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  1. Time preferment would be 7-8pm if you guys could if not it okay User name: MRmor3mo13
  2. I just want to say i would buy the DLC only to play With my friend and i knew that their wasn't a exact reward in the new dlc they said it was going to be random weapon drops If you see on the Patch note above
  3. I just wish you took the time to actually proof read what you are saying. make my day
  4. You sent me a broken link. I am still yet to get one that works. Change your avatar while you're at it please.ok I when to sleep I will show you later
  5. There is no need for that. Please PM it to me. i already did that like 3weeks ago and you didn't do nothing
  6. And im going to put a big picture of the menssage you send me saying you will start duping it for everyone
  7. First I don't do it on purpose. I know a lot of ppl that as soon they know the item they got r dupe they trade it I'm done trading like that. When I make a lobby n ppl want that item I'll tell them it's legit or don't know n if I'm 100% it's dupe I'll tell them but I'll still trade it to them if they want it. Then I'll say trade at ur own risk then they still accept the trade I'm fine. N Ur clean soda was already dupe, then I got it. But this is ur second time doing this. Like i said everyone will get one when the patch comes outorealy who had the clean soda I did see them oyea I saw one in my
  8. Then I would never trade everyone will dupe but you like to give dupe weapon like you dupe my ex clean soda
  9. Then don't trade. I do not trade on console, ever. that obious because you have everyting you want already
  10. you suppose to post on the Official SUPER Events Feedback Thread
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