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  1. tbh, I never had any trouble with power surge. I just run around with my squire putting tons of ballistas, coming back to 1rst lane, sell them all b4 they despawn, put some new, rince and repeat. Never had any problems. Obviously they have sploody harpoon shards, destruction and attack range shards, piercing servos, melee boom and attack rate mod, making them beasts that just wreck everything with ease.
  2. I'll have to agree with you on that point, thats kinda the whole point I'm trying to do. I'm gonna add that when I originally did that post, I was beginning mastery and didnt knew about all the bugs and was kinda bothered by them. I learned to go around them and continued. From that point on, my position on the subject evolved, and moved on from the original purpose of the post. It happens. I am not lazy as I am doing those mastery grinds. I don't want to avoid them, they're part of the game. I just want it to be more rewarding. Appart from the hypershards, nothing is worth your time if
  3. The tinkerer dlc was made by a player and not Trendy/Chromatic, but they still charged for it. The content the CDT create is free, and was intended as such. I am myself part of the CDT, and I sure as hell hope trendy wont ever try to make money out of our hard work more than they already do. I wasn't a map designer myself but have been an event host for the CDT for a while, and worked hard to help create fun items to distribute to the playerbase. After CD, like you said yourself only the tinkerer dlc came out because the dude that made akatiti jungle (and moonbase, which were both the results
  4. I do. The problems were from chromatic's server. Nobody could actually play on east of america server most of that day. Don't always assume people are dumb, most of the time when someone take the time to go on the forum to point out something, they did their researches and know enough to not do that kind o mistakes. But since you probably didnt checked the date of the post, I'll update my title to was* instead of is.
  5. the glitches occured on august 13th on east cost of america server
  6. Defenders medals can be easily obtained by playing other mode or doing dailies, making it not worth farming it via mastery. While I personally like gold pets, they're completly useless, aka not worth the grind. As for the hero cards, they can be bought with DM, which is easier and more time effective to far via another mode than mastery itself, making it a useless reward in mastery. Until you give me 1 good reason to return in mastery, other than helping a frieng going through them for the 1rst time, you are and will be wrong. There is some weird people that enjoy pain and they're
  7. Tbh, I didnt failed a mastery challenge in a while since I did that post. Except when I accidentelly sell or upgrade something. But even if I complete them with ease and learned to work around glitches and bugs, its still shit. No medals, no materials, no shards, no golds, no gear, almost no xp. For the "challenge" itself and the time invested the mastery rewards aren't enough. Its long as heck, ans not rewarding. Oh yeah you get those hyper shards, woot. Thats it. Pretty much. There is 21 maps per difficulty. That's 147 maps to run, without considering nobody ever will do them all without hav
  8. I have tons of footages of their objectives glitching. Like mentionned earlier, the diversity challenge doesnt work most of the time. I can build up to 20+ different tower, when I start the wave its pop as failed most of the time for no apparent reason. This is only the one that happen the most. Some other time I have 180 seconds to complete a wave, which I usually finish in 100 max, and even with a countdown of 70+ seconds left it sometimes pop out as failed. Same with 30 sec build phase, sometime I start the map and it auto fails me without waiting a single second. As I said, Im not complain
  9. The problem isnt the setup. Most of the time the build itself is perfect, but their "objectives" glitches all the time and sometimes pop out as failed without actually failing them. I know hypershards are good, but not enough to justify such a pain that is grinding this. Im doing it anyway, cause I want to complete the game 100%, and their challenges arent all "that hard", when they actually work. They dont most of the time, making it more frustrating than difficult to grind it. I dont mind the challenges, but I do mind that their objectives are glitchy and break all the time, almost always at
  10. Title mostly says it all, but I'll explain further. More difficulty, less rewards, bugged and stupid challenges (the diversity challenge doesnt work 33% of the time, I can build 20 different tower and it still gonna show as failed). Seriously, make it more rewarding, cause its not worth grinding. Ever the hypershards arent worth raging on a glitched map that makes you fail for no reason other than a bad programmation.
  11. Its litterally unplayable right now on NA ps4 servers, shops glitches, cant start any game, cannot start a private tavern, I have never seen the game so broken ever. What is happenning?
  12. Its litterally unplayable right now on NA ps4 servers, shops glitches, cant start any game, cannot start a private tavern, I have never seen the game so broken ever. What is happenning?
  13. I just spent hours going through all the stuff and gear I have. I'm sorting my inventory right now, and I have alot of shards, but no "mods" other than the one that have been put on my older gear. I have absolutelly no idea how mods works. Do they drop in maps? Is there meta setups or pretty much anything works? There seem to be mats required to upgrade things, which might be the mods themselves, where those mats/etc drops from? anywhere? Thanks alot for your time and anwser.
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