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  1. While some people did over-react, Trendy is releasing paid content which breaks the game. We're being treated like beta testers rather than paying customers. That is enough to make anybody a bit annoyed. And when that new content breaks large portions of the game until they bring it in line with everything else, its even more frustrating. Anyone reasonable knows its not realistic to expect they to balance everything perfectly before they put it out. But they are constantly making VERY LARGE (% wise) changes. While it is good they are attempting to fix things, the fact that such large changes
  2. With 3 players (didn't test any others) there are too many ogres that come at the end. And I don't mean "oh my towers are weak, I have trouble". I mean "With monk buffed, buff beamed, huntress guarded 2 harpoons per side doing 250k hits rapid fire, I get overwhelmed". There's maybe a dozen Ogres going from 1-1500, then its all ogres. A dozen out simultaneously, spawning 5 or 6 at a time. I have less trouble taking misty to 30 than I did taking Deeper Well to 25. Considering this is the "easiest" map, it just feels like a bit much. Especially since this is where people who are just getting
  3. While I'm not a big fan of having to click through an advertisement for DLC every time I launch into TNet, could you at least put the "close" button in the lower right, like you do on the other popup window? It is annoying. That's all.
  4. You did clasbyte. "a way to interupt their charge". That interrupt is like the djinn interrupt... only works for characters, not towers.
  5. A month or so ago "game was destroyed by djinn" A few before that " game was destroyed by spiders","nightmare is impossible" It WAS destroyed by djinn. Remember their 5-10 second desummon time, spawning a half dozen or more at once, no interuption, no gas-trap vulnerability, and if you attacked them as melee they'd fly up into the air and away. They made it impossible, and had to change all of these things to make it manageable. Just like how they had to with spiders perminatly webbing every turret/person forever if they got out of hand for a minute. Its melodramatic to say the game is des
  6. Actualy that alone should do the trick, thats all we need a way to interrupt there charge, and that stuff dosent get pushed out of the level so u cant sell it to free the dus.... "Manually interrupt all of them" is a pretty terrible solution. It was for Djinn, and it is for Sharken. Its the tower defense game equivalent of a quicktime event. "PRESS SHARKEN TO NOT LOSE DEFENSES". God forbid you want to play solo and can't sit on every wall at all times
  7. Again, I'm not arguing about specific balance changes. I'm just saying that if you immediately nerf enemies out the starting gate, it gives a pretty bad rep towards Trendy. I agree. But I would say that they get a worse rep for releasing paid updates that break aspects of the game and REQUIRE nerfs. And this is not the first time they have done so. It is the third. Out of three. Look back at the Djinn. You can't tell me we weren't trying hard enough and that is why survival and monster-fests were ruined when they first were added. Yet that is exactly what you are telling us now, with Sharke
  8. Yes. Spiders + ogres make this build non-functional unless you have multiple higher-tier DPSers. Guys geared way past what you can acquire from this map. "Killing them with DPS" was the solution told to us when Djinn were ruining the TOWER aspect of DD, and its no surprise that the sentiment has rolled around again.
  9. Trendy is now 3/3 for releasing crazy overpowered versions of what the new creatures eventually become. @dunolol, While if they were easy it would be lame, yes, but then again, every crystal update has broken survival until they get it under control, which tends to take days at least.
  10. @itsthebloop, yes it is a good thing. However it would still be a good thing if the app guardian still boosted the tower stats somewhat. Now its doing such a small % off the base damage to be all but worthless. Having it have some effect wouldn't mean you had to start using it like you used to. @LJMjoll, yeah not stacking makes sese. 3x from the app guard TIMES 2.5x from the buff beam would be ridiculous. But there is some funky math going on that only adds 7k more damage. It happens for me in pretty much every game, too. I assume its some form of diminishing returns in effect, but my gear
  11. I have screens, but anybody can reproduce this so I'll save it. App guard I used had 91 to defense damage boost, and I did this on OMF, but its the same everywhere. NM Harpoon Damage: 32k NM Harpoon Damage with App Guard: 90k NM Harpoon with Boost Beam: 78k NM Harpoons with Boost Beam and App Guard: 97k Boost beams are great, but they all but completely nullify app guardians. I'm not saying an app guard should get the normal % of buff with a beam active, but 7k when the base damage of the harpoon (fully upgraded) is 32k? Feels low to me.
  12. Jim, your question was already answered. Don't be a prick. He's right, if you don't like it, don't buy it. The entire end-game is paid DLC, and some of the best characters are too (barb for melee and EV for buffbeams/walls/reflects). That is how Trendy works. Complaining about it has not changed their actions so far, and its doubtful it will in the future. Yes. Its paid DLC. If you do not like it, then all you can really do is not buy it. Welcome to how life works.
  13. Hey, guy who posted that original guide here. I figure I'll share some more stuff I have done with the build. Firstly, 2 players is the ideal way to do this for me. So much loot drops and vanishes with 3, it doesn't add much to the total mana earned. You do gain an additional 3 rewards for using 3 players however, which is nice. Still I find it simpler with 2. The slows are ONLY in place to keep ninjas from flooding over the walls or charging the walls to chip away at them. If your walls have the health to stand up to this, then the slows aren't needed (add 6 points). Not using them shav
  14. Petitioning for any type of pause system does nothing. I can no longer find the thread, but IceArrow said in a tech support thread that the devs were aware of the issue. However the fact that nothing else has ever been said leads me to believe they pretty much could not care less how many games get DC'ed. They'll just blame Steam instead of coding in a pause while the game and its players attempt to reconnect.
  15. Sorry yes, this is for nightmare. The 50% resists is NM resists, and that's a rough approximation. I started this run with around those tower stats. As long as you stay behind the walls and in the heal field, you should be fine. Blocking as squire when you can also helps. And yeah, its a fast build, but you take quite a bit of hits from wyverns during the later waves. The heal field out-muscles the damage as long as you have a decent health pool and resists. A barb makes it even easier because you can just hop around and then turtle stance when you need to repair. Its what I prefered to do.
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