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  1. Im still going to get DD2 for PC. I MIOGHT get it when I get a PS4. Well, I'm sure that the nonexistent price tag will make it difficult to decide whether or not to double dip. ;)
  2. Are you asking if they can make PS3 control support for the iPhone version? First of all I don't think that's possible, second of all this is the wrong Forum section. If you're talking about the PC version though... PS3 controllers are not officially compatible with computers. The reason many PC games have Xbox controller support (including DD1) but not PS3 controller support is simply because PS3 controllers don't work on computers. However there are softwares that you can download and install to you computer that do allow Xbox controllers to work on PC. I use motioninjoy. It allows me
  3. I am on the edge of buying a OUYA. If DDII is on it, I will defiantly consider it more. But at the moment, I don't see the OUYA getting very far. A PC can do anything that an OUYA could do. A PC can do anything an Xbox or PS3 can do, but they still exist. OUYA's benefits are basically that it's cheaper (including comes with controller), more open to devs, and is (at least until they update it :/) a stable hardware target. Plus, more games will probably have split screen given it's a device designed to be attached to a TV. Yes, I know that PC is technically more open, but the main storefron
  4. Android was mentioned specifically in the press release, but I didn't see a mention of OUYA. I for one would love to see it there, especially since it would be the only console version available. Obviously with its open nature, frequent updates and free to play are not only supported, but also encouraged. :)
  5. Understandable mistake. It's either "When will I be able to" (subjects before verbs most of the time) or "When can I." Can is a weird verb if you think about it.
  6. Wasn't there a snowy map in the trailer that wasn't released yet? Of something looking like a mansion?
  7. On XBLA, one guy was really nice as I joined an insane game on deeper well starting with a level 1 monk (:p) and he (or she) let me stay until I got off halfway through Magus Quarters. I leveled up 17 times over about an hour. I did put down the occasional aura and was constantly repairing, and I definitely think that my repairs did really help the team.
  8. For people who want a quick way to find better equipment, just look for green dots on the minimap.
  9. Hope you release the Jester after the Barbarian and Series EV, as I love her character design. :) Hope you can come up with some good weapons, towers, and abilities for her. My only concern is that the challenges will have to start giving even more niche rewards. There would have to be even more challenges to have the weapons as rewards. Also, in the trailers, I've seen: 1. a forest map with spiders (squire trailer) 2. a desert map (monk trailer I believe) 3. a grassy map with steampunk-ish floating platforms in the clouds (ps3 trailer I believe) Are those coming out soon?
  10. What does mission mean exactly? A new map? A new challenge? A new sort of mode to play?
  11. Will the Series EV's name actually be "Series EV?"
  12. Will Xbox get these updates as patches too? I haven't had to download any yet...
  13. Also, why don't Xbox users get any exclusives? PC gets Portal gun and TF2 familiars, PS3 gets 4 pets: http://blog.us.playstation.com/2011/10/19/prepare-for-glory-dungeon-defenders-is-available-now-on-psn/
  14. Whatever happened to that forest map that's repeatedly in the trailer? With the Squire lightsaber?
  15. Invisibility is REALLY useful in Monster Fest, or with ogres, especially if a Squire with a fairy or something is just standing there, blocking, taking all the damage and keeping the ogre in place while you pummel it.
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