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  1. Since noone has posted it so far. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UVW3SsgRUEo
  2. and not even funny, so he got this going for him.
  3. should be weapon for abyss lord, as long as they follow their trend and release a weapon for each character
  4. i explained it in another comment. If not all ready up, the usual counter for starting the round will continue and once ran out, the next wave will start, effectively skipping the half the round. you can do it twice. so best thing to do is ready up with 3 ppl and enjoy.
  5. you dont need 800 to start nm4. it always asks for 700, but if you open a private game, you can always lower the requested iPwr if you want to.
  6. rounds start on top of each other, if not all ready up inbetween waves. so you can effectively skip 2 times half a round. so round two and round 4.
  7. you make it sound like it was a thing early on. winter wonderland was on of the last maps released.
  8. Where can i find the best roll for the weapon rewards? I only found outdated stuff and mainly not for the weapons. btw, thats my roll and i wanted to know if you can find any better, besides ap instead of hero crit. http://images.akamai.steamusercontent.com/ugc/261590659816775172/01F678ED797A19C1DB06A19D4467F5C1C885096F/ Also plz allow for seperate bindings for builders and dps heroes. Especially in the new challenge its ridiculous to build on pc during the wave. I had to switch to a controller to somewhat enjoy the challenge. Bug report: If you build archers on a buff beam and a buff aura, the buff beam wont get destroyed if the archers do. at least thats what happened multiply times in my games.
  9. upgrading the beam is in nearly all cases pointsless. same goes for the buff aura. coming from dd1 were auras and buff beams were always priotized upgrading, it seems kind of weird that the effect of upgrading them in this game is rather pointless. right now i only upgrade my archers and thats about it.
  10. Yeah, that was a known issue going into the release. Should have been listed in the known issues section as I passed off about a thousand issues. As for the "Fix this buggy crap please", naw think I'll make you suffer for a bit. Lightning aura is just as bad as before the patch, 1.4k dps is not bringing it to the level of beams/archers. do you actually even play this game? Mine are currently at 5060 dps tier 1. They seem a lot better if yours are 5k then you had 3.5k before the patch. so you are up 1.5k dps. Mine are 4.9k (got a small upgrade) before the patch they were 3.4k. Are you seriously saying these are balanced with Proton Beams? Now with that amazing buff you speak of, squire shockwave is now taking off half an ogre's hp... but LA gets 1.5k dps increase?!?! really that balancing? Come on man be realistic. maybe go into the testing group or give some proper feedback instead of spewing bullsht everywhere.
  11. just remove onslaught, its not challenging. thus shouldnt give any good rewards. instead they should add a proper survival mode.
  12. actually a lot of people are complaining about that. and i guess most people who frequent the forums here want dd2 to succeed, cause they have fun playing the game and want to play it in the future.
  13. @Dreizehn quote:This is something I totally agree on. In the past there have been some great suggestions about how to make purchasing stuff more attractive but I think the TE team internally disagreed with these suggestions. (I'm sure they have been read somewhen so I assume they simply disagreed ^^) Like I said if heroes were cheaper I would simply purchase them. TE knows the sales numbers so since nothing is changing here the numbers are ok. Personally I have no problem because I can grind medals to purchase heroes. what other ideas? i think selling heroes is ideal, and letting the playersbase get them buy using medal is a somewhat generous thing. but the $ price is so high. i dont see any appeal to buy upcoming heroes with money/gems. In case of costumes I think the way how this is being executed is not attractive at all. From another game I'm used to be able to use uniform pieces and combine them with pieces from other uniform sets. In the past that was the main reason why I have purchased costumes there. If DD2 would implement this I would already see myself purchasing a lot of costumes, maybe all of them because I love to combine stuff. Making accessoires steam inventory items would get rid of the problem of duplicate accessoires in a quite simple way - and if some of those accessoires would be lockbox-only this could increase the income even more, I think. In my case I would even be glad about lockbox drops then. Currently I don't think even if this was considered that it would come anyhow soon because they are not totally focused on improving the gameplay. (which is great - they have to make up for a lot of bad decisions back in 2015 and from my point of view they are doing great) while some of the costumes look actually pretty good, the price for them is horrendous. 4800 gems for a single costume?! thats nearly the price of a triple a title.
  14. the medal price is fine, but the money price isnt. its actually the price of a decent indie game by itself.
  15. i feel a few things dd1 did right which arent in dd2 (yet). survival instead of onslaught. onslaught is no challenge at all and it is just really time-consuming. i feel like you shouldnt be able to switch between heroes during a round. this makes the game too easy. hardcore for an additional challenge and better rewards. the prices for heroes etc are ridiculous. i first didnt notice because i bought the early version and had 3000 gems. so i didnt realize a single hero costs 15$. while they are not necessary, they are right now better than the 4 starting heroes. there is also a lack of content (maps, loot, etc), but since the game is in alpha, this issue will get solved on the way to the release.
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