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  1. braydon180 True a single crystal build is pretty easy. If you need a higher difficulty try defending ALL of them successfully! All though NOT impossible this will give you a LOT more challenge there you have it a difficulty increase.
  2. Welcome back to the game. I have a better squire weapon that you can have to keep for free. Trust me it is an upgrade L.O.L. I may also have a few extra pets and some mythical armor kicking around as well i will have to check. Feel free to drop me a friend invite. http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198027572828/
  3. We are currently experiencing continuous DDOS attacks . Most of the hosts have been essentially disabled by these attacks. Make no mistake we are NOT giving up on the event We ask that those still waiting to run have patients as we try to resolve this problem. Thank you for your understanding and we all look forward to seeing you at this and future events.
  4. The event is up and running gang. Stop on by the steam group chat if you still need to run the event. ENJOY!!!
  5. It looks like the problems are solved. We do indeed intend to continue the event this coming weekend. In the unlikely event we experience more technical difficulties we will post on the forums.
  6. Cavalry is on par with a high end Mega Chicken. It offers a nice alternative to every bodies favorite angry bird .
  7. Nah! That is a very good piece of armor and its fine to be proud of your find. A lot of long time players are seeking ULT++ to try to maximize there power that's all. Transcendent sets are still quite awesome and CAN give great stats. Of course GOOD Supreme and up are preferred since well MORE POWER is always sought after. Honestly though anything over a strong transcendent set really is just icing on the cake.
  8. Honestly the boards are impossible to keep truly clean. That said ice does care he strives to keep the streets of Etheria a cleaner place. You can always pm him with blatantly obvious stuff like 2 billion on the Deeper Well. I am sure WHEN HE HAS THE TIME He will take care of the score and investigate its holder as well. To all the Trendy employees and the CDT volunteers Keep up the great work. I for one still greatly appreciate it.
  9. Stick with an ODD number of judges to avoid ties. The most common sizes i see are 3 and 5 . And yes times infinity let's recruit us an Eagle LOL
  10. Nice contest consider this a Bump and keep those entries coming gang.
  11. Well in that case the answer is.. Nice try but you'll have better luck walking into fort Knox and walking out with all the gold than getting even a hint out of me
  12. For those wondering what the reward is here ya go.
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