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  1. but, I said topic :(. But yeah, its a new bug and its getting fixed in the next patch But, I'm not asking about the bug :(. I'm asking if it will be retroactive.. As in, I've completed Death From Above on Nightmare but not insane, will I get the insane acheivement or will I have to do it on insane. (An example.. I've done Death From Above on both Nightmare and Insane)
  2. read the topic 1 slot above yours(called upcoming patch notes). ;) Read the post 1 slot above yours (Where I ask if the change is retroactive). ;)
  3. Hey TE and forum lurkers. Was just wondering if this change is retro active? I got a lot of challenges nailed on NM, but I haven't really bothered to go trough them on insane, and I would just like to know, if you've completed challenges in the past will it unlock costumes and Acheivements? Thanks =)
  4. Make a holding cell on the top Bridge right in the middle. then try the Portal gun force all the mobs into the top bridge. Watch the score counter go up. :P Could you perhaps take a screen and post it? I'm a bit confused to what you actually mean =)
  5. I've seen one with 2xx upgrades but it only had 1 stat over 100 and the thumb still pointed down.. Dunno whats going on. Anyway.. I've been farming tons of mana to get my gear upgraded.. Found out about 200m cap the hard way o.O is there any way to store mana? Been looking into getting a proper app & huntress guardian, but looking at defendersstore.com they seem to have crazy stats, for 100m, so I am worried that they are hacked. Is there some quick guidelines, like they can't have more then 50 boost stat non-upgraded or do I just have to go with my guts? Thanks for all the help so
  6. Also a side note is you only need 3 sets of gear for all 4 classes. You need a tower set for your monk, a seperate tower or hybrid set for your mage, and 1 hero dps set that can be shared by your dps toons. Just move it to whatever character you want to play dps on. So you think I should dump the Countess all together? I was under the impression that after the App nerfs the squire did a better job at soloing? =) Also, I've been looking for a new gun for my ranger. He has a Blasticus with around 6k dmg. I've heard that mythical retribution should rock its socks, but all Mythical Retributi
  7. So I tried with a NM HC squire build and I failed at wave 10, I think it was, because of 3 simultaneous ogres from 3 different direction. Was to much to handle. 2-3 at one spot was easy, since I could just repair and boost the harpoons with my huntress. Got a few items, but nothing to yell "hurray" at =) Might gonna try NM Survival Alchemy Lab when I get home and see how far I can get there =)
  8. Hey guys. I feel like I'm kinda stuck in progression after following the loot progress guide for dummies. I got a Countess, Apprentice, Ranger and Initiate to 74 and got some gear for all of them and my stats are as follows. Initiate Stats Hero stats 269-166-279-300 Tower Stats 418-372-408-375 Ranger Stats Hero stats 462-442-465-276 Tower Stats 440-447-411-306 Apprentice Stats Hero Stats 48-242-98-282 Tower Stats 340-587-559-663 Countess Stats Hero Stats 286-326-308-263 Tower Stats 335-744-200-804 I've been duoing NM HC Endless Spire for quite a while, with AFK cont
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