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  1. So loss of characters/heroes is counted as support, not a major bug? Imagine having a player base of 500.000 - lets say you get unlucky and 50.000 of these RANDOMLY looses all heroes, just by being away from home with their PC turned off - how far do you imagine that'll bring it? Can you provide any kind of help, in re-establishing the heroes?
  2. Hi Kyle, Just got an response that the link I used, was only for DD2 support - they provided another link, and said "use this" - exact same fking link...
  3. Hi Kyle How often does your people check the incoming mails? No response yet.
  4. I agree, cheating should not even be anywhere near an possibility. I must've misunderstood, took it as if I was the cheater. Worked hard for the characters and their items in the short period of time the beta has been going, therefor sad to loose it just from day A to day B :) Thanks.
  5. So, is your comment meant as in I am a cheater, or do I missunderstand your comment?
  6. Hi Kyle, I've submitted an report. I see, very weird that it even has the ability to delete my savegame.. Thanks.
  7. @cg_kyled possibly you could help?
  8. Hi there, I played last night (had around 7-8 heroes as far as I remember), logged in today - all gone..? Took me through the newcommer screen Can someone clarify whats happened? Or help me get these back? I have not changed computer, had any system updates or alike - Only thing updates was graphics driver. PC is 14 days old. EDIT: Playing via Steam. My steam handle is MrGregegersen Backed at Kickstarter.
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