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  1. yeah my english isn't perfect but that's actually what I was thanking them for. I choosed a key for both ps4 version and the switch version, so when I'm home I'll play on ps4 and when I'm on the go I'll play on the switch, and I've been looking for that on a game for so freacking long. So yeah, I'm happy about that.
  2. I've been a member of this forum since 2012, and got dd1 on ps3 on its launch day. I've grown up with this franchise. I'm 23 years old now, I was about 16 when I started playing and damn was it a good game. Time went on, I played about 3000 hours on ps3, servers went down, I had switched to pc a little bit before that, played another 1000 hours on pc, but it wasnt completly the same game. It was better in alot of points, but I was missing the couch coop part of it. Then they released DD2 on ps4, I got it when it first launched, played a while, until the updates became not worth the grind anymore IMO. So I stopped, after about 2000 hours on ps4. So with a total of 6000+ hours on that franchise, I can say I played alot. Being older now, I play less videogames than before, and my priority changes. I'm expecting my first kid in a couple months from now, in november, and I know for a fact that in a couple of years from now, if the game is well done, I'll be playing DDA with my childrens, enjoying every bit of that nice feeling I had back then playing couch coop DD1. Thanks for making this possible Chromatic. Thanks for everything you're doing. Thanks for making it cross platform. Thanks.
  3. I clicked ps4, but in my pledge I choosed 1 ps4 and 1 switch version of the game. I have both consoles and intend on playing on both consoles (ps4 at home, switch on the go) since they said it would be cross platform.
  4. Make it so its a vote to kick, but host cannot be kicked. Problem solved. If you wanna kick the host you're either A) An a$$hole or B) What the heck are you still doing in a game with an host you'd like to kick? If he's that bad, leave, let him crash and move on. EDIT: Also, to outweight (the fact that sometimes people will come into a game together, outweigthing the host in his own game to screw him up) that, the host's vote should always be worth 2 votes, and in case of equality, win the vote. Votes aren't always about the kick feature. Sometimes the votes are about going back to tavern, going to the next map, etc. A team of 2 freeloaders could always try and choose for the host in that situation. With my suggestion, it'd be impossible for 2 persons to take over a lobby. It would always require the whole lobby (but the host) to vote against him to work. In a situation of an host with 2 players in a game, if the 2 players vote to return to tavern but the host vote to go to the next map, or vice and versa, the host would win (being 2 votes vs 2 votes, in favor of the host). In a situation of an host and 3 players where the 3 players vote for something and the host for something else, the 3 players win, since clearly, the majority of the lobby want something else than the host, and the host shouldnt have a god almighty power. In the case of 2 persons trying to kick another (who isnt the host since he can't be kicked) and the host vote against it, the host win and the person isn't kicked. The only exception to this verry rule would be when the host would himself vote to kick someone, to prevent him of being a douche, in case of equality, he lose. In that situation, if the host try to kick someone but the 2 other people asked to vote vote no, the host loses his vote. This would be the only situation where an equal vote would result in a loss for the host. Like that, it would create a system where in most situation, the well being of almost everyone involved in the lobby would be respected. It wouldn't cause chaos, the host would have a certain power over his lobby for creating it, while the players joining wouldn't be arbitrarily kicked by a bad host.
  5. Alright, this is a ps4 issue, I know we have a ps4 section of the forum, but since it is wildly ignored by the devs, I'm posting this here. I was one of the ps4 player who already had done all the achievement required to unlock the first batch of trophies. The thing is, they weren't retroactive. You had to trigger them. So would easily trigger by doing a part of the so call achievement so the game realise that you done it, some were harder to trigger, aka had to do the whole achievement all over again (lvling 4 morecharacters to 50 when I already lvled more than 30 characters to that level since I started playing). The thing is, some trophies are untriggerable. I tried many ways, but the flamethrower trophy, the electric aur trophy, and the canonball tropht wont trigger, even tough I made the achievements on them. I tried doing it all over again, it wont trigger either. The trophy states 5,000,000 dammage with the flamethrower, wich is easily done by a single flamethrower in C1, but the trophy wont trigger. Same happen with canonballs and LSA. It is kinda disapointing that the players who started playing the game before the trophies came out are disavantaged about the trophies. I hope something will come to patch this.
