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  1. for example my tower per hit before are 19,888 now it's 10,888 this is not 15%. Apprentice could be useless in nightmare wave with this low stats. It's with my pet. So please players need up for towers. Before update it's perfect, show knight towers they are overbuffed so buf it for apprentice.
  2. before in my shop towers shot 19 888 per hitwith pet, now it's 10 888 so, u can see the difference, maybe for low players no but in mystimire after w20 u see realy the difference.
  3. they must change the stats of the towers that's all.
  4. I think it's good to up hp shields ands towers by 30% and speed like 7.15 and power 30% for good deal
  5. I hope for the update, speed and power boost for towers because they are too low now, and drop better mystic ;-) that's all for me. French Player.
  6. I hope in the new patch they correct it and up speed and towers power, that's all and the game will be very very good.
  7. for rush w30 in mm it's not easy with damage. before i do it, now...
  8. Hello i'm a french player, and my towers apprentice are very very bad like never before for nm, so could could you buff towers like version 7.15 because towers are too low now... Any players are agree with me? So please up towers for apprentice... Apprentice could be useless now... Thank you.
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