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  1. And "adults"? Last I checked the females had breasts. In the intro it states that they're kids. There are children who have boobs lmao
  2. If this game didn't have challenges, I don't think it'd be as fun
  3. Will I be able to re-download them for free since I already have them or will I have to pay for DD again as it'll be a Mac version (which could be classed as a different version?). If you bought it on steam they will still be in your library. You just launch steam through your mac, go to your library, and everything will be there. All you have to do is click install.
  4. Know what is quality time between my wife and I is?? A multiplayer game of Civilization V. She has logged more time on that game than i have on DunDef, which i have A LOT of time invested. Haha consider yourself somewhat lucky. My girlfriend won't even touch a wii, yet alone a pc. She hates videogames. And let's be honest, nothing's hotter than a chick that plays videogames
  5. This sounds real fun =) What are the benefits of becoming a VIP?
  6. Handing out life lessons. So much love <3
  7. hahaha that edit made my day. just because of it, i'm goin to do just that.
  8. I hope it comes out today... My girlfriend said to me "Baby, let's spend the day with each other for valentines day." I says "honeydove sugarplum sweet princess of mine who I lubwuwuwuwuwuw (insert Missy face) Its only a video game! I'm taking you out to the most expensive restaurant and buying you 14 dozen roses!"
  9. Couple questions I had in regards to Dungeon Defenders coming out for mac... 1. Will all the DLC come out for the mac version as well? 2. Will this version be on steam or will I have to run it through somewhere else? 3. If through steam, will the beta be ran through steam? 4. If not through steam, do I have to buy everything all over again? 5. Have there been any specs released for the mac version? Usually they're different than the PC version. 6. How much after the beta will the actual mac version be released? Any expected date? 7. I run DD through parallels on my mac. When logg
  10. If you get the DLC when it's released, it's like nothing. Got everything when it was released and it was either free or on sale on steam. Probably spent 10ish bucks on everything. Gotta shop smart, man
  11. I understand that this is a I understand this is a common question, but I couldn’t find a thread discussing it. This weekend I have a LAN event with a bunch of friends. The tower apprentice on my team won’t be coming, so I’m filling in his spot as tower apprentice. I have a 74 DPS ranger, a 71 tower squire, and 38 tower monk. Where is the best place to level my apprentice the fastest? And what strategy should I use? Really just wanted some opinions.
  12. About a month? Best news I've heard all day. Thanks Jeremy =)
  13. Just got my Ranger to 74, haven't really done much with him since, but what should I do familiar/petwise? Some people say you want a pet doin additional damage, some people will say fairies for health (even though I'm not close reange DPSing), and some will say genies too. I haven't really done anything on NM so i'm not really experienced with spiders, but they say you want a genie for you stealth. Opinions?
  14. Nope. It's a strict .dmg file sold for macs. At the time I bought it was only available in a bundle pack that cost me 1k. Now they sell it individually for 200, but what can you do. I didn't seem to mind the limited gaming idea at the time due to the fact that valve and blizzard released all their games for mac and that’s all I really wanted to play. But then valve got me into steam and 1 game led to 5 games, 5 led to 100, and the number keeps increasing, and now I’m stuck with all these games I can’t play lol. Some run, but I can’t really tell if they will or not since I’m not given specs fo
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