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  1. (sorry for the late reaction, Easter was busy) Seeing how quickly this thread devolved into hilariousness (cow defense and donuts), I'd say the atmosphere at trendy seems nice enough.
  2. So, three things to adress: 1) A bug "only" appearing in multiplayer... I'm a solo man myself, but come on, this game was meant from start to finish to be played by a group of people with different characters. So Trendy does a big disservice to all those player playing in groups, which was their intended audience. Needs to be fixed. 2) The recently "people are stealing/duping&disappearing my equipment bug" is enough of a showstopper to worry people who are very excited about DD2 and couldn't care less about ongoing support for dd1. More than enough reason for an update, I'd say. R
  3. I'm not trying to resurrect old stuff, BUT I'm really interested in how the workplace climate is currently at Trendy. I'm guessing more than just a few people might remember the old Kotaku article. I'm not linking it. (Search tool is your friend) I'm really interested in how things changed. You got a new CEO, you obviously ditched the whole MOBA/LoL Clone stuff and things seem to be progressing nicely. But then again, I would like to know that my money for DD2 is going to a company that treats its devs, testers and all the rest of the staff which are actually responsible for making th
  4. @loxp: I made the poll options a bit polarized to make things easier. And I don't consider it "Gold plating". The bugs in Crystalline Dimension are bad enough they made two of my friends stop playing the game. That's the definition of a showstopper in my opinion.
  5. I will miss the SkyFleetofBunies! All the best!
  6. Okay, first of all, sorry for the double post, but I think my original post will get swamped by other comments. So I made a new OP. The new CEO asked the community about Kickstarter. Which is really interesting. Especially considering the so-called "final push" for DD1 which Ice started quite some time ago. Simply put: Fixing bugs costs a ridiculous amount of time and money. We want the bugs fixed. So what do we do? We put our money where our mouth is. Basically: Please make a final DLC/update on DD1 and finance it by kickstarter. I would be the first one to donate 20$ right away
  7. 50 runs (5 afks) for Pumpkin Staff.
  8. I'll start off the bidding with 2 coal for Gladius 2.
  9. Okay, I am GMT+2 (Germany) and I recently started running others. I'd be more than happy to run you. Especially if we switched to coal (5 for 10 runs) or single caps (1 for 30 runs with 3 afks) as currency, since I'm still diamond hunting.
  10. I'm certainly NOT selling, but if you want somebody along for the ride, I'd be more than happy to oblige. All my builders are somewhere in the 4,5-5k range, so pretty decent and should be enough to do this.
  11. I got no use for cubes, but I'd more than happily run you for coal or diamonds.
  12. What I didn't like: I'd have to agree largely with Tydo's point about runspeed. Differences between genders and some classes were simply ridiculous. Worst offenders: Base Squire and Base adept. It's no fun to get a skin simply to improve the runspeed. Otherwise people would hardly have bothered with their squires looking like Mitt Romney. I actually liked the Idea of different classes separated by gender, but it should have changed their defenses as well, not just abilities. This way it was a bit of an overpriced skin package. Small stat changes would have been interesting, not necessaril
  13. Steam name: *VictorFrankenstein* Profile: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198040579632/
  14. Thanks and thanks again for the praise and the constructive criticism. I was thinking about going on with the story. Currently, this is like the very talky beginning of LotR, which only lore-geeks like myself really like. Next would be the action-filled actual return to the castle. Could be very fun to write, but it seems quite daunting. I'll probably write some other "lore-shorties" to practice first.
  15. How about "Dad's Sword, Mom's Bow, Dad's Staff, Dad's Spear"? being carried over? Those were pretty fun, if a bit useless.
  16. Most: Monk. Hands down. - Even had a hybrid monk, when most people thought it wasn't viable anymore. But having a builder monk out and boosting his own defences (+25% + boost) was just too awesome. And that ninja skin. Only skin I ALWAYS used. The animations were just too cool and still fit the character, as he was imagined. Least: Barbarian. - I was always more of a builder than a dps player. Apprentice - Even though he always was a bit of a favourite of mine, his low health and elementally restricted towers meant he wasn't all that viable in nightmare anymore. Before the introduction
  17. I really liked the Magma Beetle, which only dropped on hard or below on Glitterhelm for the huntress. I once saw a guy with a hacked one. Funny thing was, for once I wasn't angry about hacking, but jealous. A viable Magma beetle was just awesome. (still reported him though) I think the shotgun would've been cool if it had multiple projectiles (cone spread). For the squire: All the lightsabers and Ice swords. Ice swords were viable weapons for a short term, but steam saw and Gladius were just soo much better.
  18. Being able to write well is a skill with so much value that it's hard to describe. Creativity and written communication skills will get you far. I don't know how old you are, and it really doesn't matter. What does matter is that you enjoy doing it and have a talent for it. Let it blossom and keep at it. Whether writing fiction, instructions, poetry, or something else doesn't matter. I can't tell you how many times I've gotten the job I wanted, the raise I wanted, and perhaps in a case or two, the girl I wanted because I was a better writer than my competitor. It's all the more impo
  19. Main menu is right. But not the one in front. The yellow one in the back! Good job for guessing it! Well, as it was in the main menu long before the release of Talay (and its actually the third assault map, that has similar surroundings) and is completely different from all the other crystals we see, that was the one I thought of.
  20. Well, I put in paragraphs were it seemed sensible (to me), I didn't really think of "rules", since this isn't an essay or some sort of thesis. Please feel free to correct me, especially spelling&grammar. And thanks a lot for the kudos.
  21. Thanks a LOT for the praise. No, it's not the one in the tavern (I didn't even think of that, good point).
  22. Having your summoner out is invaluable if you are breaking into higher levels. The 25% stat boost for your minions makes a lot of difference, especially when you are breaking into nightmare. You get the bonus, even if you are phase-shifted and you can still heal/repair with flashheal. Great for saving defences. About flash-heal: Its range increases quite a lot in the higher stats, so in levels like Magus Quarters, you can almost heal all defenses around the crystal in one go. Another great thing is, that it even restocks traps which even the defense boost of the monk doesn't.
  23. Having read a lot on the forums recently and being a huge lore-geek, I always thought that the first game was a bit short on lore. Just a few snippets would have added so much more depth to the world and sparked more imagination. Well, both the hero-lore redesign and talking about re-visiting old maps, I came up with something on the spur of the moment. It's a story taking place during DD2, but gives lots of background for the first game. Don't be too harsh in your comments, writing like this is absolutely a first for me: ___________________________________________________________________
  24. I've played a fair amount of Nightmare HC MM survival, but what I really enjoyed, was the pre-74 campaign maps on medium and hard difficulty, trying to beat early levels on insane with low level gear and random people with the same. Once you had even 1 or 2 pieces of myth, however, those early gamemodes were dead content. That said, it was the lategame survival modes that led me to sink endless hours into the game. Monster fests were some of the best group fun you could find for sure. Since you get to choose the most defensive position to set up in, you can really dig in. I would like to
  25. I'm very strongly in favour of the "Competition mode" as Lockewynn described it. That sounds like sooo much fun, both to do and to watch.
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