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  1. why? Lots of people seem to have a problem with pets doing lots of dmg, but nobody can give me a reason why it shouldn't be this way.
  2. If it wasn't for the cheap tactic of using the pet to do the battle for you, it'd be near impossible to solo. That's just bad design. If it wasn't impossibly hard to do it legit, ppl would do it that way, instead an exploit is found to bypass the challenge of a boss battle, while you rmb it and the pet does everything. Could you still exploit it? sure, but you'd be pretty lame, and there wouldn't be a 'no alternative' excuse. Ppl jump to exploits when they feel forced into it more often than not. Can you explain why using the tools you are given is an exploit? You don't even need to us
  3. First question Is your gear fully upgraded? If not, then obviously work on that. 2nd question Are you playing on hardcore to increase the loot? 3rd question Can you get to the boss in Misty Mire (spider queen). Cause if you can make it to the boss, you should be able to get gear bringing you over 1000 on tower attack in the last few waves. Same with Moraggo or Aquanos, You don't need to beat the boss, just collect loot in the last few waves. The eternia maps are you best maps for upgrades if you can defeat the first few waves. If you don't want to get a series EV. (al
  4. eey guys, Jer has not forgot to do this: * Added 15 DU to 'City in the Cliffs', for a total of 140 Check the upcoming patch notes :). Yours truly, Domistroy yay, City in the Cliffs did feel a bit short, I did it last night for the first time with the 125. It worked for campaign and up to 15 to get my djinnlet(6 people), but overall just a few more DU would have been nice for another fireball and another gas, or maybe converting proxies to electric aura, and adding in a few reflects.
  5. I have no stats near 3k other than Tower HP with an EV (~2800). Most of my stats range from 1900-2500 tower attack and 700-1100 tower spd. When I was doing this with my old build probably closer to 2100 tower attack. We also did this with squires and not boosting monks. I haven't tried this build specifically yet, but this is a slight modification from my old build which held to 20 ish(pre str drain element strip). It might have held longer, but We we mostly farming for monkeys at that point so we didn't really push the build that far. And we had an unfortunate desummon which should
  6. normaly im running all the time to repair auras, upgrade BBs, repair walls etc. Btw: is it normal that the aura range is decreased on NM? Normal: 14,69 NM: ~10 Yes, aura range is decreased on NM. btw, are you using gas traps? and have you beat Misty mire and moraggo on NM yet?
  7. btw Kandar I do hope you already know that other than activation range buff beaming dark and gas traps is useless (no boost to effective range, duration, or reset time) Since when does buff beaming not affect the reset time? They have always lowered the reset time in my experience and it is really useful to do it for sharken at higher waves. @Kandar Your MM build is very very similar to my normal build. Is there a reason you changed your MM build so much from your normal build? Do you think the overall north and middle crystal work better with the MM build?
  8. yes... first (before the halloween event) i played apprentice. Then a long time later the apprentice build was horrible. Then i pushed my squire to 74 to let him build. Now the sharken release, and the Squire sucks if you dont have 3k stats. At the moment it seems that i have to play a highlevel monk for building... also i think they ruined the game with to high stats. after a while tower stats wont matter anymore, there is nearly no change. So...why do they release more and more powerful equip? Supremace now, whats next? Do we need 5k stats to beat the next enemy then?
  9. Serious question. Where are you guys in stat progression and level progression? Sharken have certainly not made things easier, but since I was using gas traps for just about every lane anyway for Djinn, I haven't really noticed sharken changing much. I am wondering at what progression level most of the people having problems are at.
  10. He has a different opinion, one I happen to agree with (and some others I've seen him getting stick for having), he's not refusing others opinions, just doesn't agree and rather than keep saying the same thing he's decided he's said his peice and repeating it won't help matters. Quite refreshing on a forum tbh. A tweak to make it solo able without resorting to cheap tactics, where your involvement is minimal at best, seems a positive step, and weaker tentacles seem the best idea IMO. I'm not saying I wouldn't go with cheap tricks, but I'd rather do it by my ability and tactics, not hiding b
  11. They work on a similar mechanic to sappers. If you gas them before they charge/light up they will be stunned. If the light up/charge first they are immune.
  12. Please tell me what your post has to do with accessories? And specifically toggling them? My point, specifically in that post, is to point out that where do we draw the line. You can't see armor, because it would take up the whole character, making them all look the same. Accessories are designed to be completely opposite to that. Customization. Where is the customization if you can't see it? Players are too wrapped up about OMG stats! rather than the application of those stats. Part of the problem is in relation to progression, but that's an argument for another thread. I'm not tr
  13. Are you talking survival or campaign mode? I haven't played it in campaign for quite a while(did it before they boosted the DU), but it seems to have enough DU for survival at the moment. At the moment I seem to be able to put 3 turrets on the top both sides along with the needed auras/walls/buff beams and have enough to cover bottom. I also haven't done the map much post sharken, but I had gas everywhere before anyway, so I don't think much would change in my build Ok, here's a build for kara. It has 19 DU left, but what is in there is what I would consider the essentials. You could
  14. they already boosted jungle once, do you think it really needs that much more DU?
  15. I'm pretty much good with just leaving it as it is. So if we can't agree to disagree can we at least just agree to possibly agree? I'm good with either. Alright, I guess we both find it acceptable but are not particularly found of it.
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