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  1. Much to my embarassment thank you for pointing that out. Having an inventory of madwick eggs, and such I just assumed I picked another one up. Thanks, I should've checked the egg. But my assumption really made a bludner- tho it helps I guess if anyone else is looking for it.
  2. I seem toi be a little confused, as if this is a bug or not. But I've compelted the quesT (Finally) and I've gotten both the gold, and the tokens. But I don't seem to have the bearkira pet? Atleast as far as I can see, or tell. :| It's really a troublesome thing. I've tried reloading the tavern and game a few times. I checked the scavenger just incase. Does he come in pet form? Egg form? I dont know. I dont see it tho.
  3. Sounds like a critical harddrive problem. How does it reboot. Like shutting your computer off? A good way to do this, is monitor all system temperatures during this, and seeing if anything hits critical. It might just be your cpu working a lot.
  4. The CPU performance is majorly linked to PhysX, with a lot of other elements in play. The chugging, and churnning the game does has caused me videocard crashes with the huge load on the gpu, and cpu it does in combination. Actually making it difficult for the two to communicate properly (Despite having a stable build.) The issues everyone is happening relates to a few configurations, prob a videocard element, but I've noticed some applications actually have caused my install of Dungeon Defenders 2 to violently explode in usage. (WhatPulse) Or any application that applies a kind of hook to the game, for analysis reasons. Be it for a factor of legitimate reason or not. It freaks out the process usage by an extra ten percent.
  5. I didnt see any cash/p2w with pets at all in my playthrough. Inventory and cosmetics, (including the lockboxes) I saw but What are you referring to?
  6. For me, its a huge amount of XP with minimal effort, minus that initial setups and trial and error. It works out pretty well, and then some. Its also just generally just simpler to run. Definitely liking onslaught tho, assuming You're overpowered/overkill for it.
  7. I had the game randomly autocollecting one game, but It only did it once.
  8. Me and my friends were thinking this. Item sorting needs to have more variety, gold value, particular higher stat values. and or multi sort. (If possible) Although sounds a bit complicated. But with a game so focused around looting and gear. I see no reason not to. It would especially be useful to just rpess a button and loot all the stuff on the ground at once and then be able to sort and sell it. ( to make sure everyone sells everything.) Whats also annoying is trying to autocollect petfood reagents and other things which have no rarity value, so they dont get autopicked up.
  9. I had to sell an item to try and resolve it, I think it worked as it was only happening to one item that was doing it. Do you know what specific item that does it? Maybe there is some correlation. For me it was just Gato's spirit vial.
  10. I've had this, its just a glitch. Dont know what causes it, I think it has something to do with fighting multiple bosses. For me it happened in only the Betsy boss map. during the final wave. But that's just from my experience.
  11. I've had it to me, I've also had autocollect randomly loot the entire map half way through the wave, and carry on like nothing happened. It happened toe veryone in the game. The end result caused overflowing into other bags to an excessive amount. I only have one autocollect bag, and tend to keep everything pretty clean otherwise. (No hording)
  12. Im aware, but making the report vocal, and seeing if others have similar issues is my actual goal. Also making it become somewhat aware to those that traffic the forum, and look into things. Either way :) It's all good. I'm updating with information as it become relevant, to sort of figuring things out. After all isolating the gpu/videocard as a hardware problem from the equation has been my goal, and if it was a software issue, try to work to correct it within my power.
  13. Little update here, the crash happened again. I switched things over to PhysX to the CPU. I actually went without a crash for awhile- of course at the cost of some severe frame loss. I haven't tried lowering settings. I don't know what about DD2 causes this problem. I seem to be the only person affected by it. I've intentionally ran some pretty strainous PhysX and GPU Stress test applications in order to test the stability of my videocard (Bringing temps up to some real hot points) But I produced zero results. I honestly don't believe its me at this point, or if it is. There's something I am not seeing. The incidents have all been isolated to DD2. I do not know why it happens. But I figured I'd give an update on the matter, the most frequent crash caused the gpu to fail to recover.
  14. We have the open Alpha coming soon, god help us the servers will collapse.
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