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  1. I think a simple fix woudl be to guarantee that not all the enemy types will spawn every lane. So there will be lanes with for example no Shield Goblins or no Cyborks at all and players can adjust their build to that.
  2. That's ok. I hope from now on gold will be actually meaningful and not virtually infinite.
  3. Yeah, they always do. Even once it was OK, they don't stop :v
  4. I already have 2 Dragoliches :P Some new pets with significant abilities woudl be cool. Or not even new, just bring in Guardians, Genie and other cool stuff from DD1!
  5. This idea is so bad I can't even finish my post.
  6. Phoenix has also been nerfed beyond belief. Serenity Auras are now smaller as well. I bought separate slot for Poison Tower Huntress, but now Towering Poison passive was entirely removed. Trendy disabled cool and interesting builds for absolutely no reason. I don't have interest in playing this game anymore. Farewell.
  7. Sniff. The game has been rebalanced three times already, if not more. Trendy is chasing their own tail.
  8. Another bad idea. You are dissolving every interesting feature this game has. If all the maps, towers and gear are equal, the game won't be better balanced. It will be boring.
  9. Things would be easier if you just nerfed Abyss Lord 3 days after he came out. If I was game designer he wouldn't even come out in this state. Now, few months later you plan totally flip the game upside down and remove actual and interesting features, but solve no old issues. The balance changes needed are only few numbers. And you should tweak them one by one, repeatedly. What you do right now, Trendy, is like throwing the puzzle box in the air, hoping to solve it. The builds are great idea and there should be MORE builds coming, not less. If you make all towers and items exactly teh same, th
  10. You want to kill all the builds and remove special abilities from armor? It just kills the game, entire gameplay is based on that! ...unless you still want players to spam archers all around the map mindlessly.
  11. You don't need 750-pwr piece if you an already clear this incursion. It's up to you what you want to achieve in this game. Not everyone wants maxed-out characters.
  12. Also, Build Weapons (Purge Evil, Chilling Touch, Phoenix, Toxic, Impaling Cutter) can drop only from Nightmare and only from wave 5+.
  13. Just came to say I think drop rates are OK. ...got 750 Gloves on my first try
  14. Notes: - Galactic Weapons can drop with either build passive (Frosty and the like) or Halloween passives. - Harbinger weapons have two different passives for hero and for towers.
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