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  1. I had a very nice katana ;) (no screen shot ;c) With about 1,4k base dmg, 251^ and 100+ in every hero stat ;) Love it <3 But things like this have a really really low drop rate :(
  2. Hey Guys, here is my question: What are the differences about the 'Different Heroes from the DLC'!? What i mean: I heard thinks like this: -The Countess Tower have 20% less TowerHP but 20% more TowerDMG! -The Initiate moves faster than the Monk -The Huntress Traps are more powerfull than the Traps of the Male-Huntress (dont know right name) --> Are these right, and if not, what are the differences, it would be very very nice if one of you could say me the differences about ALL the Heros ;) Thanks and Greets ;) BTW: This is no discussion, this is a information thread ;
  3. the enemy drain buffs towers? i thought it slows enemies? O
  4. Thanks for all your tips and answers, ist really helped me ;)
  5. Ok thanks, but the buff of the initiate needs the builder of the Towers, and whats When the builder swaps to DPS then the initiate buff is useless!?
  6. Okay guys, thanks for your answers ;) But i am not sure about taking Monk or initiate, what would you prefere?
  7. I know that everyone is a Supporter in the later waves, but i thought about a better/Perfect one which is specialiced to be a Real Support, with a gear upgraded on Casting Rate and the abilitys (Monk) :) I really Love it to play as a Support, thats why i asked ;) So do you think its worth it to make such a Hero with a Casting Rate Gear? ;) and i would prefer Monk because of the buff, but which; initiate or Not al?? :D
  8. Hey, yesterday, while i was playing survival, i had a idea, my idea is; "what about a support in dungeon defenders"?? What i mean with support: -> A Hero (i thought about monk/initiate) who would run over the map, repairing and upgrading and maybe buff the towers (thats why i would say monk is best for that) -> So the hero would need Hero Casting Rate and good stats on the two abilitys, and also run speed and health would help too i think -> A Guardian to buff the towers? My Questions: -> What do you think about my idea, would it be a nice help for hard levels
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