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  1. I get SOME of the appeal of these weapons and I have an 84^ for 78 that I want to mess with. But how much projectile speed should I use for just doing mistymire first wave and endless spires and general play?
  2. I snagged an 84^ for 78. I'm not beyond trading it by the way . But how should I upgrade it? Or should I say....how much projctile speed do you guys use?
  3. Some guy was blabbing earlier that there will be a new patch SOON with new armor. Any truth to this? If it helps..he was a know it all and a very annoying one...but I hadn't heard of a patch soon...or any scheduled patch. But I dont have a news feed subscribed or anything of that sort.
  4. Joining my game with terrible music blaring. Being annoying. Letting your area go down. Not listening. Being named XXKushalldayXX420XX. Telling me how to play the game. Having a childs voice and not knowing it. Kicked me in the past when we both know..I do more DPS than you.
  5. I'm with you personally. It's too...Flighty..lol. I actually put that genie on you gave me yesterday. I am going to name him Samuel L. Jackson. I was just putting this here for anyone who had done tests..like opening 100 chests with random gear...lucky gear..and normal gear.
  6. Does having a matching set of godly lucky or epic lucky or whatever actually make a difference in the chest drops on insane/insane plus? Does it matter who you loot the chests with? (DPS hunteress, tower squire...etc) Does the armor have to have any specific things..I have heard all kinds of nonsense...It can't have negative stats..it has to have at least 15 upgrades. It all sounds like BS to me..lol. I LOVE the idea of a Diablo-esque magic find system. I wish it wasn't hidden.... if it even does exist. I just came back from a VERY long break and I don't want to sell some crappy 10
  7. Just came back to the game after a very long break...I had the best of everything and now everything I have is crap. I need advice on the tower health to attack ratio you guys use for Squire Monk Huntress In that order of importance. I seem to be unable to build anything for Insane+ at the moment...and am currently gearing and leveling up to 74. XP isn't an issue..but knowing the correct tower health to tower attack for my gear ratio is. Thanks
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