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  1. But still browse and post on the forums of the game you no longer play... Uh... huh. Yes. I played this for months and have a thousand hours in it. I loved this game at many points, hated it at others(thanks devs!). Even when it was down to just me and one friend left playing I was enjoying it sometimes. But it got to the point where unless our schedules synced up, we didn't progress. Solo'ing for upgrades became impossible. There became this nearly weekly cycle of putting out a patch that F'd things up, followed by 2-5 days of patches like crazy to try to fix/balance things. Guess
  2. Reading this makes me sad and glad. Sad to see they keep screwing up their game, but glad that I no longer play it.
  3. Reading these forums again sure does make me glad that I have decided to break from DD now instead of play it up til the 15th. Same old BS. Anyone else not see crap like this coming every week? Seriously, new content = week+ of patching to fix stuff but also trying to slide in "balance" changes that hose the game. Devs: Stop destroying your game. Fix what is wrong with it now(bugs/frustrations), then go over actual balance as a long-term discussion with some of your more devout/informed players who have shown passion for your game.
  4. Sorry, but Trendy has continually released content that breaks the game followed by a flurry of patches attempting to fix the problem. There is a very large lack of testing before release. But testing isn't just for bugs, what if they are releasing content that makes the game less fun? They don't want to do that. Well guess what, moving your towers around in a tower defense game that requires precise placement is not fun. Kind of like playing against a land destruction deck in MTG. If you know that game then you know that land destruction hasn't been viable in a loooong time. Phase
  5. Bummed to see TE continue the same old mistakes after months of complaining. Just reinforced the feelings I had after last weekend. Lost all desire to play this after seeing the polish on the D3 beta. Really is a bummer, had fun as long as Trendy was leaving their game alone. Then they release a patch/content and we spend up to a week frustrated as they furiously attempt to fix their crap. GG :/
  6. Normally I would agree with the 2-build theory, but the nerfs are GIGANTIC...meaning they were nowhere near balanced and obviously never tested.
  7. Maybe since he only played for an hour he stopped to post this build at wave 10. What good is a build that isn't tested? Oh right, it isnt...
  8. The nerfs on the new monster looks huge. 50% this, 66% that, 25%->10%...was the game even loaded up and played once before they released this?
  9. Correct, beating the map on any "mode" will count as a map win regardless of whether or not you fought the boss. It might be corrected, but if it is a bug then I suppose it should be. I would think they'd be working on stuff that frustrates users and/or breaks the game as a priority, though.
  10. The scaling from 1->2->3->4 are all terrible. Adding 1 person does not add 100% bonus to the defenses on the map, so why would it double the mob count and increase the hps/dmg? All it does is basically add a repair bot to another lane. Especially since guardians for the most part are obsolete. Sure you can get like a 25% boost to damage by using a guardian on top of a boost beam, but that is terrible. Using a dps pet on the other hand will help you survive the extra 200 spiders dropping because you entered your friend's game.
  11. They come stocked with 4 ammo...ammo being kobolds that explode upon landing. They aim straight for the core. Good luck! (j/k)
  12. Start a misty pure strat game on wave 28. Invite friends who need the queen kill. Beat wave 30, credit given. Now the friends can host their on survival games. I am assuming this "campaign credit" trick works for any map, including Moraggo and the soon to be released 3rd expansion.
  13. Need me to join one of your games and "accidentally" drop like 6 of them?
  14. I agree with OP. Leaving your apprentice in for the boost makes his towers decent, but he dies to high-end waves where a ninja pops in and insta-gibs his 70k hp, where the squire with 200k+ is just hurt some. I'm all for a buff to his towers, though. I still just find them kinda weak for most situations unless you have incredible gear to put on him.
  15. You can get to high 20s with 1k/1.5k/1k/1k squire, 2000+ EV Waller, and 1k/1.5k/1k/1k traptress on Kandar's build. Lots of people have posted great success. Those first runs usually end up giving you massive upgrades too.
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