  6. bumpidy bump for the people who havent claimed their prizes. I know this post has been afk for a while, but since someone just asked me his prizes after a while, I tought I could give it some visibility for the remaining winners, and also easier to find.
  7. Alright folks, I stopped playing a while back because Trendy was just nerfing everything to useless, tought I'd come back with the change into chaos tiers, but it made it worse for me so I just left, and anyways I got my hands on a switch and zelda and that kept me busy for a good 2 weeks. Anyway, I'm here today to share my experiences. Before leaving the game, I still had some medals/gem sleeping in my game, so I tought, why not make some test of % of drop rate of the used to be rare shards. The range shard was one almost impossible to get shard dropped from C1, back then, but now I sae on the wiki it now dropped on C3. And so, I bought 250 C3 shards. (50 packs of 5) with the remaining gems/medals I had. At first, I've wanted to do a 100 shards buying to have a clear % (the number/100). But then I tought maybe 100 wasnt a large enough scale to properly test the %. On the first 20 packs (100 shards) I got 2 deadly strike shards. Wich is a 2% drop rate. On the other 20 packs (next 100 shards) I also got 2 of them, wich kept me thinking it was a 2% drop rate. 4 shards out of 200, makes sense to me. But then, on the last 50 shards, I got 4 more of them (3 being in the same single 5 shards pack) wich made me "WOAH" out loud. That single 50 shards part was 8% dropping overall. but if we take all 250, with the number of deadly strikes I got, its 8/250, wich translate to 3,2% chance of getting the shard. Again, this isnt 100% accurate, it was only from my own experience of testings. But it sums up pretty much how rare this shard is still. Good luck on your farming journey guys, I might as well count up the one I got the most, just to check. Imma update this if I do.
  8. You dont. That's it. You can't farm gold. They want you to use you well earned medals to upgrade your stuff, so they can nerf them later, and then release a new class that beat all the other ones, so you can buy it with gems, since you spent all your medals on useless upgrades :/ That's called marketing. Bad and dirty marketing, but marketing. The more you'll spend times and money on this gamez the more they'll punish you. And, there is a strong chance that if you dont buy the class that is powerfull when its comes out, and then buy it later because you find out that one tower is powerfull, there is a strong chance that it'll be nerfed less then a week after your purchase. Anyhow, good luck farming gears that will be scraped one way or another sooner or later (most probably sooner)
  9. Still, we're talking about an hard incursion, I'm geared in NM4 and C4 gears. Not like I really didnt have the Ipwr if it was really still a thing.
  10. They are useless now, everybody knows it, but we have to do them for weeklies. Tough, after the last hotfix I went and tried starting an incursion (power surge) to go and do my weekly, only to find out a freacking message popping out that I dont have the required Ipwr (wich doesnt even exist anymore) to start the map, and it does this to every singles incursions, so I cant do my weekly, wich is really disapointing as it probably wont be patched befoee the next weekly to come, so I wont get my medals. Kinda sad now about that "hotfix". Hopefully next patch will come with great stuff for once...
  11. They're HUGE towers. FANTASTIC TOWERS EVEN! And Your walls are HUGE , Perfect. Mobs can't even phase through them ! They're HUGE towers. FANTASTIC TOWERS EVEN! And Your walls are HUGE , Perfect. Mobs can't even phase through them ! Even better yet, the monsters will pay for it, costing no defense units at all!!!
  12. That´s why I´m keeping it a secret what my new awesome towers are;) Great strategy. But they are not dumbs, to be sure to nerf your build, they'll nerf every single towers, just to be sure you dont beat NM5 and that you'll buy their next class that will be needed to beat the game on higher difficulties.
  13. Not only this update was lame, but I didnt got my daily today, the timer resetted without adding any new mission. x.x I tried giving it a go a keep trying to find other ways to play but they just ruined everything, I'm uninstalling the game. Sad day Trendy.
  14. This patch is the lammest they ever did.
  15. Pachi is right. The druid is still the best class for when the siege engine bugs out in spawn. I really really hope this is sarcasm ahahah, because having a class on the only goal of killing glitched ennemies is super lame ahahaha.
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