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  1. I remember seeing all the event items you had until you kicked me because I wouldn't trade you my robot. Sorry to hear. lol nice picture
  2. Unfortunately this is probably true. Corrupt saves isn't (necessarily) a trendy issue. It can happen to anygame that gets shut off while saving. DD does save a LOT and (at least on ps3) freeze a LOT. Actually it is their fault, by putting in an auto-save only feature and not an manual save option.
  3. On ps3 so i cant. i'm sure you can, but enought talk.
  4. Nothing can be done, your save is forever gone. Just start modding the damn game.
  5. Bleh, hopefully their aren't lots of scammers on Xbox since there is no actual secure way. First rule for dungeon defenders on xbox, don't trust anyone.
  6. 128 is the max, adding another upgrade will show as 129, untill you leave the game or drop the item, it will then show -127. Also I think block does cap out at something like 106%
  7. I like farming for one that has very high upgrades, then mess up the gun by either putting in all the upgrades into ammo clip or speed projectile and hear someone I play with rage.
  8. That really sucks, I can help you level up and get some gear if you like.
  9. I wonder if they are going to raise the 120 point skill cap in the skill tree, and well the 70 point cap in speed. Unless they are trying to subtly herd us towards hybrid characters? speed caps out at 70 and anything added to it does nothing.
  10. You might want to do Glitterhelm, seeing how there's more chests there than on Mistymire.
  11. Giraffes can also spawn with 7 or less stats
  12. now if someone would do it on medium.. til then i'll just stick to "hard" lolll
  13. Not sure if the trade system on ps is the same as PC, but to trade you initiat a trade, then go to your inventory and add stuff to the trade. If your talking about how to trade on the xbox, it's drop trades.
  14. Every Giraffe is on wave 25, and Kairi u can get on any difficulty. I think Kairi is only for insane, on hard it gives you a fairy like kairi, but it's name is diffrent.
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