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  1. Let's players choose difficulty Example: 1. Enemy health increased [1-5];(rare drop inresased %) 2. Enemy damage inreased [1-5];(rare drop inresased %) 3. Add waves [1-?];(rare drop inresased %) 4. inreased chance spawn random boss [% ?];(rare drop inresased %) ...? Now any map can by challenging and playable.
  2. I see Kendar start using Electric aura, but i used (and tested) before big patch. http://ddplanner.com/?l=4785,frostas West electric aura too boosted, so Monk boost 90% defence.
  3. Ok. Monk builder 562/2720/1612/1722 App builder 775/2680/867/2078 Squire builder 1356/2529/1113/1898 EV builder 1072/2761/1529/1803 Monk booster 2748 Result: http://cloud.steampowered.com/ugc/595843275533184851/0FC409338BAC567CB60EA753A6962B3D362E3534/ No builders, Electric aura, Fire ball, harpoon
  4. It's not hard if you have good monk booster. I too change proxy to electric aura because very siple boost and have very big radius.
  5. Mythical Ice blade can't roll over 360 stats, just spider smasher, cleopatra,sand blades and etc up to 400. Not all type weapons. Transcendant can roll up to 500, but again not all type of weapons (sand blades can) DeltaDefender. hacked tulan8. Legit
  6. ogre +reflection beam+ boost beam = http://cloud.steampowered.com/ugc/595842621521118069/ED3EA876AEB4DF7295026B8860A1590AC435E493/
  7. Do you crazy? Damage from my current (Electric aura) stats do 7300 (bosted 2.25,NM, no builder) +16x = 116800/ 0,11 when harpoon do 125 000/0,12 and can't attack multiple targets. I tested Electric + fire traps+ Slow+ Weak+ EV wall+ EV boost+ darkness traps can get to wave 22 NM MM before killed DEW...
  8. DPS not = DPS. Do you tested it in real situation? Electric Aura have insta damage, don't need targeting system, can attack targets in air and don't need activation. Proxy mine wasting charges and full damage just in blow center.
  9. I don't see any building using Electric Aura. Why? Before damage was too high and trendy nerf it and now Electric Aura useless. If trendy so worry about damage why don't reduce DU?
  10. Heh yea been trying normal but just the same thing wave 10-12 during a ogre rush... Reason can by not just stat, but and low repair speed, HP and running speed. Anyway. I can give free stuff (360HP, armor, weapons) if wish. Steam:Frostas
  11. Soulkeeperx78. Too low stats, first start from non mix mode. Tested shock beam...it's working on DEW perfectly :warrior:
  12. Tested solo non mix mode - working. http://cloud.steampowered.com/ugc/595841084602988641/63716015E437F4899B6FDBE0D7B4A22942D90C86/ and incredible drop http://cloud.steampowered.com/ugc/595841084603007382/D08CA866EE426063B2285830845B6387770E3F4E/
  13. Mistymire forest survival drop 3-5 from 30 run wave, but big eggs rare.
  14. ahhhh that makes sense :) Then my 1700 HP Walls are to squishy atm :( but sometimes the ogres stand so close to the walls that the poison ball get's through :( this occures to me especially at the western part. How close do you add them together? Maybe you could take a picture ? :) First Reflecting beams http://cloud.steampowered.com/ugc/595840894563100820/41F4BF7529B35E4F6A5B80B8D4F76A846B1B7205/ Possible soution powering walls (3,2 wall; 5 boos beam, 4 for boost of bouncer). http://cloud.steampowered.com/ugc/595840894563228612/4B4F397F0F052723EF74EC904A923C299A2E7F84/
  15. dafigero. it's not connected to wall. Reflecting beams infront of the Wall don't let attack wall ogres, mages, Djinn from distance, they love do it.
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