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  1. Fellow Consolers! Mistymire Hard Pure Strategy What I have; .................. My rough stats (Health/Attack/Rate/Radius) - Trap build :huntress: .......... 220 / 160 / 100 / 80 - Aura build :monk: .......... 210 / 150 / 100 / 80 - Tower build :squire: ........ 140 / 230 / 110 / 80 - Tower Build :apprentice: ....... 140 / 160 / 90 / 80 - :apprentice: Guardian, preferably on one of your build characters or one built for boosting towers DPS (mine doubles the towers damage) *This build you will not be able to AFK, I do not believe in making AFK guides* [SIZE=4]Build Phase [/SIZE] Q: do these stats correlate exactly across XBLA? B/C I have a tower squire w/ maxed GEP armor, and I don't have any tower stat coming close to 200... I can only give 70 XP per category, so I'd need to have another 130 from somewhere and it seems impossible, though maybe I'm just not getting the same quality of armor as others?
  2. Hi, I have a 4GB console with a 250GB HDD and I was moving stuff around and had my backup file and my regular file separated, then tried to play DD and selected the 4GB device (which had the backup file) and I got a prompt that said my save was corrupted. I went back and realized, put them together, but now none of my heroes show up. Can I get them back at all? :( --oj.
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