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  1. try doing it with 8 players, since its an 8 player map. Edit: actually try to beat it with 4.
  2. I am doing the "Assault" not the challenge pack and I am doing it on ranked mode. First Screen Shot is to show the trendy net icon. http://cloud.steampowered.com/ugc/594718559832831196/95E6976CE2B64F49E7CFD22807D5E6CF3B3FE533/ the second screenshot shows that I have completed the challenge on hard. http://cloud.steampowered.com/ugc/594718559832865815/A495CCB57E51EF92079165A784F04DA08CF2A6C0/ Next screen shot is the Core Destroyer Trophy is in my tavern http://cloud.steampowered.com/ugc/594718559832930572/4A605D2DC328092656B7E2CB97AFB56E35AB3A36/ Lastly, this screen shot is my achievem
  3. I got the game recently, but I cant seem to unlock the achievement Core Destroyer. I have beaten the stage on easy, medium, hard, and insane. Is there a bug that is preventing me from being able to unlock it?
  4. Zerg the enemy forces with mass goblins. First have 3 people with genie pets passing mana to the summoner, while the summoner becomes a goblin spawner.
  5. I have not been able to do NMUMF regardless of where I place my towers. I always run out of time regardless of the part of the map I build at. I've tried building at the center of the map, top right corner, bottom left corner, on the center of the bridge, at the bottom right corner, the center of the ramp at the left side of the map. I always run out of time. Tower Health (TH) Tower Damage (TD) Tower Range (TR) Tower Speed (TS) Class TH / TD / TR / TS Squire 1000/3000/1000/2000 EV 3000/1500/1000/1000 Huntress 1000/2000/1500/1000 Apprentice 1000/270
  6. I'm not sure if this is unique to me or is it affecting everyone, but my photon beams and shock beams are not working on Etherian Holiday Extravaganza.
  7. I think a better option would be the ability to change characters at the server selection screen
  8. I changed my steam server location and then verified my game cache. Then it downloaded for me. I wonder if this fixed it. ill keep posted to see what happens. This worked for me!!
  9. If DST has an aoe damage like can hit multiple targets, that would be nice. Or has an additional damage over time damage that effects all enemies around the target that is being attacked.
  10. Instead of jetpacking, it need's Samus' space jump/screw attack. :p And add the ability to put decoy in air to attract air to attack it. Space jump with screw attack (with or without the actual screw attack damage) would be so much cooler. (double jump, triple jump, quadruple jump... etc)
  11. I don't like the scaling stats, as some people (like myself) work hard to get the gear, and that would suck if everyone had the same... Although it would make things fair, but fair isn't always fun. One thing that would be cool would be the ability to wager items. I'm pretty sure it will make pvp a lot more competitive. The stats standardization is to keep it competitive so people will actually want to play this against other players. I hated pvp in other MMO's because its just proving how much you farmed with the better gear and not actually skill based. However, in other MMO's there i
  12. Make it so items that drop behind the monster spawn area be forced outside of it, because I have had so many games that a really good item drops in there right outside of my pick up range.
  13. Make it so we can drop mana by typing in the numbers. so we can drop exact.
  14. Series EV guardian: Increase hero ability potency.
  15. Dynamic Equipment system Can pick up different equipment sets with no stats and can add stats to it, but limit the amount of stats that can be added to a single stats and have a diminishing return. so lets say if I'm a damage dealer, I would pick the top 2 stats to have 150, the 3rd stats will have like 120, and the 4th will have 90, 5th will have 60, 7th will have 30... etc. that way every hero would be different depending on how they play. And would allow for a more dynamic team play also. This can be done in tavern, but item doesn't work for anything except PVP maps. Make it so the dif
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