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  1. Hey, I'm fine with a simple reply. I never even heard of DDDK. If I had, that would have been great. I never insulted him, I asked him to improve. But I'm just glad to know that's why. I wasn't sure. I'm just glad I didn't pay for anymore DLC then what was needed to see that the Devs are incompetent and don't know how to stop rampent hacking and abusing, glitching and broken gameplay. They still haven't balanced anything, so I have no problem leaving this game. Biggest waste of money since DNF.
  2. Pay for it? Are you on drugs? It's free, well, was when I got it, also, I asked a forum mod about using it on Open servers, and they said there was no problems, because of the fact you can't unlock or earn anything on Open servers. Also, please improve your english skills before replying to me again. Well, there you go, now it costs money. I would never pay money for a program like that. That's just stupid. Back when I got it, it was free. (I have Version 2.3.0)
  3. I've been VAC banned aswell. The only 3rd party software I had for this game was Grandeu, which was only used in Open servers to assist in leveling my items so I could see (Without wasting a day leveling a 200^ piece of gear) if it was better than what I currently had equiped. Is this program the reason people have been VAC banned?
  4. any one try elemental weapons? since he can hold 2 you can cover 2 different elements and elemental dmg scales higher then reg dmg as well as being able to add 120 points into something other then hero attack and dose the tornado stance (think that's the right stance haven't really played with him yet) lower just your hero attack damage or both hero attack and elemental damage I tried it just now It doesn't scale with Hero damage, it doesn't scale with the bonuses you get when using Battle Pound or Battle Leap. It doesn't scale with Hawk Strike, it's damage scales down when using Tornad
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