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  1. best I could do is legendary, mystical then everything in the remaining bags. I agree that i'd like to combine legendary and mystical into one bag.
  2. How about offer both the RNG/gamble box and the items in the shop. I'd love to just purchase the Christmas themed outfits but I'm not going to buy boxes for a 1-99% chance. I've spent over 700$ on Path of Exile, probably the same in Rift (only a few of the Legendary Lock Boxes) and about the same in Tera. Tera is the one that got me to stop with the gamble boxes. So now I'm at a point where I'm not going to buy keys or boxes. If you want to charge 50$ for the Christmas stuff, do it. You can leave them in for those that like to gamble. How about you take an idea from Path of Exile. Sell pack
  3. there's the newsletter signup. not sure about others.
  4. Bag 1 - Legendary Bag 2 - Mythic Bag 3 - 9 All Gear Bag 10 - Spillover from Bag 11 Bag 11 - Non-gear I moved from the 180 gear to 200-240 and I'm looking through Epics again. Maybe I'll try the sort and see how that works. I'd love the option to put Leg and Myth in the same bag with spillover to 3-9 but it's one or the other.
  5. Or premium tab for 4 more slots. then F5 - F8 added.
  6. Hardcore mode was introduced in DD1. It was done after the community wasn't challenged enough and people suggested to quit a game if your character died.
  7. I'm at a point where I'd want the Worn, Sturdy and Powerful in one bag to quickly sell. It took me a few days to even notice the Select All option at the bottom of a bag as it's usually covered by the Ui
  8. I've noticed loading the game my CPU runs to 100%. It would be nice if DD2 client used the GPU and multi-cores. That 32-bit problem.
  9. it's pretty bad in nearly every orpg. The ranges are always first picked for dps because of them being ranged. One option is to give a flat damage reduction to squire and monk or increase their p.resist and, maybe, m.resist.
  10. I really dont want a code, but i'm bumping a sticky anyways. GL to those that are trying !!!!!
  11. you could just use any pet with a very high -aura size. then switch the pet out before combat. no need to respec a monk to 0 radius.
  12. cant really do anything with the hacked mana. now as for hacked items, yeah people can screen that and submit it.
  13. there was a download/install from Amazon as well (i did buy it for the pet, even tho i use steam).
  14. Steam is the only "online Ranked" play. those not using steam only play offline/local. now there should be an activation for steam but you wouldn't get the steam dlc stuff.
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