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  1. put 3 auras each stairs ( green blue yellow ) , drop 1 inferno 1 gaz on each stairs also , put a Ev wall on each stairs. now put a 4DU buff on each stairs traps buffing the walls and traps , use remaining 12 DU for 2 6 du Buff beans from center stair to left and from center to right , fill those 2 buff beans with archers and mages , I do on each end of Buff bean 3 archers 1 mage side by side then 2 archers on midle for wyverns , its tottly afkable from 13 to 25
  2. Its a suggestion not a bug , the thing about resists should happen cause most types i upgrade gear enter nightmare to see a,d come back to tavern to know if i have to upgrade more each one or not .
  3. Today was speaking with my friend about this , there hanst been any update on patches nothing new , no new maps /dlc annouced , seams like DD is ending
  4. or make a butons on ui called loot all myths Loot all transcendents loot all Supremes Loot all Ultimates could even be on forge, at the end of round you go to forge and loot all of a type then you sort in your forge.
  5. There could also be quest/achievements like , clear all game with just an class , or without using a specific defense. Yes i agree with a quest system has a way of fun when you have something to do , and a way of fixing gear progression.
  6. All this game kinda needs is a fixed drops ( quality types ) so if i want myths i farm level 1 2 3 if i want myths i farm level 4 5 6 if i want trans 7 8 9 etc etc , so i know where they drop
  7. Can you make Traps and auras on same level of importance to upgrade ? Because when i have traps inside auras i cant ( by default ) upgrade the auras For example i use a Djinn pet so i'm inside auras spaming 5 click 5 click 5 click and it only targets the traps , if i have more then 1 trap will upgrade trap 1 trap 2 trap 1 trap 2 but never the loggic way Trap 1 > Trap 2 > Aura 1 > Aura 2 > Aura 3 then back to Trap 1 it goes only to Traps only when they are maxed with 3 stars it lets me upgrade auras . i know i can move to side or move the mouse and click outside the traps or even press + or - to swap defence , but imo they should have same importance.
  8. There is a thing in Dungeon Defenders that always pissed me off. till i started nightmare wasn't really something i noticed but when i started doing Nightmare it came to me. Lets face it we know the game is a bit broken , gear progression isn't linear. so what was my idea when i beaten Glitterhelm Caverns in Insane ? let me start from deeper wells in Nightmare. It's the The first map. This was when only shards 1 was available , i enter Deeper Wells and i couldn't build spiders kept webbing me and the ogre was immortal ! After checking forums i found i could farm ES with 3 Deadlys and so i started getting myths and mana. But whats my point ? my point is that nightmare drops to much crap . i mean whats the use of a epic leather chest with 10 hero hp and 5% fire resist ? In my opinion when you enter nightmare you should get the best godlys and low tier myths. ofc playing in Hardcore would provide 5% better quality . but still wouldn't drop torn or epic gear. This would kinda help breaking into nightmare would be hard yes but you knew in nightmare you would get Myths !!!!! or superb godlys witch would let you get to the 300 400 mark. so by the time you get to summit you would have around 900 1000 stats. I'm talking in a linear path of game progression not survival. also the nightmare bosses are to hard for a a progression player. maybe a diferent way of unlocking Survival ? maybe a mana Cost , you pay 100m and you unlock Survival on that Map ( each map would be more expansive and not including shards maps ), or beat all previous surv maps to wave 15 ? Then Comes Shards Maps has you get to Summit you would be in 1k range able to farm till queen and get a bit better gear in order to kill her and farm survival , but the point here really is progression path, what if i dont wana do Survival ? then there is no way for me to clear all game content !! and we kinda know the gear to kill bosses drop after you kill it . Mistymire Nightmare Harcore should drop good tier Myths leting you get to 1600 1800 stats Moraggo Desert Town Harcore should drop good high tier Myths and low tier Trans letting you get to 2200 2600 stats Aquanos Harcore should drop good tier Trans and low tier Supremes leting you get to 2800 3100 stats Sky City Harcore should drop good tier Supremes and low tier Ultimates leting you get to 3100 3500 stats I'm Talking Campaign which means survival would let you get higher stats on each map. I don't mind having to farm gear, but doing wave 30 of sky city and watching drop epic and godly and myths is kinda boring , its boring to farm a map all survival every day and get only 1 piece that will upgrade 1 of your chars and by 30 40 points ( that costs like 2 3b mana to upgrade ) So i think Trendy should change a bit their looting system , i Don't want easy gear make me run each map like 50 times to max the stats i can get form there but not the broken system of luck were 1 gets high stats and others either farm everyday and don't get lucky or they buy overpriced items. Also was talked on Forums a loot filter which i don't know if was from official sources or is just a rumor , but a loot filter would be awesome cause its so funny to make maps with 3k stats and see tons of greens with 40 50 stats. Also something that could be done is a better Reward system, let each map give an item , it sucks killing each boss from original campaign and it gives gear that not even my insane chars could use. also to many maps reward weapons , this game inst based on hero damage , has its scaled down in nightmare , so let me farm a map and get decent myths . Also a Action house System would Rule !!! Random is Random but the random seed has to be fixed on each map providing a linear progression.
  9. Maybe Today or Tomorow im gona do Aquanos NM HC cause my friend lost everything on his acount . so if your online then you can come . add me Syn3sth3s14 to steam . On second side note has a dps your goal is 90% generic 66%+ on rest , then is hero hp , hero hp is more important then hero dmg , its no use to hit for 9087120937109371092371 when you die in 1 hit better do 5000 dmg and stay alive forever. has for boss with summoner is much easier to do secure all your cristals with auras harpoons and buff beans, use minions on all cristals Has for boss there is a easy way , setup a place with a buff bean , and str drain + healing aura. Get a squire with a dps pet , a seahorse from aquanos or a monkey ( insane hc are really good with 400 stats even ) and 100% block , just jump around boss killing tentacles but when your low hp put your back facing a wall and block till 100% hp Hince rinse repeat
  10. I Didn't bother to read previous posts , xp works like this at the end of each wave all players/chars get a fixed amount of xp wich is the same to everyone . then each player gets some extra points for bonus things they did , like killing 1 or last mob , not dieing etc. then for last there is the multipliers wich grabs the score you did and multiplies by 1.3 . the multipliers are no core dmg , no player dmg , and only used weapons .
  11. buy a chinese controller i got 2 in 1 cable for like 10 euros and works like a charm , ive been running kings game nm hc MM from wave 8 to 20 i get more then 30m xp and tons of mana
  12. You speak of wow , in wow there is no pure dps char , they all bring beneficts to the raid , either by buffs or debuffs.
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