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  1. Hello, Im looking for NM4 group. I'm stuck at nm3 and can't find people playing nm4. So if you can and want help me leave a comment. Thanks
  2. Hello everyone I want sell Blaster, time to move on. Let the games begin! Accept Coal Cubes Thanks C/O:
  3. I'm Dying, save me, selling me your howling werewolf.
  4. Cmon guys dont let me die on the beach! Sell me your howling werewolf. :)
  5. Cmon Guys i only need 1 :D
  6. Hey everyone Just like title says i want buy Howling werewolf . I pay in cubes. Show me what you have, and tell me your price :) Thanks
  7. Thanks for your bibs Auction is closed Making contacts now!
  8. Ending Date changed to day 9 C/O updated Thanks for Bid
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