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  1. Yeah I was gonna post it to off topic but I thought it was slightly on topic. Anyway was just super stoked I won something just for playing DD and wanted to say thanks.
  2. Thanks for making a kickass game. My dedicated rank on Raptr allowed me to snag Minecraft from their giveaway. They still got a couple hundred left for anyone else that might be a member.
  3. Do we gots a time for this? I'm in no rush cuz I'm sick as a doooog.
  4. Anyone up for trying this later? All my boys abandoned me for DC Universe and trying to recruit people in game is impossible with the mods and stuff. I'll be on messing around with my new giraffe for a bit tonight. tag = NeWsKiLLz VIG
  5. I am sorry about that. I will be at work for most of the day today but I will be on later tonight so I can get you in then. Very cool! That works for me. I can usually just get on in the late night.
  6. So could I hit you up tomorrow? Judge kinda left me hanging after accepting my invite and telling me in a few minutes. thanks
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