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  1. That's exactly the point I am trying to make now. the Cap will be reached with C6 orbs already (well 0,04 sec off for most defences, if I finally understood the formular). And that's where the problem will be. If Marks and Medallions can reach the max defence speed then orbs are pointless. I hope trendy will find a possibility that this does not happen. I mean, marks were not in a good spot before, they now really are good, but Orbs kind of feel like they will not have a spot for the future, if stats continue to go up at the same speed. I think a good suggestion would be to make the def speed
  2. Yes. If you want you can check the excel file, you can change the ascension level and will see the differenc in DPS depending on your Ascension level, the -1500 def power from range levels were not taken into account though. At Ascnesion lvl 800 Orbs will already have 33k more DPS average.
  3. Thank you a lot for your post. I have found an error in my calculation and edited the original post at the top. The break even point for most defences is 429-430 Ascension levels right now. I did not put the new increased Crit damage values in my chart yesterday and was doing the calculation with the old crit damage values, this created a massive gap in average DPS. If you had 3% crit chance and no points in crit damage, then the break even point would be at 1308 Ascension levels. If anyone is interested in the maths, I made a very bad excel file for calculating it, which can be found here: ht
  4. I was not getting max values from my Medallion, as I have not had any legendary c5 medallions drop ever yet. rest of the values are the same I got. I am currently at ascension level 269 and my Orb has a 25k lower damage rate than my Medallion. I am using an Orb and Medallion with Def health Def Power and Def Speed, and using Vampirc empowerment, Destruction and attack rate shards on both. I am currently working on an excel file that can do the maths completely exactly although I am currently stuck with the Attack Rate forumlar. Maybe someone can help me here, the forumlar people pointed out in
  5. They ***ed attackspeed totally up. I made a post about it too. Because of different scaling now Orbs are inferior to Medallions in every way, and Marks have been *** but got buffed for a few defences now Orbs got totally obsolete. They do not need to change the gear we got but the way def power scales and give Orbs higher secondary stat values than Medallions.
  6. That was my point. I will put it simply: Before patch Orbs were better than Medallions when you reach ascension lvl 864. Now with different scaling of Defence Power, Orbs will not be better than Medallions until ascension lvl 1308. Only a few hardcore players will ever reach that. Additionally, if scaling stays the same and they introduce Chaos 6 and Chaos 7, the Chaos 6 Orbs will reach the max attackspeed. Chaos 7 Orbs will go over the max and so be useless. Also Chaos 7 Medallions will have enough attackspeed stat to reach maximum attackspeed and have the same attackspeed as Orbs with more D
  7. Within the next two days I will redesign my excel file that states DPS, Attack Damage etc. for all Towers, showing the difference of DPS and damage that Orbs and Medallions have, taking into account the Crits that can come more frequently and everything else, then I will also add Marks to the table and publish it in this thread, so you all can see the difference for each tower. Additionally I am thinking of adding some buttons to allow to chose specific shards for a defence to see which kind of DPS the tower would have with them. This should allow a good visible comparison between Orbs and Med
  8. SHORT DESCRIPTION OF ENTIRE POST FOR THOSE THAT DO NOT LIKE READING: Once you have enough Ascension levels Orbs will become better than Medallions for DPS for almost every Defence. I was originally complaining that the Ascension level at which parity in DPS between Orbs and Medallions is reached, was increased with this patch, which is wrong, I did not consider the massive Crit Damage increase to the DPS change. For Rammsters according to my calculation, Orbs will be stronger at arround Ascension Level 430. (Calculation can be found HERE) I will still make Charts for other Defences, so we
  9. No pitchforks today. :( I can't wait to mess around with the new, improved shard packs. What is everyone else most interested in that's supposed to be coming in this update? Changes to Attackspeed! My Rammster is at 0.57 attackspeed with Orb and almost as good as with a medallion with it. Loving that! I hope that the change to it will make more defences viable and usable! #RAPIDFIREBALISTA (plox <3)
  10. I think it is good they sell them, for the time they introduce more chaos tiers, because new players will otherwise find it so hard to catch up and this gives them a chance to get a headstart for catching up. Right now it does not change anything for us anyway. If I may compare this to the most popular F2P game in the world: LoL - This is like buying an exp boost in lol, except it just helps you gearing up, not actually getting an EXP boost for higher Ascension levels, which outscales shards anyway. I do not see a problem, I see an additional revenue chance for Trendy that can help them make t
  11. The first one is reported and being investigated. The second bug I can't find on our bug site. I'll make sure QA is aware of the bug and try to escalate a fix. [[4370,users]] I am not sure if this has been reported yet so i report this here too: In c5 in the 4th to 5th wave on every map there will be one or two lanes that spawn a single shield geode. I am not sure if this is intended or not. Easy replicable by going on any of the c5 maps and playing to wave 4-5,
  12. While you seem to be stun locked without having an assassin on you, you can still swap heroes. This is my way of working arround it when it happens. Edit: When you swap heroes the stunlock goes away. All you need is two viable heroes for c5
  13. I am currently pretty maxed out with c5 gear and all shards (except for a freaking range shard that simply won't drop for me ever) and I would like to play some C5 in multiplayer trails with others. The problem with that is, that all the time 1 or 2 people join that do not even have propper c1 gear and screw the entire game up by going close to cores when assassins hit them, or going close to ranged defences that are squishy when assassins hit them etc. or just increase the difficulty and have 0 impact on the game. This makes playing multiplayer C5 impossible. You can kick 2-3 people that join
  14. Alright, thx good to know, I love how Trendy is in fact the nicest dev team (en par with the Terraria dev team) I know. Should also have requested that when it happened to me but I did not think they'd do it for everyone. Good to know for future "accidental Y"s tho.
  15. Happened to me on the first day of the new patch. All my collectible pets, all my gold pets and 600 leftover souls of night for buying upgraded terraria weapons gone... Did not bother asking to get it refunded tho, I will get it all back and be the very best poke/petmaster. Anyway, keep us updated on whether you get it back, interesting to know. Also, thanks for creating so much awesome content [[58175,users]]
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