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  1. Helloooo... everybody! What I miss? I remember 200^+ weapons were the bomb, but I bet everyone has one now, huh. Any new events, patches, DLCs? I basically got rid of the game a few months back so now I don't know a thing. How about new godly weapons, event stuff, etc. And where my vets at? :p I know some of you guys are still here.
  2. me liek. I don't think I have what you want, but I'm going to ask anyway : What do you want for it?
  3. Here's another piece of info for the cause of the OP. Elemental dmg does not even scale with hero dmg stat. Base dmg from weapons scale very well with hero dmg though. Therefore weapons with more than 40 upgrades and a hero level of 70 should always go base dmg. Why go elemental with no stat scaling and only be able to kill 3/4 of enemies. Bottom line is if your under Hero level 70 sure play with elemental, but if your 70 and above its stupid not to go base dmg. "very well" Did you even look at my formula? It works for every class, and is pretty accurate, with maybe a 6% margin. Like I
  4. With Triton's War Glaives and 270 Hero Damage, elemental STILL does more damage, since, you know, Tritons base damage upgrade caps at 102 per up.
  5. Well I have had DD since day 1 of release not that it matters. Your argument for elemental is solid but its not relevant anymore therefore making you wrong as well. How can you argue it "was" viable to run elemental when everyone's playing DD "now" 4 DLC's and patches later. Only thing elemental is good for now is a mana weapon. Thats it. Anybody else? 1. He's not wrong, he said elemental WAS viable, he never said it still is. Re-read his post pl0x. 2. You just disproved yourself. Elemental has always sucked. GG no re. 3. Elemental amongst level 74s is still great, specifically for
  6. Guys you realize this was made April 2012, as in, LAST YEAR. Mod's gonna close this, I think.
  7. I don't know how long you've had DD but I see you joined in June when according to the wiki's I don't personally recall or take note, Moraggo came out for console around April. I know it is entirely possible you had it prior to this and just never joined the site, that much is obvious. However prior to the updates that rendered practically every other level redundant and just take up disk space, elemental was actually a viable option and often stronger than it's base damage rivals but with the drawback of resistances (the way the game was meant to be in my opinion). I ran Flamewarder/Rapi
  8. Without using the 216 knife, I'm currently at TH 298, TA 978, Aoe 132 and Rate 195. The 195 rate is not from upgrading any armor. Depending on what I'm running, I can switch one piece of armor and be at TH 437, TA 828, Aoe 135 and Rate 193. Don't need new armor, but I could upgrade a couple pieces. The 216 will be traded at some point. I have faith that I'll farm a better one. Fingers crossed. Really? Hell, I'll buy it right now! .... Err.... *looks in my item box* Actually, not sure if I have anything at all that you might want. My only 90 armor has 90-99^
  9. Do you people play DD? Or do you guys just talk about it on the forums all the time. Don't answer that, it was rhetorical. Pure dmg has always been the correct path plain and simple. Elemental is a waste of upgrades and this has been proven time and time again. Funny, I was about to ask the same thing to you. Elemental was insanely good early on in the game, I used it on my Apprentice, Squire, and sometimes my Monk; and it isn't too shabby today either. If I had a Triton/Junbao with good Elemental damage, you'd best believe I'm upgrading it. No matter WHAT. Because with blood rage/hero b
  10. What is your attack rate at approximately 300? Sure somebody has it up there without myself having to upgrade some test pieces into attack rate. Just trying to figure out if it's worth increasing my rate compared to the Tower damage I will lose. Current rate (195) is .44 secs. Thanks in advance. I really hope that most of that 195 is from your hero points, if it is, place it somewhere else and then upgrade the weapon. If not, then unfortunately, you'll need new armor... and that's not worth it. I'm sure for harpoon it's apporoximately .38 or something. Actually now that I think about i
  11. by nooby do you mean 74 Yup, if you can get your hands on a good junbao with good starting Fire Damage
  12. Elemental has always sucked. What makes you think its any different with a monk. LOL!! Always? LOL. Yeah, right, dude. One time I saw a 74 monk with a 100^ Junbao upgraded fully into AFD. Does WAY more damage than my Hero Damage monk with a similar Junbao into Melee. Especially under Hero Boost. Let's assume elemental damage increases by 360 all the time, and that we multiply it by .75 for obvious reasons. This would make it 270 elemental damage vs. 80 base damage per upgrade. 80 fits into 270 3.375 times. So for Base damage to be "worth it", we'd need, according to the Damage multiplier
  13. same here i just joined the forums in december tho and i have crappy stats It's because you post on the forums non-stop. >_>
  14. well i meneged to get al least 60 ps3 players not to buy the game its just a waste and a rip off even got them to spred the word so come ion trendy what do you say to that Well I say that you really aren't a true gamer.
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