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  1. Loving the improvements in the Aug update for Xbox. I did hit two issues though. 1) When going into the abilities of each character. Where you get descriptions of what each ability/skill does. It doesn't change the description pane. It's just locked onto one of the heroes abilities and I cannot get descriptions for anything else. I assumed navigating up and down would change the description field, but it's stuck. For example, on the apprentice, it was stuck on Mana bomb description no matter what was selected on the left. 2) Since all stats were reset. I was going through all my h
  2. I can't speak for mistymire forest as I don't own it yet. Just about to finish legendary defender on xbox, then I'll buy it. Pre-mistymire I think glitter is best for farming loot on hard difficulty. I can easily solo on insane, but haven't noticed better loot... in fact it's harder to have time to identify and sort through good loot. Even though glitter takes longer than other maps, the number and quality of godly items on glitter is better in my experience. Also, I typically get at least one if not two godly item drops from ogre kills on glitter (in addition to the chest drops). I have n
  3. I AFK farm Glitterhelm on Hard (not insane) and get a handful of Godly items every run (mostly from chests, though rarely from drops). Also, after two to three runs you should start getting 15mil pets in your shop and at least a couple godly items (armor and weapon). I have not yet tried to farm Glitterhelm on Insane solo, but I assume it should yield better loot. This is on Xbox 360. A couple nights ago I started trying to farm Alch Lab on Insane Survival mode but noticed pre-patch it yields terrible loot. By wave 15 and 4000+ enemies I was still only getting items worth a couple hun
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