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  1. Shocked aswell! I just feel a little bit worried about all the heroes and stuff, I never bought any DLC on the PS3, but I did bought the "Complete Package" on steam... so... As long as you release a "Complete DLC" or something like that, I WILL HIBERNATE! BTW... We KNOW the first 8 heroes...
  2. Totally agree on every aspect, but maybe instead of pro mode make the spending mana thingy 10 times faster, or the invet all option. In the other hand, i might have moved to PC, but my internet sucks and local on PC sucks, so I play on console. I want console to have every GAMING aspect, not all outfits,maps,weapons and stuff like that. The only thing Im asking for is... Fix towers Fix XP Fix Freezing Harder difficulty And patience to be able to wait.
  3. Awesome, bought all dungeon defenders 50% off and they welcome me to PC by giving the jester for free, just awesome. Good job trendy!!
  4. Have to agree, not that expert on summoner, but it really helps alot firstly with minions then with overlord.
  5. Paintolat we gotta play on pc!!!!!!!!
  6. Thanks to twin method for being the best today, had a blast with her!
  7. If my steam username is XxJumbiexX, Why when I play a ranked match my ID appears as Jumby2996, which is my mail but without @hotm......?
  8. Another question guys; I bought the complete pack of all DD items, this thingy had the QFTLES separated, does this mean I wont get the Nightmare mode? Or will I get it and thanks for the response on the difference.
  9. Title says it, what is the difference from this two on PC?
  10. Because on day I will play on PS3 ;)
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