.
  14. I couldn't get it down until I got my monk's aura damage to 2.2-2.3k and shifting my build to mostly harps for primary damage, and getting my squire damage to 2.6k or so. I don't have the best tower rate though. Barely 700 on my monk and at the time 1.6k on the squire =/

    Also anticipating sharken and ogre spawns goes a long way - do whatever you can to kill them fast, and check your map often. The most dangerous part of the map is that stairway between the mid and lower crystals that isn't covered by a strength drain.
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