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  1. So easy question is it illegal or legal? What I mean is In-game item as for example a armour set of DD for a armour set in Diablo 3.
  2. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa okay my bad I thought those item were modified when i played open
  3. can't you mod items with the tool trendy gave that you can use on open?
  4. Now post your build layout and see if other people can do the same. :)
  5. So does that mean the last shard is coming out and a new lvl cap and new item sets!!!!! While we haven't even recovered from hte 3de shard LOL. Trendy are hardworking people apparently :)
  6. perhaps they got a unexpected speed boost by the recent patches
  7. well they should perhaps increase the effect that traps or ensare have on them
  8. There should be a option to click to ignore current DLC but a notice pops up or something for the new dlc that you can either ignore again or purchase
  9. hehe rly wondering what the release date will be
  10. Yea but there were like some news about the summoner and so for the patch 7.30 but now its suddenly quiet, which tickled my curiosity :)
  11. So any news about the summoner, cause i'm pretty curious what it's ability is and when it will be released :)
  12. as I said it can't handle later wave so i run around let my pet dps the excessive spiders
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