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  1. Fine, I've received KS rewards, thanks a lot! Now, what about another pre-order rewards? I mean the prestigious edition rewards. Also, what about Soundtrack, Strategy Guide and "Thanks" Credit?
  2. Hello, everyone! Everytime i have one problem: My game still crash. Take my screen, logs and *mdmp files. Please help. https://rapidshare.com/files/360439666/Photo__logs__mdmp_files.zip
  3. It's very difficult :( It not escape.
  4. Yes, i complete glitterhelm. I check statistic. I completed all levels on Insane...
  5. Hello, trendy! Today i played this game and complete all levels on insane, but in last second in tavern my game crashed. And it all. I'm not have achievement and no have award in tavern. Look: http://steamcommunity.com/id/mrdeinos/stats/DungeonDefenders?tab=achievements I'm not have To The Lofty Summit, Dungeon Defender, The Crown of the Beast and Dungeon Raider Please, need help!
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