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  1. You can add "Da Pink Panzer" to your legit list. Used to be dodgy2 but got wasted and - lo and behold - managed to change my gamer tag LOL.
  2. I used to have a 9 year old, but he starved to death once they introduced level 90.
  3. Managed to complete Glitterhelm after 2 bottles of Bordeaux, 2 grams of Afghan's finest and with closed eyes. Just shows that if you play legit and level up on Glitterhelm long enough eventually your behavioral patterns will no longer require cognitive associations
  4. For a $15 game, to even get a platinum is big enough, but to have hundreds if not thousands of hours of gameplay is a huge deal. No other game I have played offers this kind of depth. There is no other game I have a plat for (over a year ago) that i still play. I have to concur. Only one other game on XBox has given me this much fun for so long and that was Civilization (which I also played for years on the PC back in the early 90s). But there is some amazing level 90 armor out there, had a 120 upgrade plate vest just before the last corrupt. We should really get an Insane+ Glitterhe
  5. Hi there Cap, there are some non-Trendy events around, but community is about 10% of what it was last year. Games gone a bit stale and the updates haven't improved the game as such. The Sky City DLC was a complete disaster, but Insane+ added a new challenge.
  6. Glitterhelm on Insane gives 2.3 million a round or 5 million on Insane+. But not as much if you are a tower squire (1.5m or 3m respectively). Best option is to plug in an extra controller with a dps squire tucked away with a laser bot pet, while building with the other squire. Once dps squire is level 90 change to a tower squire. Mistymire only works with no towers.
  7. As regards Legendary/Godly, it's a bit strange. Godly appears to have a slight advantage for DPS since it often comes with high resistance stats. Legendary/epic usually has the best tower stats, not godly. Another tip is to play an Insane+ game before buying your bonus XP from the Inkeeper. At level 78 you will earn an extra 8 Million xp, not to be sneezed at.
  8. well, i know it DOES but how good lol Best I've had was a 120 upgrade plate chest piece. So yes you can get some seriously good Insane+ items. Just not many old school players left to show it off to :( Public games are impossible given the amount of modders and the risk of corruption. End up playing solo 90% of the time. I have no intention of renewing my XBox Gold subscription when this expires.
  9. It's a sad fact of life on XBox that it's all in Microsoft's hands. There are only 2 ways of avoiding this situation: 1. Microsoft need to police their own subscribers. They have done this once a couple of years ago and banned 1 million accounts in a sweep. But from their perspective it's bad business sense and results in a revenue fall to the tune of $60 million annualized. So not likely to happen in the conceivable future. To convince Microsoft to police individual games is a rare occurrence, but they did actually do it for a month Jan/Feb 2012. Maybe they'll do it again? 2. Develop a g
  10. A free bottle of Head & Shoulders might lure me. But best way to clean most of us up would be to check us into the Betty Ford.
  11. It's been a great year, but getting corrupted and then having to do Glitterhelm another 300 times has made it all a little stale. Sky City was a huge letdown and the lack of xp on Aquanos has forced an eternal cycle of damnation in the pits of Glitterhelm. It has been fun, a great legit community and vastly playable (only XCOM compares). I'll still hang around and play sometimes and hope Trendy have learnt how from their mistakes and realise what a great and playable concept they originally conceived.
  12. Tower only, Mistymire or Glitterhelm. Insane+. Must be all 4 classes and only pets and special skills allowed. No melee weapons. You might have to halve the spiders to make it playable.
  13. "If your from Spain then I'm pretty sure wouldn't even be able to connect to U.S. for the events anyway. Someone correct me if I'm wrong though." People can connect from anywhere in the world for events. But for some reason Trendy only use something called EST instead of the internationally accepted GMT. So nobody but yanks have a clue when it is.
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