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  1. I think 32 players is a limit imposed by Unreal Engine itself. See no reason to ever get that high in STRATEGY game. It's impossible to control that amount of players and came up with any resonable gameplay, certainly not on the maps we know (maybe apart from Crystal Dimension). Hosting game for 32 players is the same as sitting in one room with 25 idiots... how do you ever imagine that? I was expecting a wow reference "hosting a strategy game for 32 players is the same as coordinating 25 idiots to do something, how do you ever imagine that?"
  2. One thing i would like to mention. You keep compairing DD to games like Tribes and Battlefield and even your Typhoon Raising. You arent comparing the good genre of games. FPS games have, like you say, only use very few amounts of bandwidth. There's you, your guns and your position. Problem with thinking like that for DD is that its not just you. There's also 20+ stats to keep track, your pets and his stats. Now you could say up to that point that those FPS also have stats to bandwidth around... Then it brings the next point: Your towers, and mana on the ground. Handling 100 people sho
  3. Again, the amount of bandwidth a user takes is heaps bigger than an enemy does. I also dont think having descriptions stating "Must have I7-2770k and 300MBPS connection required" to be a good map... A good map is the ability to make something great using limited ressources. A bad map is the ability to do something passable with high requirements. Also, how the **** would you fill a 64v64 pvp map? Much less your crazy ideas. Sure, it would be "COOL" (i personally dont think so) to have lots of people, but there's a point there more people dont make things better.
  4. When a nail sticks out, it should get hammered down. You dont stick out all other nails...
  5. Kill yourself because you see patch notes 4 weeks before they come out? Never play WoW then, Blizzard release patch notes 2+ months before the patch release.
  6. Well you can't cap things like the major stats (hero speed for example) on items. Reason being is say you had a +400 speed on a piece of gear and -300 on another bringing it to the 100 cap. If it got capped then you'd be stuck with -200 net speed from those 2 gear pieces. But for the others (like block%), it would be nice to have it clamped at its normal max. Same goes for the guardian stats just so people don't get confused that +80 guardian power is equal to +40 guardian power. They could make it that you cant invest any points in them beyond the "cap" if anything. Like if a piece of
  7. Tropies appear in your Ranked tavern even if they are achieved in Open. On the other hand, achievements arent retroactive like trophies: You have to earn them in the game, in a ranked game, for them to work for Steam.
  8. I'm currently shooting something similar to 3:4:2 ( 1500 / 2000 / 1000 ), last number being Piercing / CastSpeed, then i realized it lines up pretty nicely with Rominus and DeathTempest posts :P
  9. Last time I checked (3+ months ago), there wasn't anything, it looked like if you stripped a barbie doll but with less plastic texture. It may be based on one of the three colors, which could lead to overlapping and thinking there's nothing if some of the choices are colose enough. I actually have a character like that. But yeah, it was a huntress with really dark blue skin and another dark blue-greenish clothes. Yet i saw red panties. But it did look pretty much "painted on" :P
  10. So, after playing around with the free roaming camera, the second thing that came to mind was "Hey, lets set the camera in a way to get ALL the action!" ...My first thought was "Hey, i wonder if the developpers actually put something under that huntress skirt or just skipped it based on the fact under regular camera conditions, its impossible to get that angle." Turns out they did and there are underwear visible.... I'm an horrible person :(
  11. guess i need to start leveling yet another class and gearing it so that i can continue to play and progress.... This always makes me laugh, i know there's a progression issue between midgame and endgame. But why are pepole compelled to think if you arent min-maxing, you cant progress? "Well damn. this overpowered class is now slightly more balanced, time to roll the new FOTM so it can overcome my shortcomings"
  12. You do realize these are mainly intended to be for visual purposes? If they want cosmetic items, they need to ALL have 0 stats. As soon as you have an item with stats, the one with higher stats will always be better than the other ones. I would much rather wear a +50 checkered pink cube (the common placeholder model) rather than a really awesome +0 item. Regardless of not being "meant" to have high stats. It STILL has stats.
  13. Mac is a PC. But the "PC/Mac" which should actually be "Windows/Mac" exists for actual reasons. The reasons why "Mac needs to be distinguished from other computers" is because they are programmatically different and a program made on windows will just not run on Macs. If the distinction wasnt done, Mac users would purchase games they cant even play, and that's even worse than being singled out. Also because there's really only Windows and Mac as far as most games goes. Linux/Unix is so complex and there's seven billion variations of it that it's impossible to make any program that would work
  14. I think the it would help newer players and is a good idea. What's the problem with making it easier for endgame players? They're already beat the game and usually aren't so much playing it as they are just farming the same maps over and over again for a piece of gear that might be just slightly better than what they have now. It's only natural that the people who have put 500+ hours into the game find it too easy and I don't think they have much of a reason to complain. The problem lies in the fact that new players normally look toward endgame players to "learn to play". Newer players g
  15. Two things here: You need to try and think as a game desginer, and not as a player. The difference being that Trendy needs to find a way to bridge the gap. "We need to find a way to smooth out the progression." vs "Trendy needs to make the game easier for me" But to give better feedback, your idea has merits, except its WAY too convenient. It needs to be on a 10:1 ratio (10 points to get 1 skillpoint) to make it less of an impact to specialized players, while still giving you a "slight boost". In the previous 6000 points. This is the difference between a 600 points increase vs a 2000 poi
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