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  1. My favorite memory is the moment I got a really nice plasma blade for my Countess and I was just running through mob packs without even slowing down, just melting everything, mind you this was before NM, so that sword is worth peanuts today lol. https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198002750055/
  2. If anyone has any tips on increasing your framerate in DD, other than the obvious, i'd like to hear some. It's quite obvious that the game engine is made primarily for consoles, which kinda makes no sense cause all the DLC focus is on PC... I play on a big HD screen, 32 inch 2048x1152 120Hz, the 20ish fps in survival and other intense matches is actually giving me physical problems like headaches etc. On maps like Karathiki Jungle and Sky of love i can barely get past 25 fps, with a single character, yet the game is only using 1/3rd of my PC resources... GPU load being highest at 50-60
  3. The title says it all. My server is auto-hidden after 3 people have joined and i cant "show" it without relogging into Trendynet. This is quite annoying when you get 3 newbies with low gear join ur game where you need help and are forced to restart to allow new people to join. Also it would appear that the game still thinks theres 4 players in the game, mob caunt doesnt go down when i kick the last 3.
  4. It was pretty obvious what you were getting when you started all you needed is one look at the wiki..... And all i ever seen are 160^ never seen any different, mine was worth it because i knew what i was getting myself into.. My only stat over 1000 is Hero damage and its 1100 and i got it all solo besides zippy terror and assault. Not that hard really just tower placement and time.... I find it quite hard to believe that you can solo warping core, wizardry and unlikely allies, when you couldnt do one of the easiest, assault (yeah i do realize that this doesn't require building, no need to
  5. I did them all with 2 friends, none of us has any tower stat above 1000. Stop raging. Rewards are also random, you can get very good items (we did find several 200^+ weapons with decent stats). The cube itself is an interesting pet that is a nice damage dealer (over 100k per hit on NM) while also feeding you so you can upgrade faster, there's no single pet able to make damage and support at the same time (or we could consider app/hunt guard but that's not the point). Btw I'm pretty sure you misread its up amount. Considering how you reacted to the challenges I suggest you never ever
  6. Challenges take 10-20 minutes, wave 17 survival takes hours. I find survival very boring, so for me the challenges are more fun and have a chance for 200^ weapons with 100+ stats. Those are fine as long as you don't want to play survival for hours at a time. Getting a party that can do challenges doesnt. And dont get me wrong, im not defending survival, quite opposite, im just saying that it sucks that people are forced to do survival to get high-end gear.
  7. The rewards for nm hc challenges can be good but it is very random and the companion cube is pretty nice too with 120 in all stats. i guarentee that with 3 characters on split i can get a better pet from nmhcmm Deeper Well survival from one run... that doesnt require you to wait around SEVERAL DAYS to get a party thats capable to do few of the harder challenges. And as for the rewards that "can be good", better stuff drops on wave 17+ on any nmhcmm map... The entire nm nc campaign can be beaten with around 800 tower damage and 500-600 in the remaining stats. The only reason you need 1k-2k
  8. Well, no. You shouldn't get survival gear outside of survivals because if you don't want to do survivals you don't need it. So what about people with lives, jobs etc who dont have time to do 10 hours of survival just to get a few pieces of barely decent gear? Are you admitting that this game is only for mindless grinders with no social life? I for one stopped doing challenges very early, as soon as i noticed that the rewards are crap, same goes for the challenges required to unlock costumes... WHY? they dont do a damn thing... well most of em dont, but none of them are really worth the troub
  9. why you even made this rage-infested original post. That. http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198002750055/stats/DungeonDefenders Transcendent Challenge Champion You completed every original Challenge on Nightmare Hardcore difficulty. The gods weep before your awesome might! Unlocked: Mar 24, 2012 11:56am Theres your proof.
  10. Not true at all. Yeah... off topic.
  11. smart. Alot smarter to just sell the crappy cube and use the 200mil to upgrade a random 200+lvl nmhcmm pet which is several times better, and only takes 2 hours to get... and 90% of that you can just afk.
  12. Oh and you don't need amazing gear for all of the challenges. Thats simply not true. Some challenges are easily soloable, yes. But theres atleast 4 of them that require 3 players with 2000+ stats.
  13. That would be impossible cause i ragesold it already.
  14. If they are all 166 why is mine only 106, and i''ve seen people with 200-300+lvl Weighted Companion Cubes, dont tell me they're so easy to hack... And i did look into it... i knew of it's abilities and thought it would be good if the stats are good, which they are not... And my second point still stands, the rewards are still crap for the amount of effort they require.
  15. After days of crying sweat, tear, blood and all possible bodily fluids i finally managed to achieve this achievement... and the reward? 106 lvl crapcube... Thanks Tredny, loving my new wide loose %&hole... And on a side note, all of the rewards from the challenges required to get the cube are utter crap! wth is the point in these insane challenges if the reward is way worse than the gear you need to get it? My desire to keep playing this game is seriously dwindling....
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