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  1. Yes it will stay like this, Monk will be in our decks and it's fine. You can also play with friends who will have Monk instead of you in deck so what is actually the problem? You use monk anyways for skyguard always... and if you don't you do it wrong xD
  2. TL;DR After Moraggo Desert every staff had hero damage elemental scaling. I was the first person to find it and use it on daily basis, even if many ppl knew this, YOU are the first dumb enough to post it and ruined your own build. Anyways best staff for this is Djinn Eye coz of circle pattern. And congratulations for finding it after half a year from Moraggo release :D
  3. Tavernkeep sold your equipment while you was away saving the world, all he cares about is money for himself so there you have it :D
  4. I'd like codes for friend who doesn't own game yet and he missed summer sale while laying on beach in hell knows where and getting sunbath :D
  5. Dingle would explain it with details. What I will say that Godly = Mythical. I found this "flower staff" Godly that has 220^ and two stats near 360, 100 others, 2 negatives.
  6. Dingle you are one and only perfect "explainer" of this game and I give you thumbs up, but Trans and Supreme Armorparts I dropped on survivals back then in days on Moraggo and Aquanos had overcapped stats easily in one or two stats (never three), like 490x2 for Transes and 550+(x2) for Supremes. Ultimates I never farmed so can't say much about them except what you said = 600 stat is softcap. Not mentioning weapons which tends to really often get some overcaps in stats.
  7. You should try Heroes of Newerth. I swear, some of those people are just indescribably stupid. At least 50% of my games there will be at least one person who's constantly complaining about everyone else, while playing worst of us all. If people on a LAN acted towards me like some people do online, I would most likely get so mad that I'd find them, crush their computer and then their face. Possibly crush their face with their computer. Yeah, that sounds good. It's so incredibly infuriating.. As far as I have played MOBA genre games it's like this in every one and each of them tbh. No matter i
  8. Not sure about Easy but for example when we were playing Insane or Nightmare boss due to it's mechanics of landing where he only wants (his original map don't have any holes) was also landing where there was nothing underneath him, but instead of dying he was teleported back on some place where he could normally stand, never died this way, not sure also if he even lost HP like that, didn't payed attention.
  9. If I could give feedback about DD then it would be like this: Problem 1: Game is strategic to high extent, INCLUDING the way you farm things, won't reveal exact data on it but it all comes down to certain equimpent mixing, smarter players gets lots more badass eq than usual farming player. As example with team I always farmed with we were able to upgrade from mythical to transcendent sets on main characters with certain needed stats in just a week or two, same goes for supreme, ultimate we skipped. How to fix: Implementing loot filter will fix it to some extent. Problem 2: Too much hackers o
  10. There is also annoying part where you need to rebuild things all the time. Legs-phase makes aura go down and is useless there, belly-phase does same for going up to head and after kicking head some all buildings are gone. This is the reason I take Monkey on this fight instead of Cat coz monkey kills mobs while I rebuild 2 blockades on my sides so I don't get thrown away so easily with bugged head-battle hand swing. If comes to my blockade technique it needs rebuilding EVERY hand swing pretty much xD
  11. Here it is, get ready to stare at the beauty of you lives.... Okaaaay... I'm staring at it... still staring... nope, I decided my tastes about stats on sword are far different. I will also skip posting screens of EtherGS I dropped in many runs of Crystalline :D Nonetheless awesome congratulations, will do wonders on dps char, shame you didn't got it by dealing with the boss though.
  12. Love that sheild! Take it that its from cd? Yup, his entire accessory combo is from CD. Way to go to mine level though :*
  13. Queen Erza Scarlet decided to join the fun :D My purple accessory combo. My demonic red combo with cute red cupid. Same but with sword I normally use now (forgot about UI but whatever). Side view on my crystalline claws.
  14. False alarm, forgot those skills use different skill slots -.- stupid game is stupid. Other counterparts uses same slots I believe...
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