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  1. Totally agree. Loot changes were intended to reduce the grind, now they just reset all grind for everyone so you have to do it again. Analogous to setting everyone's characters to level 1 because *** you.
  2. Sent a support ticket. I don't usually record video and it'd be a hell of a lot of video to capture to not actually see anything. 3 waves can be no where near barricades, one huntress standing near towers, we'll get a crystal under attack warning with the crystal on 10%hp, see a lady orc has teleported behind a wall of impenetrable freezes then lose. It was not visible previously, took no damage and must have nocliped through the entire map. Another variant I saw was a lady orc on about 150k hp, did the crystal down to 10% hp, we DPSed it down immediately but it stopped at 10k hp and wouldn't
  3. Does pet stat rolling even work? Every time I try it it says its given me the new one but the pet doesn't change at all.
  4. I'm end game, 720+ with 6 characters in NM4 GOD incursion. Since the last patch I've had 10+ games where we're absolutely fine with minions miles way from any barricade, then suddenly a lady orc appears on our crystal and 1 shots it. There is literally a wall of freeze towers in front of the crystal that she teleports behind, after either being invisible for the last 30 seconds and noclipping through a wall and defences, or nocliping through the entire map. Lobbies have gone from a 95% success rate to about 30% because if this ever happens at random, you lose. Can we get a hotfix please, I'd r
  5. ....Lost connection to host. There's little point giving us new content when you don't fix the general errors like the half a second lag, timing out issues and general laglaglaglaglag. It was okay in 2002 when I was playing CS on a 1MB connection, but now on 100MB and its worse? Please upgrade whatever infrastructure is running your networking for this game.
  6. Because it's totally impossible to get a real live person to help you. Why does it seem to be so taboo to have one or two maps out of dozens that requires multiple people to complete in a game that's specifically designed to be more enjoyable in a group? There's more to the game than just playing solo, folks. //Not saying the map is great- but shooting down something on the basis that it requires more than one player is silly. What if Trendy makes the absolute most epic TD map you can imagine, but it is totally unfeasible to clear solo? Are you going to whine that you can't solo it, or are
  7. When not facing myself to farm gloves(which takes 10 min by the way), when facing off against real people it takes about 20 maybe 30 min. Don't think that's a billion years. Reason why it may take you forever on NM is because your not properly geared for it. My barbarian + tornado stance and I still one shot most people(besides the people who are more geared then me and squires). So to be honest if you don't have the gear you shouldn't be in NM(I love when I see people below 74 join a NM match thinking they can do it, when without resists your screwed and no one upgrades gear below myth an
  8. Just fought a barb with a larger range than me, no projectile lag, insanely higher damage [even though on 'normal' id have more dps], double health with worse hp stat, shield, way faster run, like triple attack speed..... yup must be balanced.
  9. .... Are you serious? 120 points, having less than 4 players takes a billion years, esp on NM. If you don't host you can't win because you get kicked if you get close. I joined a game with someone on 80 points, I overtake him to 110-100, he kicks me. I get 0 reward and he wins because he is host. I try and host, the few people that join look at stats and decide if they will win or not. If they can't, they leave. Did you honestly think this would work, ever? Ever? EDIT: Oh and the irony, the way to complete this is to buy another controller. Epic.
  10. This is impossible to win as any ranged character... you have the same range as a squire or barb, but get 1 shotted.
  11. You know, I'm really glad there are a decent number of sensible people in this community. Its a shame its being tarnished by the minority though. Ps I ONLY have 45% [after set bonus] on generic, the rest are like 33/34ish iirc. The point of the thread is that with the resistance increase, I could have had it down at 41/42, and the rest at 35/36. This would lead to maybe a 30% reduction in damage taken in NM? No point having decent stats if you get pwned by a poison/fire ogre.
  12. well i dont know if you can hack exacly the amount of stats you desire otherwise i would just be curious why they dont hack items with some negative that doesnt matter so to have a not perfect set but impossible to detect this thing really bothered me since i started to see those 50% resist x4, its to easy to make a top items but not possible to be pointed out as hacked... so to answer your question, either: 1) its possible to hack but not so deep 2) hackers are basically idiots and most of them dont have a clue about the game mechanics of DD 2) would also explain why he mad
  13. i love how people complain about any nurf and any buff, people on this forum complain about everything. re-specking armour would be impossible to balance properly, it would be the biggest mana sink and take away a lot of need for looking for new armour. good idea in theory but in practice, people would still end up complaining about it, "it costs to much to upgrade" "it doesnt cost enough" your 90% sets are still 90% sets, they are still JUST AS GOOD AS THEY WHERE BEFORE. they just made it easier to get 90% sets in NM My set is worse than the same set with only 1 upgrade done, becau
  14. Dogie, unfortunately there is a witch hunt going on where everyone accuses everyone else of having hacked gear. There is nothing you can do about it because unless somebody has gear that is >= to yours then they are going to throw around baseless accusations. Sorry about that bud but I guess the best you can do is ignore it. As far as armor respec goes, it has been asked a few times before. I don't think it's possible because the current system does not save prev stats on equipment. I'm not saying I wouldn't be a fan of TE implementing some kind of system, but I'm not a programmer so I'm
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